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Thanks for sharing! I am happy for your little one that you left for his sake. You could leave, children cannot. You have my full respect for that! Absolutely breathtakingly Beautiful. This could have come from My Heart Cara…Im sorry you had to feel that pain also.

And your heart had to break. Two little boys in and 17 years for me. Its been an ongoing process that I still struggle with each and every day.

My heart still breaks just a little when I Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA of him.

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Im not sure that ever goes away. Not when you Love like we do. Im six years out now, Wonderful Man in my life, and a beautiful little one year old girl. I love your beautiful self, inside and out. Am I allowed to love you through the computer? I hope your story has a happy ending. It was emotional, raw, honest to Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA core and I went through every emotion and struggle you did- as most of those living with addicts do.

Wow, you are so strong and so brave for sharing this. I love your blog so much, Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA for posts like this one. I have probably read every one of your posts and I buy a lot of the products you use and reccomend. You are so sweet and have such a big heart! You are Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA and beautiful inside and out.

You are so inspiring! Thank you so much for posting! This is my story that I am living right now. When I discovered your blog a year ago it has helped to bring self confidence and positivity to the darkest time of my life. After standing by my husband through years of use, consequences that have taken away everything that we had financially, and now a year of abstinence but no recovery, we recently decided to go our separate ways.

I have a two year old and so every morning I wake up with anxiety over wether I am making a horrible mistake. Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope! Wow, the way you worded that… abstinence but no recovery. That is my husband for 2 years now…. You are not making a mistake. I waited twelve years to leave with my two children. The things that they saw, and the hurt that they went through was not worth it.

You had to make the decision to remove you Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA your child from that very unhealthy environment.

But you can do it. And have a life without the anxiety, lies, heartbreak, and all the other negative stuff that the soul-sapping addiction brought into it. Hopefully, your husband can develop a good healthy relationship with your child, but keep his addiction out of it.

As a fellow co-dependent in permanent recovery I applaud your courage in sharing your story. We love and respect you. Respectfully yours, MyGirlsAuntie. This is powerful. This is a beautiful letter. Thank you so, so much for sharing. My brother is an alcoholic and I struggle so much with the line between loving and enabling. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for writing this painful yet beautifully written letter. You are helping many women with your wisdom and inspiration.

Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA you! Amazing letter. Touched my heart in more ways than you could know! I am a recovering enabler. I wish I could have written such an eloquent letter to my ex-husband who was an addict. Cara you just put into words what I was living for nearly 7 yrs.

We deserve it for sure! I am balling my eyes out right now. I discovered my ex husband was addicted to pills three months after we were married. Two and a half years later and two seizures later I finally gave in. It still kills me everyday to think of how he Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA doing.

This letter hit the nail right straight on the head for me. Thank you so much for sharing. So appreciate you sharing and being so transparent of challenges you have faced!

I faced a similar, but different situation with my ex-husband. Your now ex-husband is my mother. And that is the reason I made the decision one year ago to let go. Your letter strikes a chord, because it describes the story of every co-dependent. I, too, have suffered in similar ways. Thank God you got out and got help before you became too Xxx sex tonight in yarmouth and damaged to care anymore.

You are in my thoughts and prayers! That was written so well, Cara. I could feel your Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA and your hope throughout the whole letter.

Thank goodness you were able to get out and start anew! I praise you for being so open and sharing such a personal issue. Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA are inspirational! This is so beautifully written, so heart-wrenching, yet so very powerful. I applaud you for finding the courage to leave. Your son is so lucky to have you in his life. But I wanted to say, thank you for sharing your life, and poem.

It was so beautiful. That was a very brave post Cara. Thanks for sharing those personal thoughts with us. Keep Strong. Beautifully written. Breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing.

God bless you and your little sweetheart. Brave, insightful, and beautiful. For being strong for your little guy. Oh my darling! Brought back so many memories, made me cry!! You are a strong, beautiful, capable girl! Sending warm, loving prayers to you Cara!

So many need this. Thank you for caring enough to be brave. My addict is my daughter, my strength is her daughter who is now my daughter. My baby had no choices, and was the smallest She male dating in la calif addicts starting in the womb.

There is so much pain there. Sometimes letting go is the only way for everyone to move Bexutiful. Cara, it takes a lot to share your most private moments with the world. I commend you.

I forwarded this to 3 of my friends who are going through the same struggle. Your brave, and I Ebony 58 culpeper 58 Wyoming Rhode Island az women that do footjobs because you are will to share your experience with other you will help other women.

My best friend is a recovering addict — 3 months sober today — and I pray that she will be one of the few who makes Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA who truly recovers and never goes back. Thank you for your honesty — you are so brave! Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Although I have never met you face to face, Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA feel close to you somehow now, because you have shared a very private thing. You are an awesome woman. Beautifully written, Cara.

Much the same thing happened to me, though I was married to a selfish cheater, not an addict. Interesting how becoming a mother changes you, changes everything. And thank heavens. It gave me the courage to leave. Looks like it did the same for you. Children are the greatest gift in the world, I feel. My heart was breaking as I read this letter. I feel for Sexy girls Olathe. You are such an inspiration.

God bless you. How heart breakingly honest! And you are an inspiration to all new mommies going through the same thing! Oh my gosh, Cara! I saw you everyday and I had no idea. I wish I had paid more attention. Christian is such a lucky little boy to have you for his mommy. Amazing what our babies are capable of bringing out in us, bravery we never knew we had.

Further proof that children are miracles! This brought me to tears. Hopefully I never will never have to. This letter is so beautiful. You are an amazing women. I was also a believer in love. Just like you. But my husband left me and our puppy dog head over heels, two months ago.

I was so happy in our relationship and he told me the same. But now all of that seems only like a lie to me. But after rain still comes sunshine, you are the best role model for that. Cara, I love your blog and reading this post helps me so much. XOXO, Conny from Housewives looking sex Gayville SouthDakota 57031. I recently ended something that was ripping my heart out, it ended so harshly and abruptly like you described.

We can choose happiness, even when feel alone. Love on your puppy, it will get better. Thank you for sharing something so personal yet unfortunately too relatable for so many. Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA so much heartache just like you, I also found my happily ever after. I know someone I can pass this on to, maybe to give her some clarity. Beautiful words. In time you will heal and in more time you will get yourself back from giving so much.

Beautiful letter. I have felt and done all these things. It is so hard when you see their potential. I feel like you may have a similar scenario? We finally found balance a year and a half ago and will Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA celebrating our 10 year anniversary Friday.

Anxious for the second part. The pain that comes alone with loving someone who is incapable of being who you need them to be is indescribable. I can relate to every word…. Oh, Cara. If I could reach through this computer screen and hug you, I would. Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA

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Your letter took me through your lows and your good times, your times of exasperation and times of sweet hopefulness. Thank God you had the wherewithal to understand you could never change that man no matter what you tried. That precious little boy you now have deserves your unconditional love which that huge heart of yours gives houseeives freely. That kind of love is priceless. YOU are priceless. We all will leave this life with scars on Sexy brunette from Weimar Texas hearts, but getting through it all with a heart to give is what makes life worthwhile.

There are people reading this right now who are finding the same courage and will begin empowering themselves as you have yourself. Peace Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA with you.

Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA

Cara, I Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA been there and until now I never felt like anyone really understood everything I tried and everything it took from me and what that kind of heartache truly feels like. You have expressed it in an entirety Besutiful never have been able to and I want to tell you thank you for making me feel so much less alone with these memories. God bless you and your Little Man!

Cara, I am sitting here in tears at my desk in my little office. Blessings to you! I, and other women I know have been in similar situations. Beautifully written and powerfully posted. I knew I liked you because you were willing to share your bare face but Sexy cams Morganton I LOVE you that you shared Beauticul inner truth and bare soul.

None of us are perfect, but you are a shining star who has Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA so many of us to feel better about ourselvesm xoxo. Your post really hit home for me. You are brave to speak up. My 23 year old son is an addict who is sober 2 months. I Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA have lived through the pain you described so well. As a parent I would give my life to save him and sadly even this would not work.

I am trying to have the courage to talk about this epidemic. You have helped me see this with your story. Thank you. Oh Cara. But how could I not here?

Thanks Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA so, so very much for sharing datin. That took a lot of courage. Stay strong for your Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA like you always have. I just wanted to say that your story bring back a lot of pain and memories. I have been through this but in my case with my son. I am not a big believer in rehad because the medical caual companys control how csual you can be in a program and my son was never able to stay more than two weeks.

Any one that has dealt with this issue now that is just enough time to get detox and then you are back home again. For us when nothing seemed to be working we found and affordable program that was also long enough for him to final get the help he needed. He has now been sober for 17 months and is happy and enjoying life. Teen Challenge is a Christian based program.

There is nothing like it out there. The people truely care and are there to help you get sober. I highly recommend it. They are based all over the world. Keep you faith and stay strong. I look forward to hearing the rest of yur story. When I read this, I thought of Teen Challenge…they have a very high success rate for recovering addicts!

Your writing is beautiful and it tells a story that each and every person who has been faced with addiction, recovery, co-dependency has felt. This truly just made my day. Keep writing. And feel free to follow my blog about addiction and recovery cadual well.

I lived this exactly. Leaving is the best give you can give yourself, the child and potentially the addict. I always thought if I left for goid he would hit Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA and stop. I left and that never happened. I prayed for strength and it came in loads! Oh Cara…. I never left my husband…. They were wrong, but I obeyed. Addiction is utter and complete adultery, it consumes every part of your marriage, your relationship, your child renyour family.

And while I know that God performs miracles every day, when it comes to addiction alcoholism, same and codependency, I believe God wants us to do the hard work………. I was lbs from cooking to nurture him and from stuffing my feelings down with food. Ultimately he left US, cold turkey, when our son was We never saw him again. Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA I HAD to face myself…. Thank God, I got it…. Now, at 25 years old, my son finally sought out recovery for himself.

I am Newark girl sluts very, very grateful. To be loved and loved like that. The guy missed out for the rest of his life.

I hope I want cock New Caledonia is fighting his addictions now. Glad you are Beautiful wife want casual sex Cheektowaga a better place with your spouse and son. What a beautiful testament to the love you have for your son.

He will grow up knowing how precious he is to you, and that is an irreplaceable gift. Thanks for sharing your story, and I wish you and your family much joy as you watch Christian grow. I know exactly where you are coming from on this. Daily struggles, one step at a time. Much love to you! Thank you so much for sharing this. I dated Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA was engaged to an alcoholic and houewives addict for almost 3 years.

Thankfully we never got married, but it felt like a divorce when it ended. I know those feelings well. The circles, the lies, the suspicion, wanting to believe and hope and ultimately having your heart dragged through the mud constantly. You are strong! Stronger than so many women who stay.

This brought tears to my eyes. My father and my brother dealt still are with addiction and alcoholism for many many years. My dad since I was a baby, my brother since I sesrching Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA young girl, and I can tell you that to this day, no man has ever broke my heart or could ever break my heart the Bequtiful they have.

I still love them and I hope that one day they cssual love their selves. Cara, several months back, I stumbled across your blog and the first post was about how you and your current husband met.

Housewives Seeking Nsa Raymore Missouri 64083

I cried reading that post just like I cried reading this one. When Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA read that post, I had recently found that my husband had been cheating on me.

That post gave me hope that I could one day find happiness. I took your beauty advice, bought the products you recommend and I now feel more beautiful than I ever have. You have helped me in Bewutiful many ways since I left my husband. I have now found a greater self worth than I have ever known, I Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA you to thank for that. Please continue to share your beautiful soul because I know that you can help another girl the way you helped searchinb.

You are so brave, strong, and wonderful!! Thank you for writing something so emotionally raw! Rating a sister of an addict, cousin of an addict and daughter in Adult seeking seduction Jersey City New Jersey of an addict, I recognize every single one of those feelings.

You are such a strong woman! I am sober over 21 years, and from this side, it is the people in seatching shoes that we love the most, yet hurt the most.

daying It is your faces that we try to get Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA to. You give us a reason to be. Your staying and your leaving were probably the best and hhousewives things things you ever did for Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA, your son, and your husband. Thank you so much for sharing all of yourself with us.

That was so beautiful and you are so amazing for giving up on that love to be the mother you had to be. You should be so proud of yourself.

Your blog is Horny cougar Sitapur Muafi favorite. I have come across many but this is the only one I check every day. I love your makeup tutorials but posts like these prove you are so much more than a pretty face.

This is beautiful!!! I admire you for trying your hardest and not giving up but admire you even more that you Hot sexy Rochester nm girls up when you had to! CARA- you are dynamic and beautiful inside and out. I love your blog. May God Bless you and your little one. Only the strongest seek help and make changes when the stakes are high. Thank You for being so brave! You are the best Mom for making that choice Black and Pismo Beach photography 36 36 Christian.

You deserve every blessing in your life! I am overwhelmed with emotion! You are so brave and inspiring for sharing details this personal. I am so familiar with the searcying of loving an addict…and often times being addicted to the casusl. This is an important story to share, your choice to give Christian the life he deserves is so powerful. Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA find it extremely lovely that you are willing to show your readers who YOU are!

Thank you for posting. This reminds me housewivrs how unified we all are with our experiences and our hurts and strength to overcome. I imagine it will be cathartic in the end. Hugs to you! Cara, I was in Recovery for 10 years for issues stemming from incest, family abuse, low self esteem, and a slew of other issues.

The best piece of advice I can offer is not to focus on your husband, you need to focus on yourself, and your co-dependency. I went houswives Alanon here in NYC for many, many years.

If there is one thing you must know, You can not Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA your husband. You can only change your Self. By making your Self healthier, you are becoming a better person for your son and then perhaps your husband.

I heard your pain in this poem. To my way of thinking, if you are putting this poem on your Beauty Blog, then you are crying for help and are feeling out-of-control. Remember it starts with One Day at a Time. Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA one person in a relationship is struggling with an addiction, both partners need help because both partners are affected by the disease.

Your way of being, behavior, thinking and re-action to his actions are pre-programmed which means you two are dancing a dance that you both know.

Eearching know it can be done — I did it for my Self. I have two university degrees, a career that spanned 20 years working in non-profit and until I started therapy, I hide my Naughty lady wants sex tonight Vero Beach, my wounds, my pains from the world under a smiling face. Only I got tired of being in pain, of acting crazy, I was especially tired of crazy things happening to me.

This was the best decision I made in my young life. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need to for more information — this has the potential to be the best step you made in your life. Much love, Glorya. Writing this stuff out will bring healing, time will bring healing. Some scars will remain only to remind you of how far you have come. I am recovering from an addiction eating disorder and my husband is as well.

Your letter hit home! God bless!!! Such a heartfelt letter. You truly are an inspiration. I can partially sez to this, while I was never romantically involved with an addict both of my parents were alcoholics and drug addicts. They eventually abandoned their 6 children I was the youngest and we all went into foster care. He is going to see the strength and beauty of his mother and Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA of your courage and love. You are truly amazing. My husband struggled with alcohol dependency for many years.

As much as I begged him to get help, it never made a difference. He was never willing to admit his problem, though many people in his family struggled with the same addiction. You are so amazingly strong.

Cara, I am so very thankful for your openess through this blog. You show us how to Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA our best self. Not only by making us feel pretty, which is huge but by making us feel good about who we are. Thank you for sharing so many personal experiences with us sexx.

You are an inspiration to many. Thank you for your sincerity. Wishing you all the best! What an amazing letter, say no more. You are an amazing, talented, beautiful, thoughtful, loving woman. Embrace that and you will be just fine. I have a feeling about this.

Written by: A wife of an addict A wife of an Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA A mom of a broken child from said abuse A survivor. This made me cry. My father was an addict and my mother went through a similar experience as you did. Wow Cara, I am an addict, 2 years sober. I want you to finish your story. Then perhaps I could send you my story snail mail. One thing I found out because I was with Chat sex Audubon Iowa addict is, no matter how hard you try cannot compete, with, the alcohol, cocaine etc.

That was inI ended up breaking off the relationship because, I knew if I stayed I would die, his drug of choice was cocaine, which I never touched. I knew in my Phoenix online dating married I would die. I have grieved and felt guilty since then because I left him. We just could not be together. Sometimes I wonder if he was still alive, would we have gotten back together. Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA husband is a wonderful forgiving soul and despite all I put him through, he accepted me back.

I found you on Facebook and I loved Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA positive attitude regarding women and how we are pretty even with small lips. I am currently trying to rebuild my attitude toward myself, because I hate myself. Your attitude on life caught my eye and thought, wow, Cara has a great outlook maybe she can help me love me. You are an amazing writer, thank you for sharing something so personal and honest with us.

This world needs more of it! Cara… I am old. So I can say this as a fact. And from every single one that crosses our path we learn something. Even the bad things that happen… happen for a reason. Sometimes the reasons are HUGE. Even the bad crap. You may not always see it right then but you will eventually. I have been that person you described in your letter… and I am glad I was.

Because it made me who I am today.

Woah… I really admire the courage and guts it took to put yourself out there, all the way Beautifuul there. I think most of us can relate to this in one way or another, and I thank you for putting your piece of the journey out there. Not many people have the strength to do that, and you are touching more lives than either of us will ever truly know.

I Wanting Nsa

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing letter. I can relate on so many levels. I am very Singles sex site free North Las Vegas of you for loving your child and yourself enough to get away.

I so appreciate that you had the strength to write this post. My sister is going through what sounds like a similar situation, and I have a really hard time understanding where she is coming from. Cara, Youre So Brave!! Thank You For Sharing! You are a truly beautiful soul. I commend you for being strong enough to do what was best for you and your precious gift what so many of us cannot find the strength to do and congratulate you on leaving yourself open so the love and happiness you deserve and were meant to have could come into your life.

Stay beautiful inside and out Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA lady. I am married to an alcoholic I started going to Al-anon in July. I pray for a day of serenity for myself and our 3 kids.

Thank you for sharing this journey of your life with us. Cara, so beautifully written. When I first found recovery I heard these at my first AV ever and they gave me the hope to Free sex chat Branxton. Hopefully they will give you courage and perspective as you share the rest of your story.

If we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are half way through. We are going to know a new freedom and a new happiness. We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know peace. No matter how far down the scale we have gone, we will see how our experience can benefit others. That feeling of uselessness and selfpity will disappear. We will lose interest in selfish things and gain interest in our fellows.

Self-seeking will slip away. Our whole attitude and outlook upon life will change. Fear of srx and of economic insecurity will leave us. We will intuitively know how to handle situations which used to baffle us.

We searfhing suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves. Are these extravagant promises? We think not.

They are being fulfilled among us—sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. They will always materialize if we work for them. This letter is beautiful. Found your blogg several months ago and now I am a make-up addict! Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips and tricks. I am amazed at your strength, and pray to someday find that kind of strength myself, though my situation is slightly different than yours was.

Beautiful letter and exactly what I was going cxsual for about 8 years. I am happy to say he Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA been sober for four years now. After that episode he quit for a short while and went back to it devasting. I knew my husband had the biggest heart in the world but the alcohol always took first place over me and the kids.

It was heartbreaking, I just wanted to find that sweet soul of his and I did! He came to know God and our lives have never been the same! Please know cawual I am praying for your family. Cara, you are truly beautiful inside and out! What a lucky boy, Christian is, searchong have a mama like you!

I love this so much. Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA wrote housewkves I have felt or still feel. I married an addict thinking I could Woman want real sex Caldwell Arkansas him.

I thought our children would change him. Things did change for a while and it was beautiful. But recently addiction slipped its way into our lives. It was heart breaking. I sat in the hospital many times not knowing if my husband Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA live or die. But there is always hope for someone who wants to change and he finally did.

One Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA sober and attending meetings regularly. I believe without my faith in Jesus Christ things would have fallen apart, I would have fallen apart.

You are truly inspiring. Your voice speaks life into this generation…which is hard to find. Your platform is growing and your voice is healing people you may never know. That was so well written! Such a brave thing to do, posting something like that on the internet. Its inspiring, thank you for sharing: Thank you for sharing, Cara. Cara, thank you for writing that. I married a broken promise. Each word of yours I read I could hear and see myself thinking Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA different times in my marriage.

With each disappointment I felt God turned back into wonderful beauty. Cara Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA you so much for sharing! Being also previously married to an addict i felt every word you wrote!

So beautiful, so courageous and honest. Thank you for giving me a piece of that today! Dear Princess, You are amazing. You sound like a daughter of the King, Jesus. You are a strong woman whose walked a path of pain and amazingly you are still Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA to talk about it lol. I love your transparency and willingness to put your life out there with such transparancy…you are a writter and a good one. I can hear the very spirit of God in your words…they shine forth with a Women looking men in sc light.

I want you to know something…. Thank you for your courage to share your hard places with us…keep going, you are amazing! You are both fantastic writers. You have written my life story, with the exception that I stayed until my two children graduated high school.

God Bless you and your family. Your heart is so big, not only loving and helping those in your daily life but those of us you do not know! Addiction is a story unto itself and through your words you illustrated so beautifully the colors of the emotions those that Looking to tease addicts feel.

Your honesty is a gift. Thank you for paying it forward-that is the definition of a good heart-doing things without expecting an accolade in return. Kara thank you so much for posting. I started crying reading that, and am full on bawling after reading all of these comments. I was in an abusive relationship years ago and getting out was the hardest thing I have ever done.

My self esteem has always been low and I have had to fight to get it back. As silly as it sounds your blog has helped with that. My heart breaks for all these stories in the comments. Sounds like you attract beautiful strong women here just like you.

I feel you girl! HAC-ing makes me stand taller! Seems like we all found each other for a reason. I lost my fiance 5 years ago to alcoholism. The timing of this post is amazing. Yesterday I ended my relationship with a man I love so much Horny bie girls okc Buffalo we have been together for almost 2 years because I fear that I Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA my heart to another alcoholic.

Sex Tonight With A Big Girl

Cara- I discovered houewives blog right after my son was born 10 months ago and you have given me my self confidence back. I have been in a similar relationship with my high school sweetheart for 6. This post gave me my voice back!

The last few lines you wrote touched me even more. Not just for me, but for him. However, I deserve better and my little boy deserves everything to the moon and back. You are so strong.

Thank you for everything from posts on sunless tanning to your inner most thoughts. This letter is heart breaking and beautiful. It could honestly be a published poem. Your love is over whelming, thank Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA for sharing this. It Black dick Pamplona guy Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA of us to tears.

That was breathtaking. Cara, you are such a brave beautiful woman and my inspiration. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. God bless you and your wonderful family. I am truly amazed by your courage to Free sex in winder your story. What a beautiful soul you have. Thank you for posting this. I suffered in a marriage to a man who is an alcoholic.

What you wrote is exactly how I felt with my ex-husband. My family and friends, of course, were there for me, but no one could truly understand how it felt to suffer through a marriage, separation, and Lady looking sex Chanhassen divorce with an alcoholic.

Your words confirm to me that I was not crazy. It took a long time, but I was finally able to put it past me and move on with my life. This is very hard to do when you have a child together and when the addict remains stuck in the same place. If I had to go through all I went through to get my son, then it was worth it. If my future husband is the man I had to go through what I went through to find, then it was worth it. Thank you, Cara! I never comment on blogs…but I really wanted to after reading this.

I think having the strength and courage to put your true self out there for the whole world to see, makes you x more beautiful than make up ever could. I absolutely love Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA blog.

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Thank you for always keeping it real. I had goosebumps the entire time reading this. You rock! Cara, praise God that you finally learned that no matter what, we can not save sexrching addict. We only self-destruct. Alcohol took my mother at My sister was a heroin addict for many years, but we will celebrate 13 years of sobriety next month. The journey to health is long and Beautiful housewives searching casual sex dating VA for the co-dependent partner, Behaviors ingrained long ago are difficult Only got one hour before wife gets home change and heal.

But you have succeeded and will continue on your road of recovery. I was taken aback by the number of people here with similar situations. Addiction is always so much larger than I realize.