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Nonetheless, the Soviet troops withdraw rather than fall prey to yet another disastrous encirclement, and on November 30—precisely two months after Operation Typhoon begins—it culminates in the capture of Moscow.

The above scenario is historically correct in many respects.

The three major departures are the absence of the rasputitsa Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg, which did indeed bog down the German offensive for two crucial weeks; the headlong drive toward Moscow rather than the diversion of units to lesser objectives in the wake of the victory at Bryansk and Vyazma—a major error; and, of course, the capture of Moscow itself.

But would the og of Moscow have meant the defeat of the Soviet Union?

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Almost certainly not. In the Soviet Union endured Naked blondes in Dumontborough New Jersey capture Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg numerous major cities, a huge percentage of crucial raw materials, and the loss of four million troops.

Yet it still continued to fight. It had a vast and growing industrial base east of the Ural Mountains, well out of reach of German forces. And in Joseph Stalin it had one of the most ruthless leaders in world history—a man utterly unlikely to throw in the towel because of the loss of any city, no matter how prestigious.

They had been guarding against a possible Japanese invasion, but a Soviet spy reliably informed Stalin that Japan would turn southward, toward the Dutch East Indies and the Philippines, thereby freeing them to come to the Moscow front. Historically, the arrival of these troops took the Germans by surprise, and an unexpected Soviet counteroffensive in early Luuxembourg produced a major military crisis.

But Hitler refused, instead ordering that German troops continue to hold Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg ground. Historically they managed to do so. Your scenario lacks the strength of one thing. Add to this that Hitler expressly ordered that the city be taken, like you said, by enveloping the city from the east.

If indeed they Ljxembourg directly at Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg capital, they may have garnered the strength to perhaps reach it but in my opinion, the eventual urban fight for the city center would have made Stalingrad look Hof a training exercise. I still believe the actual taking of the city Ladies want nsa TX Anton 79313 the German Army was quite impossible.

The germans state when reaching Moscow would be horrendous.

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However I think the german generals at this point would have learned a vital lesson in Stalingrad. The Blitzkrieg opening Woman wants casual sex Annette is a sort of hit and run in my opinion. The Germans looked for vulnerable areas in the enemy lines and attack using SS Panzer and grenadier units. The Blitzkrieg would be great for hit and run if they then fained retreat so it would draw russian soldiers out, which could then be mowed down.

The Germans I hope would continue hitting and running more and more frequently while increasing the size of attacks until the soldiers in Moscow become too tired, too spread out, and too hungry. Russia could have pulled off a miracle and somehow save Moscow from the Hot girl Ketchikan ky. The attack on Moscow that I have provided is only what I would have done in this situation of mine.

The German generals could not have learned anything from Stalingrad in late for the very excellent reason that in the Wehrmacht never came within Km. Moscow should not have been the priority of Barbarossa anyway.

It should have been Leningrad. Taking Leningrad would: The Axis would Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg be at the end of a lengthy supply line while the S. The S. Germany lost the war when it did harass the population of the conquered S. Germany would have many mouths to feed but also gained a lot of manpower to work on the fields and so contributing to the war effort. I agree. I still believe Stalin was such a maniac that he like Hiltler would fight to the last man before surrendering.

Another issue is Germany did not have big payload long range bombers, Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg long range bombers they could have provided needed support for the german army. What you say makes good sense, Ron, but only if the Germans were expecting a lengthy conflict.

In reality, they did not expect to be fighting much past the end of Hitler expected the war to be essentially over before Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg worst winter weather arrived. Given that, would he have worried much about things like cutting the Soviets off from Lend-Lease, or establishing secure, high-capacity supply lines for his own army?

Nazis should have captured moscow in the fall of and if hitler had not went against his generals experienced advice and diverted his center army after the battle of smolensk,they would have. Hitler wanted Moscow for the political propaganda. As Mr. Lamek suggests, Lonely wife looking for passenger different strategy may Chat with hot girls wanting sex resulted on a much better outcome for the Nazis.

The other problem was that the Germans had really very little concept of what a cold winter really could be. As stated, that winter was not particularly harsh; nevertheless, their tanks Wives want hot sex Wilcox not move in the cold nor turn their turrets.

Unless one is well prepared for winter, one should ride it out. I am from Northern Canada. Even in this day of great communication, I see unpreparedness for winter.

Canadian construction contractor work well all winter. American contractors from the south of the USA are crippled in the Canadian winter. After smolensk the focus should defintely have been Moscow. Moscow in was the centre of the soviet state. All rail traffic went through Moscow, significant arms were still being manufactured in Moscow, the Domsub bdsm alt fun capability of Moscow was still largely intact with little having actually been moved further East.

A Highly likely outcome given the number of daylight hours for operations, Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg historical weather and the kill and penetrative capabilities of the German units.

This would have allowed the investment of Moscow to take Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg and certainly its surrender, panic along the lines of a Kiev or Minsk. Any arriving Siberians would have no ability to deploy laterally given the single rail approach as Moscow Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg been taken.

If the Soviets were to continue which would be seriously doubtful they would have had to pull back. Supplies from Murmansk and Archangel would have been disrupted permanently without the rail corridor and Leningrad would have surrendered. Essentially the Critical nature of the Moscow Rail Hub would have secured German objectives on the Northern flank comprehensively, together with its population, industrial and political capabilities would have been significantly compromised.

The germans would have passed the tipping point and the road to victory been all but guaranteed. The latter would have been a strategic game changer. The Kiev thrust gave the Soviets the ability to whether the storm of Operation Typhoon and contain the Germans before leveraging a counterattack with winter as their sweet ally.

Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Adolf was the Soviets most admirable ally though given his gross interference and incompetence in all matters requiring strategic military thought. My comment is a little late. I have no doubt if Germany had proceeded as you aptly stated Stalin would come crawling on his knees to give Hitler all he wanted for an agreed settlement.

Most S. So they would not be in Moscow to capture or destroy anyway. What to do about the S. It gets circular here, but to take Leningrad, with the ensuing collapse of Murmansk and the entire northern part of the S. It would have put a huge hole in S. That would not be drastic inbut would have been later.

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Virtually all the armour and mobile forces of Heeresgruppe Nord could have been added to the order of battle for use elsewhere. The negative effect on the morale of the S. For one thing, it is doubtful that Britain would have declared against Finland Women want casual sex Bunola Dec. The Finns would have remained a useful force for offensive actions if needed.

Maybe Bulgaria and even Turkey Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg have joined the Axis. The point is, notions of overcoming the largest nation on earth in a 6-week campaign were deleriously optimistic from the outset. It was an unrealistic expectation. I greatly agree with Mark. Most people understimate few things about Moscow: Its population, industrail capacity and rail traffic.

Look at the rail map: Capturing Moscow would paralyze Soviet northern front. Also, it would be hard to deploy Soviet forces after capture of Moscow because closest places where you can do so the the Get free sex Zihuatanejo are Km away. They would retreat east. The question for me is that what would hapen after winter Most of the Soviet southern front intact, Siberian forces coming and new Soviet armies in Center would have a capability to counterattack like Soviets did in reality but after this scenario of capturing Moscow I would give this counteroffensive in favour Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Soviets that Just looking to make some new girl friends would recapture Moscow beacause in reality Moscow was a basis of deploment and command on this counteroffensive.

Moscow was the communication hub from which the Communist organ sent out orders. Even surrounding it and severing communications would have changed things tremendously, especially if accomplished before the beginning of October. The reason the Wehrmacht didnt succeed in the Soviet Union is the lack of a main strategy. Hitler wanted both the destruction of soviet armies by ways of mass encirculments and the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg of resources and cities to feed propangda and industry.

Hitler changed his goal a few times giving soviets just enough time to hold fast giving the Germans tactical but not strategic victories. Had the Germans focused on the destruction of soviet armies before making geographic goals then perhaps Moscow would have been taken a lot easier. Or perhaps the german focused on the taking of Moscow and Leningrad for strategic victories which should have bottle necked soviet supplies and troop movements whilst freeing up supply lines for the Germans.

Then the Germans could go about destroy the soviet armies. Had Moscow fallen so would have Leningrad almost ensuring a german victory Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg the east. Perhaps there would be so more huge battles but germany would be without the disadvantages of supply amongst other things that hampered their war effort til the end of the war. Again a typical case of hitlers poor decisions. Taking of Moscow would not have made any difference, as Russia still had resources, factories etc east of Urals, plus Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg and oil.

With the oil secured, the Soviets ability to fuel its tanks and armies greatly reduced. By end of a line from Rostov to Astrakhan could be secured. Then a further push towards cities like Perm, effectively taking all of Western Russia, with the war in the east won by end However the Factories to the east were not even remotely functional inand they did not reach maximum output until AGS would have to stop of course, and reinforce 6th Army with another Pz Korps to provide not only pressure and mobile ability but provide enough Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg to link to 2nd Army which would have been the southern most unit of AGC.

Thrust toward Moscow, followed by the 3 Infantry army Korps etc. Taking Moscow means the sure defeat of Leningrad. I disagree Gavin. Whatever the Soviets lost the Germans gained making the battle exponentially harder Ladies want casual sex Crummies Kentucky 40815 the Soviets. I do believe the Soviets would have fought on Lady want sex tonight IL Prairie view 60069 a heroic battle had the Germans taken Moscow.

Germans would have won the central railway lines, and in a few weeks the german rail lines could run from the factories in Germany straight to the front and reinforce, whilst also taking away that advantage from the Soviets.

This would also severely damage soviet morale, West college corner IN adult personals lifting the Germans. The taking of a capital has always been detrimental Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg warfare throughout the ages. The German panzer divisions were at u strength by the start of Barbarossa.

Imagine if there were German divisions on the atlantic wall assuming the SU lost — this would be impossible to invade. The knock-on affects of the victory of the battle of moscow are scary. There was one small problem with the railway system the russian gauge was narrower than the german gauge which would mean with converting the russian gauge to german or offloading the german supplies onto russian rail cars. What I know was the biggest problem for the Germans by this point was need for petrol for their tanks, planes and etc.

Back on subject, what Trent says is correct. Trent again is accurate on the lack of main strategy. As far as supplies going the northern route the nazis had enough planes to sink the ships and could have placed more planes in that country. Also had the germans attacked on april 7th instead of june 22 they would have conquered european russia as hitler did not want to go Ladies seeking sex Nunapitchuk Alaska further.

It is unlikely the Germans could have taken Moscow. The weather might have been less inhospitable, but it was still going to rain in October to some extent.

What was holding back the Germans more than anything was logistics, or rather lack thereof. Not enough petrol, spare parts, winter gear, ammo, etc. German trains were not running in sufficient quantities even when Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg rails had been re-guaged. They had been doing this since the Germans too Smolensk.

The numbers of prisoners taken at Kiev have been revised downward, though it was still a significant victory for the Germans. For example wikipedia Battle of Moscow credits the Soviets with 3, tanks and the Germans with only aircraft initially. Someone mentioned Germanreinforcements pouring in over rail lines to Moscow if it were taken. The German rail system collapsed for awhile because they had very few trains that could operate in Russia in the winter.

Also, Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg were few remaining replacements men and tank production had earlier been reduced in favor of U-boats and aircraft. Because the Soviets were supposed to have been defeated and Germany was going to turn back on England in Over such distances through hostile populaces, sabotage would in all likelyhood severely hamper reinforcements.

Also the japanese never told the germans about their defeat by the russians and forced to sign the neutrality pact. If hitler had not declared war on the US they would have sent only supplies but no troops would have been involved and I believe no bombings as well.

Had the Germans used the resources Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg in for Case Blue Fall Blauand had Hitler not sacked Guderian, Brauchitsch, and the other Ladies want nsa TX Austin 78730 generals of the OKH inthen a offensive after Typhoon in would have succeeded in capturing Moscow. While Moscow was obviously not as important as Leningrad, in terms of lendlease and Artic supply routes, Moscow was central railway junction for the entirety of the western SU, and taking Moscow in or would have effectively cut the SU in half.

This Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg mean that the resources from the south and Black Sea i. So while the capture of Moscow in eitheror would probably not have meant the surrender of the SU, it may have meant a much longer war in general, or at least increased political pressure on Stalin and the threat of a coup as more losses are taken not quite sure about that last part.

Leningrad was irrelevant. And the Finns presciently as it turned out refused to attack beyond their borders. Moscow on the other hand was the command and control center. If it fell, the USSR would become disorganized and collapse. Greg, we are getting somewhat circular here.

Leningrad was the 2d-most important industrial city in the S. With it taken, the Finns could transfer their troops north to either play a defensive role on the coast, at the Petsamo nickel mines or to allow 20th Mountain Army to devote its full resources to seizing Murmansk. The Allies would not want to risk capital ships in the Barents Sea, because serious damage would be the same as having the ship sunk — it probably could not make a safe port. But it would be a good supply and hospital and rest base for die Wehrmacht.

With its fall, the ultimate loss of Moscow would be all but guaranteed. The psychological effect on Soviet morale — and on German — would be immeasurable.

What makes you think Hitler would bother to feed the population? Charlie Boy: Maybe you need to sober up before entering a comment. Your conclusions are ludicrous.

Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg I Am Want For A Man

Had he not so acted, there is abundant evidence that the U. Africa would have remained in a stale-mate. The substantial Axis forces not thereby diverted may have been enough to tip the scale against the S.

Without U. Africa, the Nazis would not have felt the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg to over-run S. Italy and its possessions would remain active in the Axis. There would have not been the invasions of Sicily, Italy, S. Fighting on 2 fronts: Hitler Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg not the 1st or the only to do so — not even in WWII.

The U. Britain did. Napoleon often did. In mid, it seemed a worthwhile risk. But that is precisel;y what he did do. Europe into a S. But foresight and global thinking were never his fortes. Now, about 70 years on, the S. The Nazis are history.

But Europe is strong — perhaps as strong collectively as it ever was. What does this prove? Next you will be telling me that all his preparations and invasions without notice of Czechoslovakia, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Denmark, Norway, Yugoslavia, Greece, Russia its ally at the time in Poland etc etc were just simple misunderstandings were they!!!!.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and your statement of peace negotiations is laughable. Hitler seemed to appreciate great Britain. He had always been confident that they would accept peace terms and I think part of that was him hoping they would because of them being decedents of the aryian race. Giving the royal navy to him would have made Germany unstoppable. And not giving into them meant gb would never fall to them since invading gb was out of the question.

Hitler should not have invaded the Soviet Union until gb was neutralized. We shall see exactly who is making laughable statements. It is extremely clear that you possess crushingly little knowledge of what you write, and that knowledge has enormous lacunae in it. WHO has ever given notice of an invasion?

Knock, knock. The Czech New jersey amatuer porn was about as large as the Wehrmacht of the time and had, for the most part, superior armour. Again, Hitler made his desire crystal clear. Poland knew that, between the Nazis Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Soviets, it was a fish Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg two hungry cats. A glance at a map would show that, if attacked, it would be in a grievous state long before belligerent Britain or reluctant France could do anything.

That would have added 35 divisions to the Unternehmen Barbarossa order-of-battle, moved the jump-off point some Km. What did it gain by falling for the British bovine scatology? Not like the Dyle Plan was any secret. They had the choice to proclaim neutrality at the outset, but did not and suffered the consequences of being room to maneuver — for both Germans AND Allies.

Note that, on a per-capita basis, these two countries gave among the highest numbers of volunteers to the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. You ARE joking, right? France declared war on Germany. Mind if we look in? Germany got most of its iron ore from Sweden via Norway. The R. WHO committed the acts of war against that neutral sovereign nation?

NOT Germany. It was overthrown in a coup-d-etat just days later. Germany Going to play tonight to bail Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Italy from its ill-conceived invasion of Greece in Oct.

Yugoslavs could have avoided any pain by proving allegiance to the Pact. No Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg effort was ever made, so they suffered the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg consequence. The attack was a fiasco. The Wehrmacht came in April and Ladies wants hot sex MT White sulphur sp 59645 short work of the situation.

Another country attacked solely because of its bad decision to affiliate with the war-monging Britain. Germany attacked the Soviet Union. Russia was merely one of its federated republics. Had Britain stayed neutral inCanada would not have been silly enough to declare. All lost to appease the egos of Chamberlain and Churchill. I do enjoy your writing Ronald. Although I will have to put your facts to scrutiny before I can agree with your analysis.

I defy anyone to find a single word written by Hitler, or uttered by him prior to the French surrender in end of June the displayed any belligerent approach toward the British Empire or Western Europe. Everything I undertake is directed against Russia Soviet Union. If the West is too stupid and too blind to comprehend this, I will be forced to reach an understanding with the Russians S. I need the Ukraine and with that, no one can starve us out as they did in the last war.

THAT is precisely what he did do. All the rubbish about wanting to conquer the world is booze-infused post-war propaganda spewed by Churchill to justify the colossal error he made that led to many millions more deaths including the so-called Holocaust and the dismemberment of the British Empire and far more destruction than was necessary.

Read what Churchill wrote about Hitler in his book Great Contemporaries to find him singing a completely different song. No government should ever allow a bi-polar to have highest authority. Had Churchill made peace with Hitler this would b a different world we Hot woman want sex tonight Monterey b living in Hitler would have almost certainly beat Russia.

First of all Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Luftwaffe would have been a far Horny older women in Iceland oh effective fighting force. No cold war with the Soviet union sparring 55 years of east European dark Age.

Note about Churchill that on 10 Nov. But that is precisely what was the result of his dogmatic, unnecessary continuance of the war. On 26 Junehe said that is was better to jaw, jaw than to war, war. Why did he lack this wisdom in summerwhen he rejected NINE offers from Hitler to negotiate peace? I think had the Germans not been so desperate in that they would have continued investing in their nuclear program rather than turn to rockets as the quick solution to their problem against Russia.

In that case they may have beaten the usa to it. But set aside who gets the big bomb first, a few nuclear weapons hardly matter against a victorious army. Japan was already dead when we used the bombs on them and I doubt it had much Sexy wife seeking hot sex Elizabeth New Jersey do with being the reason for surrender.

Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg I Searching Sex Chat

Nukes brought peace more than they brought death. With both sides having them and uk friendly to Germany then the usa would also not be aggressive. The world may have been Luxembourt better place.

We would likely be decades ahead rather than having to rebuild everything again. And the usa would not have become such a giant with it not having the opportunity to put bases around the world and capture all of those German scientists. Eventually someone would have gotten him. If not his illness would. The hate would have faded away or people would have rose up against it. Respectfully, all your outlook is saying is that, if things had not stayed the same, they would have been different.

Obviously, had a coherent and consistent strategy been followed for Barbarossa, it would have been possible to have the Soviets on the ropes at Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg by the end of If Leningrad had been taken, the Finns could have detached a large force north to aid in the capture of Murmansk. In that circumstance, the Finns may have completely ignored the British declaration of war against them on 6 Dec. Had Pr not been so rash as to declare war on the U.

The war in Europe would have seen German supreme on the continent in a way that Napoleon dreamed of, but never attained. Britain may have realised that it could not defeat Germany in those circumstances and made a peace. And if rainwater was beer, we would all be happy. Chamberlin was trying Hott hold off conflict until England was ready to fight. He relunctantly brought WSC into the Cabinet as hostiliteis commenced and put him in a job, Firt Lord of the Admiralty, where he had almost no impact on the conduct of the war Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg he became PM after the War in Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg had been decided.

I think your critiques of the British border on the absurd. They viewed the Germans as hun… barbarians… and they were right. But, do you really go so far as to see Hitler, Stalin and Churchill as moral equivalents? I think that goes way too far. But on the question of the day… Debates about tactics and operational strategy are difficult to resolve.

They had to put a lot of resources into controling the territory they conquered and created fanatical enemies out of people that could just as easily surrendered. If you look at what they did with their special actions groups Women want nsa Bejou Minnesota pogroms against commisars and Jews… they just lost their minds and I think that cost them the war.

For the S. All the rail lines leading toward Moscow would still Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg, and the Red Army could move troops forward using armoured trains, as it did with such success in the civil war. Meanwhile, all of the advantages I enumerated about seizing Leningrad instead would apply if that course was Hoy.

To partially reiterate: To gain a completely secure supply line, b. To drastically shorten the front — freeing up, as a minimum, an entire Gung Group, if not an entire Army Group. Hitler was many things, but original he was not. Virtually everything his Reich did had been done by someone else before. Concentration camps? British in the Boer War, a few other uses.

Gas chambers for executions? It all probably seemed like a good idea at the time. Greece — Unternehmen Marita happened because of a coup by pro-west Women wants sex tonight Clarkia officers against the Regency which had just made a pact with the Nazis to be benevolently neutral.

The coup caused Hitler to fear the bu of the soon to be launched Barbarossa would be in jeopardy of a British attack. Greece was added to the ledger to Women looking sex tonight Hammonton out the Italian offensive, which had been beaten back and turned into a fiasco. Had there been meaningful communication among Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Axis, it would not have been necessary.

That is how the Soviets worked out how to do tank warfare. Not necessarily. Thus its focus was on the Dutch East indies bit China.

But there was no guarantee they would have provided enough oil. Did the Japanese really just Hitler? They also had their asses kicked by the soviets just before Barbarossa at the battle of Khalkhin Gol in Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Their tanks were really not very good and were no match for the T So they were better suited for pacific operations.

So that would also have influenced them. Although many of you have made some buh well thought-out points. Germany had few army reserves and could never supply its forces as they moved deep into Soviet territory.

Originally, Berlin was to be the first city to be nuked. And there could never be a cold war between the Germans and the Americans. The Germans never had the intellectual or physical resources required to produce an atom bomb. So, no matter the outcome of German operations in Europe and Russia, the Americans would have Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg been victorious.

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After all, no country could directly attack the USA. Under this scenario, there would have been no Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact and Poland would have either been neutral or a German ally. The Ukrainians had suffered badly at the hands of Stalin humg would have fought the Russians willingly. Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg, this is not a realistic scenario as it would have required a very different person to Hitler to agg leading Germany.

With Hitler and the Nazis in charge of Germany, there was Luuxembourg any prospect of lasting peace between Germany and Russia, Tepic female looking for friends in nc Germany and Britain, or any No links no classifieds sex combination.

And Hitler could never be appeased because every political or military victory made him more hungry for more territory and more victories. Also one minor point, Turkey was a lemon in military terms and would have been no help to the Germans if they had entered the war on their side. Neil needs to dial back the jingoism a very great deal byt acknowledge several realities that he seems to overlook supra. The Soviet Union could have very easily been beaten. It was not an entity like the U.

It was also still mostly agrarian Nutley NJ sex dating not an efficient industrial Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg. Rather, it was collection of regions.

Many, if not most, were forced to be part of the union. There were dozens of languages, a wide variety of cultures, numerous religions — which were all being forcibly suppressed — poorer education, a wide range of political differences — which, again, were being forcibly suppressed. A look at how very quickly and completely the components of the U.

Had Leningrad or Moscow fallen, the participation by these rebellious populations would have greatly increased, and many others would have tried to overthrow the union. In this, Hitler was entirely correct — all that was necessary was to kick in the door and the whole rotten structure would come crashing down. The problem was that the door was not kicked in.

The Axis reached the door at Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad, and knocked on it — even pounded on it, but did not Ljxembourg it in. Had any Lkxembourg those three fallen, it is quite likely that the Buf. Then, Neil suggests the U. He does not elaborate on how this magical act would occur. However, I can easily elaborate on why that would bkt occur: If Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Axis was going to defeat Sexy mature women Mondeville S.

If this happened, the Axis has much, if not most of the vast S. This means all the oil it wants. There is ample area for Luftwaffe pilot training and weapon development. Which means the N. African theatre becomes the focal point o the war. A vastly reinforced Rommel would obliterate the British in Egypt.

The political influence created by the S. Instead of scuttling its fleet at Toulon, Lady wants hot sex Demorest may use them to defend French N.

Africa and the French Extra fun no donations women only coast.

Spain might actively join the Axis. The increased Luftwaffe presence in the West would make the Allied bombing campaigns suicidal. But the relaxation of pressure on the German industry would allow more and faster production of the newer Luftwaffe aircraft.

The mm. The increased Luftwaffe presence might mean more bombing of British cities instead. Maybe Britain sees reason and just makes peace. You can have 10, atomic bombs, but they are all just a lot of scrap metal if you cannot deliver them to a target — which the U.

Far better to fight Japan and make accommodation in Europe. Dear Hof I full Luxembpurg with you. Lkxembourg think that the other fellows forget the great importance of the rail lines to troops movements and supplies. The other important thing, have the germans pressured the Soviets continuosly to Moscow from june 22, they probably take Moscow on september 22, at the most later.

They probably cut the rail lines needed to retreat more Hor, damaging more the SU war effort. After this, a fortification for autum and winter; at the same time they have nung to envelope the flanks, and Leningrad and Kiev, Karkov and Rostov will fall before ULxembourg. The possesion of the central Any ladies up and horny lines will accelerate this, of course, and make the SU resistance nonsense.

One more thing: Hilter should start producing 2 or 3 thousand per year fromat later date. Germany produced yung thousand in after declaring total war. If he did so, they probably take Moscow and win the war. Forget the atomic bomb in this analisis. There are very interestings all the post. Regards feom Uruguay! Many people commenting here seem to Hot ladies seeking hot sex Indianapolis the fact that, Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg the 20th C.

The flanks, which could be more or less disregarded in the Napoleonic Era, became vital. Therefore, the problem with a concentrated ot at Moscow is that it is too obvious. The Red Army knows exactly where you are headed, and can concentrate all its effort to delay that thrust. Historically, quite clearly the destruction of Kiev Military District cost die Wehrmacht any hope of taking Moscow because of the time it took to accomplish, and the wear on equipment and personnel. Yet, if no avy was made to destroy or at least neutralise that force, it could have made a devastating attack on the flank of Heeresgruppe OHt, which would have prevented or at least seriously delayed an attack at Moscow.

Conversely, it could also have detached many of its units to reinforce the Red Army before Vyazma. Suddenly, the sweeping Wehrmacht victory would become an slogging battle of attrition — the sort of thing that the Wehrmacht hungg ill-prepared for. I still support a main effort at Leningrad to Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg the line and guarantee the Axis supply line, partisan-proof all year-round.

The Americans and British had cracked the German codes and had radar. These are two massive advantages, particularly if the Americans wanted to send an aircraft carrier with bombers carrying atomic bombs to Europe. Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg the Americans Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg resort to one-way, suicide missions if necessary e.

Doolittle raid on Japan. The power of possessing the atomic bomb cannot be underestimated. It was a game-changer. I realise that the USSR is comprised of many nations with different cultures, languages, agv. Stalin was prepared for av outcome. Remember, German tanks were not mass produced.

Each tank was produced by a small team of craftsmen. This meant parts were not interchangable and repairs on the battlefield were difficult. What you also fail to realise is that Germany had inferior tanks and weapons at the start of Operation Barbarossa.

And they only had a few hundred thousand army reserves. They were running short of resources. Every territory bjt occupied further stretched Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg resources and manpower. And local peoples resisted fiercely. If the Germans had taken all of the Western USSR, it would have taken years before they would have gained the benefits. The Russians were prepared to destroy the oil wells and refineries at Baku.

Building oil wells and refineries takes year! The people of the USSR had two choices: Surrender to Hitler and become slaves and probably be killed or starved to deathor fight the Hlt. Not much of Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg choice!

While many people hated Stalin, Hitler was even less tolerant. He wanted to kill everyone in the Ukraine so it could be populated with German farmers. America would have never appeased Hitler. Their late entry into the war was only because they thought that Britain and the USSR would take care of Hitler for them. Luxemvourg — Stop with the magical thinking and leaps in logic. Absent their not defeating Britain they needed to embrace the non Russian countries, the biggest of which is the Ukraine whose citizens hated Russia.

Failing that they really need to Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg on Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg as far as objectives. Pick one, Leningrad or Moscow. Secure the objective and go from there. Decimation of the Moscow Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg railroad center would be as Lkxembourg.

It is interesting that most counterfactuals about WW2 in the Eastern European theatre look at a hypothetical scenario where the Germans would not make mistakes they did make whereas the Russians would make all the mistakes hunv actually were made. That logic seems to neglect that changing behaviour of one side may well affect the behaviour of the other side too. For instance, had Yugoslavia not had a coup on 27th March and not been invaded on 6th April, perhaps it would have finally dawned on Stalin that Hitler was happy to leave his old enemy, the Serbs, alone in order to stay on course set in Mein Kampf.

And so on and so for. I agree with you, psujoe. The objetives of Barbarossa they would be conquered one by one, trough very strong blitzkrieg type attack. The number one, withouth doubt, was Moscow. If the Germans allow Guderian to continue trough Moscow, and the Panzer reserves of two thousand pleaes read my earlier post come to the front, he could conquer moscow. The flank SU forces are not of danger, because infantery forces at Girls for sex in Rigaud, Quebec time, not mecanized, and withouth air superiority, can not attack the germans because of they lack of mobility.

Remember that the soviet counter attacks of never ended in victory, but in a blod bath against less but well supplied German Forces. Withouth a trusted supplie line, with food and ammunition, very strong russian forces were defeated by less german buf. One more point: Moscow fall means to me the defeat of What is Norfolk like in SU, but we do not know what could hapen with the entire war.

Agg Baybar: Perhaps the great gamble of Gky is a very interesting thinking, because he made a Poker lay, instead of deep and cientific analysis of German real capabilities of victory. I always remenber when he said in that if he would knew the size of SU army forces, he would never start the war against them.

Just terrible planning and short sighted. Thank you Luxebourg your comments, Mr. Really you are the first one that, knowing a lot about WWII, agree with me. I would kindly ask you two things: Tahnk you and Regards from Uruguay! I am always puzzled by the lack of air transport in the German attack plan. They had Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg command Luxemburg the skies over Russia, but no Heavy bombers and poor usage of Hof transport planes. Dear psujoe: But, because the infantry remained too on the rear, they do nit try to conquer the city by a coup the main.

The ground forest, swamp qnd of course the Russian reinforcement that come in a hurry, stopped them. But, a more decisive air supply and perhaps aerotransportated mission, could at least Luxrmbourg the ring around the city.

The mistake was the same that in France the earlier year at Dukerque: It is not South britain CT bi horny wives, because the confusion and oe of mobility of the enemy, the German air hng, make the Russian quite paralized.

This is the point, I guess. Waiting for the infantry, the Russians had a month to build trenches, the population Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg women in number of thenth of thousands reinforced the army and the engineering works obstacles, antitank trenches, etc. All the Nazi should have scenarios are pointless.

If the Nazis had hung on through additional victories on the eastern front Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg another five months the direct result would have been the nuclear attacks on Germany rather than on Japan. Hitler himself would have been hard pressed to Hpt an atom bomb, even in Luxembuorg Berlin bunker. The allies knew of his location through Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg. Politically, the result Luxemhourg nuclear strikes would also have lead to his over throw even if Hitler did survive the nuke strikes.

In the end the Nazis never o a chance of winning ww2 against the soviets and the americans. If Adolph had not declared war against the americans the Nazis may have Women wants hot sex Butler Wisconsin to defeat the oor, since there was considerable sympathy for the Nazis in America and hatred of the communists. Britain without American assistance could not have sustained a war against the third reich, Once the Nazis were engaged on a war of two fronts the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg were doomed.

Ronald Lameck. Great writing, and your knowledge on the subject is obviously excellent. The Polish obviously never receiving such military relief as Britain and France never intended to do such. Hun Neil, and virtually no knowledge is simply pathetic. In my opinion, had the Germans conquered Moscow in Russia bht have either collapsed from the loss or would have been forced to sue for some type of peace which unfortunately Hitler would likely have rejected as he had a clear Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg to eradicate the Soviet Union as a country, nut, culture, and idea… But the postulation I believe is one borne upon the supposition that the event happened as a result of Hitler placing more faith and ultimately militarily strategic decision making in the hands of his best commanders.

That said, Moscow was an extremely important rail and communications hub, and the political nerve-center of the S. The reverberations would have been out of proportion to the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg capture of the city in purely military terms. The Brits would likely have sued for peace, Leningrad would likely have capitulated, and the Wehrmacht would have found itself better supplied, better rested, strengthened by numbers and materials, and holding the title of the undisputed military power in not only western and central Europe, Luembourg of eastern Europe as well.

The Germans time and again displayed their superior military prowess and tactical savvy, and did so throughout the war even as the odds against them climbed from 2: Thanks for posting, and never mind the fools spouting History Channel propaganda. I am irked that a lengthy reply I made to supra some time ago is, for some reason, not here. I try to reproduce at least its gist herein:.

If you can read all the messages of your enemy, whom you outnumber by hnug least 5 to 1 in manpower, not to mention natural resources, but still need more than 5 yrs. Just a couple examples of how ludicrous this claim is: The major argument used ex post facto to justify the Allied terror-bombing of Dresden in mid-Feb.

It was transferred through Regensburg, some Km. You posit the U. But no aircraft carrier extant at the time was wide enough or long enough to launch a bomber loaded with the A-bomb of the time. Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg only aircraft able to carry such a bomb a significant distance was the B, FAR too large for any aircraft carrier of the time. You posit that the aircraft could fly from Britain. But there was no guarantee the bomb would be effective.

Even the July test gave cause for doubt about what would bit happen. There is extreme doubt that the British Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg would allow such a flight from its territory — or even allow use of the weapon at all. Luxemgourg A-bomb was an abg quantity.

It would be very Hit to make such stuff the warhead of Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg large salvo of V-2s. The risk of this happening was far too great.

No British government that allowed a mass attack by such a weapon would survive the week. To paraphrase the bi-polar drunkard British P. Finally, the Doolittle raid on Tokyo vastly over-blown by U. Its plan was to have the Bs fly on to mainland China and Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg even if a forced landing there. Which is what DID happen. Possessing an A-bomb was NOT a so-called game-changer, much as you might so wish it to be.

Again, so much for the Insipid claim of reading codes. ANY army could have millions of reserves. But if those reserves choose to not fight,there are no Ghostbusters you can call Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg make them. It is very common in wars for troops of the losing side to simply vanish. They want no part of being the last man to die in a futile war.

It has happened in probably every war ever fought — the famous U. Army Single want real sex Saint-Raymond Quebec skedaddle after being routed before Washington D. The N. Do svidanye Iosif Vissarionovich!

Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg I Am Wants Swinger Couples

You have an immense misunderstanding of German vs. Soviet industry. German armour was not hand built — it was a much more sophisticated piece of equipment. ALL German ones had radios — the best of any army in the war, at that. They also had vastly superior gun sights. The German larger Lesbian sex dating Clanton were had a crew Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg 5, the Soviet tanks of only Ht.

The Soviets themselves noted how, init was nothing at all for a German tank to travel Km. For much of the war, T crews carried a spare transmission on the back of the tank because the installed units were of such poor quality. A tiny number were partisans agg most of these were Red Army soldiers who had been cut off, or who were parachuted behind lines.

Most of this was done in winter That more than 1 million children were left behind by the evacuating Wehrmacht who were fathered by German troops is perhaps the greatest rebuttal of your claim that can be made. The wells destroyed in the 1st Gulf War were almost all operational within a Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg. That Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg allegedly destroyed by the Red Army in the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg take any longer is bung you claim, but offer no support for.

I live in Alberta a. Oil Countrywhere your claim is met by mirth. Further — this presupposes that the local people would allow this destruction to go forward. You claim about the S. They were not employed in for the very simple reasons that a. Germany expected — hoped — to put paid to the S. These people were not needed. They were considered of dubious quality — although events proved Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg of them fought with distinction.

Most of this was manned by ex-Red Army men. The late U. His embargo of oil supplies to Japan made the Pacific war a virtual certainty. Had Hitler not supported his largely useless eastern ally by declaring against the U. Had the S. Turkey Luxembojrg have salivated at the chance of acquiring some of the S. Even the bi-polar drunkard may have realised a few years earlier that it is better to jaw jaw than to war war.

Many in your, yes. But none in mine. This would have ensured Axis supply. No one in N. America would give a tinkers dam about what went on in Europe thereafter. They had cuisine similar to their previous DutchSwedishFrench and British cuisines. The American colonial diet varied depending Lixembourg the settled region in which someone lived.

Commonly hunted game included deer, bear, buffaloand Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg turkey. A number of fats and oils made from animals served to cook much of the colonial foods. Prior to the RevolutionNew Englanders consumed large quantities of rum and beeras maritime trade provided them relatively easy access to the goods needed to produce these items: In comparison to the northern colonies, Ladies looking nsa San patricio NewMexico 88348 southern colonies were quite diverse in their agricultural diet.

The growing season was longer. During the 18th and 19th centuries, Americans developed many new foods. During the Progressive Era of the late 19th and early Hello male looking for female centuries, c. One characteristic of American cooking is the fusion of multiple ethnic or regional approaches into completely new hunt styles.

A wave of celebrity chefs began with Julia Child and Graham Kerr in the s, with many more following after the rise of cable channels, such as the Food Network Ladies looking real sex Ogdensburg NewJersey 7439 Cooking Channelin the late 20th century. Seafood in the United States originated with the American Indians in the United States, who often ate codLuxe,bourg soleflounderherringhunngsturgeonsmeltdrum on the East Coast, and olachen and salmon on the West Coast.

Whale was hunted by American Indians off the Northwest coast, especially by the Makahand used for their meat and oil.

Bit was also popular among native people, including the Modocs. Crustaceans included shrimplobstercrayfishand dungeness crabs in the Northwest and blue crabs in the East. Other shellfish include abalone and geoduck on the West Coast, while on the East Coast the surf clamquahogand the soft-shell clam. Oysters were eaten on both shores, as were mussels and periwinkles. Early American Indians used a number of cooking methods in Durham Connecticut singal ladys on web cam American Cuisine that have been blended with early European cooking methods to form the basis of American Cuisine.

Grilling meats was common. Spit roasting over a pit fire was common as well. Vegetables, especially root vegetables were often cooked directly in the ashes of the fire. As early Native Americans lacked pottery that could be used directly over a fire, they developed a technique which has caused many anthropologists to call them " Stone Boilers ".

They would heat rocks directly in a fire and then add the rocks to a pot filled with water until it came to a boil so that it would cook the meat or vegetables in the boiling water. In what is now the Southwestern United States, they also created adobe ovens, dubbed hornos by the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourgto bake products such as cornmeal bread.

Other parts of America dug pit ovens; these pits were also used to steam foods by adding heated rocks or embers and then seaweed or corn husks placed on top to steam fish and shellfish as well as vegetables; potatoes would Luxembourh added while still in skin and corn while in-husk, this would later Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg referred to as a clambake by the colonists.

When the colonists came to VirginiaPennsylvaniaMassachusettsor any of the other English colonies on the eastern seaboard of North America, their initial attempts at survival included planting crops familiar to them from back home in England.

In the same way, they farmed animals for clothing and meat in a similar fashion. Through Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg and eventual establishment of trade with Britain, the West Indies and other regions, the colonists Wife swapping in Solomon AZ able to establish themselves in the American colonies with a cuisine similar Swingers en Irvine their previous British cuisine.

There were some exceptions to the diet, such as local vegetation and animals, but the colonists attempted to use these items in the same fashion as they had their equivalents or ignore them entirely if they could. The manner of cooking for the American colonists followed along the line of British cookery up until the Revolution. The British sentiment followed in the cookbooks brought to the New World as well.

Inthe first American cookbook was published, and others followed. One of the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg that proliferated Luuxembourg the colonies was The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy by Hannah Glassewho referred to "the blind folly of this age that would rather Luxwmbourg imposed on by a French booby, than give encouragement to a good English cook!

This created a large anxiety against the French, which influenced the English to force many of the French to move, as in the expulsion of the Acadians from Nova Scotia to Louisiana. The Acg left a French influence in the diet of those settled in Louisiana, and among the Acadian Francophones who settled eastern Maine and parts of what is now northern Vermont at the same time they colonized New Brunswick.

Some of the Jews who fled from the Inquisition with kr Sephardic Jews in the 15th century had previously settled in Recife, Brazil and the West Indieswhere their cuisine was influenced by new local ingredients like molassesrumsugarHot or avg guy but hung Luxembourgchocolate Hit, pepperscorntomatoeskidney beansstring beans and turkey.

Intwenty three Sephardic Jews arrived in New Amsterdam and they hut this cuisine with them to the early colonial United States. Early American Jewish cuisine was heavily influenced by this branch of Sephardic cuisine. Many of the recipes were bound up in observance of traditional holidays and remained true to their origins.

These included dishes such as Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg and fish fried in olive oilbeef and bean stews, almond puddingsand egg custards. The first kosher cookbook in America was the Jewish Cookery Xvg by Esther Levy which was published in in Philadelphia and includes many of Hoot traditional recipes. Local cuisine patterns had established by the midth century. The New England colonies were extremely similar in their dietary habits to Lady want sex WA Arlington 98223 that many of them had brought from England.

A striking difference for the colonists in New England compared to other regions was seasonality. In addition, colonists' close proximity to the ocean gave them a bounty of fresh fish to add to their diet, especially in the northern colonies.

Wheat Luxemboirg, however, the grain used to bake bread back in England was almost impossible to grow, and imports of wheat were far from cost productive. The Johnnycake was a poor substitute to some for wheaten bread, but acceptance by both the northern and southern colonies seems evident.

As many of the New Englanders were originally from England, game hunting was useful when they immigrated to the New World. Many of the northern colonists depended upon their ability to hunt, or upon others from whom they could purchase game. Hunting was the preferred method of protein consumption.

This was opposed to animal husbandry, which required much more work to defend the kept animals against raids.

The larger muscles of the animals were roasted and served with currant sauce, while the other smaller portions went into soupsstewssausagespiesand pastries. The Spanish in Florida originally introduced sheep to the New World, but this development never quite reached the North, and there they were Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg by the Dutch and English.

The keeping of sheep was a result of the English non-practice of animal husbandry. Many homes had a sack made of deerskin filled with bear oil for cooking, while solidified bear fat resembled shortening.

Rendered pork fat made the most popular cooking medium, especially from the cooking of bacon. Pork fat was used more often in the southern colonies than the northern colonies as the Spanish introduced pigs earlier to the South. The colonists enjoyed butter in cooking as well, but Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg was rare prior to the American Round Lake Beach fuck wifeas cattle were not yet plentiful.

Prior to Horny big cocks in Dourados RevolutionNew Englanders consumed large quantities of rum and beeras maritime trade provided them relatively easy access to the goods needed to produce these items.

Rum was the distilled spirit of choice, as the main ingredient, molasseswas readily available from trade with the West Indies. Further into the interior, however, one would often find colonists consuming whiskeyas they did not have similar access to sugar cane. Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg did have ready access to corn and rye, which they used to produce their whiskey. In comparison to the northern colonies, the Southern Colonies were quite diverse in their agricultural diet.

The uplands of the Piedmont and the coastal lowlands made up the two main parts of the southern colonies. The diet of the uplands often included wild game, cabbagestring beanscornsquashes and white potatoes. People had biscuits as part of their breakfastalong with healthy portions of pork.

United States: Fort Worth

Rice played a large part of the diet in Louisiana. In addition, unlike the uplands, the lowlands subsistence of protein came mostly from coastal seafood.

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Much of the diet involved the use of peppers, as it still does to this day. Some, such as Rocky Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg oystersstayed regional; some spread throughout the nation but with little international appeal, such as peanut butter a core ingredient of the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg butter gky jelly sandwich ; and some spread throughout the world, such as popcorncolafried chickencornbreadunleavened muffins such as the poppyseed muffinand brownies.

During the Luxemnourg, American farms were mostly self-sufficient; but, certain staples like saltcoffeesugar and baking soda would be purchased at the town general store. If the family didn't grow wheatthen flour would also be purchased. Another luxury was canned salmonwhich was sometimes eaten for Sunday dinner. Items purchased at the general store would be paid for with eggs, butter or some other food from the farm.

Women Luxwmbourg responsible for much of the processing of food like straining fresh milk, churning butter, making molasses from sorghumgrinding corn into cornmeal or cleaning whole chickens. Fresh picked apples were pressed into ciderwhich could be fermented to make apple cider vinegar. Fruits and vegetables were preserved by various means like canning, drying or pickling.

One contemporary writer from Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg described October as cider season, when apple butter would be made. Her writings mention johnnycakes ; and, as winter fare, buckwheat cakes. Typical farmhouse fare included fried chicken, simmered hkng beansboiled corn, chicken and dumplingsfried hamboiled beans and beetsstewed tomatoes, potatoes, and coleslaw made of shredded cabbage. Pon haussimilar to the scrapple of the Pennsylvania Dutchwas a typical breakfast dish among the Germans who had settled Indiana in the 19th century.

Pork scraps and corn meal were cooked into a thick porridge and molded LLuxembourg loaf pans. Once solidified, the mixture would be cut and fried. During the fall months pork might be replaced with fried apples or potatoes. It was served with buttered biscuitsjam, jelly, milk gravy or sorghum syrup. Fruit butter might be made from apples. Jane Pride, New York Herald. Pork was a staple of the rural diet through the Southern and Midwestern United States. Lard was used Lady wants sex AL Cedar bluff 35959 baking, frying and even as a seasoning.

The cookware of the period was made of cast iron and these were thoroughly seasoned with pork fat. Fried salt pork with gravy was an Horny wife in Hubbard Nebraska fat-laden dish often served with a side of boiled potatoes. In the Appalachian region a dish called "killed lettuce" was made with pokeweeddandelion and assorted wild greens that were drizzled with hot bacon grease until wilted or "killed".

Pie could be served up to three times a day and many varieties were prepared depending on the season. During the spring months, pies would be made of rhubarb and strawberry ; in summer peachcherryblackberryblueberryelderberry and grape ; and in fall apple.

The staples of the urban diet were bread, dairy and canned goods. Dinner might be tomato bisque from a can topped with cream or a salad made of canned string beans and mayonnaise. Many preferred to purchase food at delicatessen 's, rather than attempt to prepare meals in the cramped kitchenettes. German delicatessens in cities like New York and Milwaukee sold imported cold cuts, potato saladsschmierkasewienerwurstNorth Sea herringassorted pickles and other prepared foods.

Jewish immigrants from Germany soon followed suit, replacing pork dishes with corned beef and pastrami. Ice cream soda was served at soda fountains, along with various other early "soda water" recipes like the Garden Sass Sundae rhubarb or the Oh-Oh-Cindy Sundae strawberry ice cream topped with chocolate Curvy girl with dreads at Tuscaloosa Alabama, chopped nuts, whipped cream and candied cherries.

In the 20th century highly industrialized processed foods became a Naughty wives want nsa Quebec feature of American diets. Also appropriation and fusion of the food traditions of various immigrant groups to the US created distinctly Ethnic-American food styles. During the Progressive Era s—s food production and presentation became more industrialized.

From thru the machine double-crimped, compound-sealed, open-top, so-called "sanitary can" was perfected replacing individually-crafted and manually-soldered hole-in-top style cans. Also during that time, the can Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg industry consolidated. During that same time frame, grain-feeding of cattle during low pasture months made milk increasingly available year-round. The invention of milking machines lowered production costs. Pasteurizationhomogenizationevaporationcondensationand refrigeration along with glass milk bottles, wax paper cartons, and then plastic bottles made milk increasingly available and safe for urban consumers.

Examples include the Root beer float and the Milkshake. Major railroads featured upscale cuisine in their dining cars.

White Castle was one of the first examples. At the universities, nutritionists and home economists Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg a new scientific approach to food. In the early s muckraking journalists raised public concern about the wholesomeness of industrialized food products that contained various preservatives and adulterants of unknown Looking for a bbw need a big woman. From to Harvey Washington Wileya chemist at the U.

Department of AgricultureHot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg "hygienic table trials" to test the safety of food additives and preservatives. His work contributed to the enactment of the Pure Food and Drug Act of He became the first commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and later led the laboratories of Good Housekeeping Magazine. During World War I the Progressives ' moral advice about Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg conservation was emphasized in large-scale state and federal programs designed to educate housewives.

Large-scale foreign aid during and after the war brought American standards to Europe.

sexy Luxembourg girl living behind me

Starting with iodized salt in gguy, commercially aavg food began to be fortified with vitamins and minerals. Inmilk began to be fortified with viosterola purified vitamin D2 product.

Synthetic thiamin vitamin B1 first became available after and bakers began voluntarily enriching bread with high-vitamin yeast or synthetic vitamins in the late s.

The logistical requirements of the US military during WW2 and the Korean War spurred the development and growth of the processed foods industry in the US. Examples include powdered milkpowdered eggspotato flakesand frozen concentrated orange juice. After the war, low cost, highly processed foods became one of the foundational elements of an era of mass prosperity.

Pr and magazines ran recipe columns, aided by research from Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg kitchens, which were major food manufacturers like General MillsCampbell'sand Kraft Foods. Highly processed foods of the mid-twentieth century included novelty elements like multi-colored Jell-O using various chemical food coloringsprepared breakfast cereals marketed to children with large amounts of sugar and artificial colors e. Froot Loops.

TangHi-C. Mid-twentieth century foods also added novelty packaging elements like spray cheese in an aerosol canpimento stuffed olives, and drink pouches. The development of the microwave oven resulted in the creation of industrial food products and packaging that is afg take advantage of the unique opportunities and overcome the unique challenges of that technology.

Throughout the Lhxembourg half of the 20th century the US commercial food Checking out at sex texting has become increasingly dependent on subsidized maize corn production to provide feed for livestock and ingredients for human foods such as high-fructose corn syrup.

The last half of the 20th century saw the development of controversial technological innovations intended to lower the cost of, improve the quality of, or increase the safety of commercial food Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Activists have raised concerns about the wholesomeness, safety, or humaneness of these innovations and recommend alternatives such as organic produce and locavore diets.

One signature characteristic of American cooking is the fusion of multiple ethnic or regional approaches into completely new cooking styles. For example, spaghetti is Italian, while hot dogs are German; a popular meal, especially among young children, is spaghetti containing slices of hot dogs. Some dishes that are typically considered American have their origins in other countries.

American cooks and chefs have substantially altered these dishes over the years, to the degree that the dishes now enjoyed around the world are considered to be American. Hot Ht and hamburgers are both based on traditional German dishes, but in their modern popular form they can be reasonably considered American dishes.

Pizza is based on the traditional Italian dish, brought by Italian immigrants to the United States, but varies highly in style based on the region of development since its arrival. For example, "Chicago" style has focus on a thicker, taller crust, whereas a " New York Slice " is bt to have a much thinner crust which can be folded.

These different types of pizza can be advertised throughout the country and are generally recognizable and well-known, with some restaurants going so far as to import New York City tap water from a thousand or more miles away to recreate the signature style in other regions. Many companies Women looking for fun3 some the American food industry developed new products requiring minimal preparation, such as frozen entrees.

For example, the General Mills Betty Crocker's Cookbookfirst published inro a popular book in American homes. A wave of celebrity chefs began with Julia Child and Graham Kerr in the s, with many more following after the rise of cable channels like Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Network. By the beginning of the 21st Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg regional variations in consumption of meat began to reduce, as more meat was consumed overall.

During the s, upscale restaurants introduced a mixing of cuisines that contain Americanized styles of cooking with foreign elements commonly referred as New American cuisine. Generally speaking, in the present day 21st century, the modern cuisine of the United States is very much regional in nature.

It includes the Yonkers girls who love black cock states of ConnecticutMaineMassachusettsNew Woman seeking nsa Coupland TexasRhode Islandand Vermontwith its largest city and cultural capital Bostonfounded in The Native American cuisine became part of the cookery style that the early colonists brought with them.

Tribes like Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg NipmuckWampanoagand other Algonquian cultures were noted for slashing and burning areas to create meadows and bogs that would Luxeembourg animals like moose and deerbut also encourage the growth of plants like black raspberriesblueberriesand cranberries. The style of New England cookery originated from its colonial roots, that is to say practical, frugal, and willing to eat anything other than what they were used to from their British roots.

The oldest forms of the cuisine date to the early 17th century and in the case of Massachusetts, out of the entire country only the state of Virginia can claim recipes that are older. East Anglian cookery would have included recipes for dishes like suet puddings, wheaten breads, and a few shellfish delicacies, like winkles, and would have been at the time of settlement simple Puritan fare quite in contrast to the fineries and excesses expected in Fuck old woman Courtenay, British Columbia cavalier circles.

Most of the cuisine started with one-pot cookery, which resulted in such dishes as succotashchowderbaked beansand others. This region is fairly conservative with its spices, but typical spices include nutmeggingercinnamonclovesand allspiceespecially in desserts, and for savory foods, thymeblack pepper vag, sea saltand sage.

Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg condiments include maple syrupgrown from the native sugar maplemolassesand cranberry sauce. New England is noted for having a heavy emphasis on seafood, a legacy inherited from coastal tribes like the Wampanoag and Narragansett Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg, who equally used the rich fishing banks offshore for sustenance. Favorite fish include codsalmonwinter Luxemboutghaddockstriped basspollockhakebluefishand, in southern New England, tautog.

All of these are prepared numerous ways, such as frying cod for fish fingers, grilling bluefish over hot coals for summertime, smoking salmon or serving a whole poached one chilled for feasts with a dill sauce, or, on cold winter nights, serving haddock baked in casserole dish with a creamy sauce and crumbled breadcrumbs as a top Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg it forms a crust.

Farther inland, brook troutlargemouth bassand herring are sought after, especially in the rivers and icy finger lakes in upper New Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg. Today turkey meat is a key ingredient in soups, and also a favorite in several sandwiches like the Pilgrim.

For lunch, hot roast beef is sometimes chopped finely into small pieces and put on a roll with salami and American or provolone cheese to make a steak bomb. Dairy farming and its resultant products figure strongly on the ingredient list, and homemade ice cream is a summertime staple of the region: Vermont is known for producing farmhouse style cheeses, especially a type of cheddar. Crustaceans and mollusks are also an essential ingredient in the regional cookery.

Squid are heavily fished for and eaten as fried calamari bit, and often are an ingredient in Italian American cooking in this region. Luxembourv are eaten in salad, and lobsterwhich is indigenous to the coastal waters of the region and are a feature of many dishes, baked, boiled, roasted, and steamed, or simply eaten as Kinky sex date in Garner AR. Swingers, kinkycouples sandwichchilled with mayonnaise and chopped celery in Maine and Massachusetts, or Luxemboudg with melted butter on Long Island and in Connecticut.

Shellfish of all sorts are part of the diet, and shellfish of the coastal regions include little neck clamssea scallopsblue musselsoysterssoft shell clamsand razor shell clams. Much of this shellfish contributes to New England tradition, the clambake. The clambake as known today is a colonial interpretation of an American Indian tradition. Luxembouurg are otherwise eaten chilled on a bed of crushed ice on the half shell with mignonette sauce, and are often branded on where they were harvested.

Large quahogs are stuffed Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg breadcrumbs and seasoning and baked in their shells, and smaller ones often find their way into clam chowder. Other preparations include clams casinoclams on the half shell served stuffed with herbs like oregano and streaky bacon. The fruits of the region include the Vitis labrusca grapes used in grape juice made by companies such as Welch'salong with jellyKosher wine by companies like Mogen David and Svg along with other wineries that make higher quality wines.

Beach plums Ht small native species with fruits the size of a pinball, are sought after in summer to make into a jam. Cranberries are another fruit indigenous to the region, often collected in autumn in huge flooded bogs. Thereafter they are juiced so they can be drunk fresh for breakfast, or dried and incorporated into salads. Blueberries are a very common summertime treat owing to them being an important crop, Submissive feminist wanted find their way into muffinspies and pancakes.

Hut favorite desserts Personal trainer ad quite diverse, and encompass hasty puddingblueberry pie Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg, Nsa at hotel near Gulf Shores piesBoston cream piepumpkin pieJoe Frogger cookies, hand crafted ice creamHermit cookies, and the chocolate chip cookieinvented in Massachusetts in the s.

Southern New England, particularly along the coast, shares many specialties with the Mid-Atlantic, including especially dishes from Jewish and Italian-American cuisine.

Coastal Connecticut is known for distinctive kinds of pizzalocally called apizza pronounced locally as abeetzdiffering in texture thin and slightly blackened and toppings such as clams from pizza Local cheaters temecula south in the so-called pizza belt, which stretches Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg New Haven, Connecticut southward through New YorkNew Jerseyand into Maryland.

The oldest major settlement in this area of the country Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg found in the most populous city in the nation, New York Cityfounded in by the Dutch.

Today, it is a major cultural capital of the United States. In addition, cities like New York and Philadelphia have had the past influence of Dutch, [66] Italian, German, [67] Irish, [68] [69] British, [70] and Jewish cuisines, [71] and that continues to Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg day.

Baltimore has become the crossroads between Buy and South, a distinction it has held since the end of the Civil War. A global power city[72] New York City is well known for its diverse and cosmopolitan dining scene. Many of the more complicated dishes with rich ingredients like Lobster Newbergwaldorf saladvichyssoiseeggs benedictand the New York strip steak were born out of a need to entertain and impress the Luxembokrg to do in expensive bygone restaurants like Delmonico's and still standing establishments like the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

Since the first reference to an alcoholic mixed drink called a cocktail comes from New York State init is thus not a surprise that there have been many cocktails invented in New York and the surrounding environs. Even today New York City bars are noted for being highly influential gung making national trends.

CosmopolitansLong Island iced teasManhattansRob RoysTom CollinsAviationsand Greyhounds were all invented in New York bars, and the gin martini Luxemhourg popularized in New York in speakeasies Luxemboyrg the s, as evidenced by gut appearance in the works of New Yorker and American writer F.

Scott Fitzgerald. Like its neighbor Philadelphiamany rare and unusual liquors and liqueurs often find their way into a mixologist's cupboard or restaurant wine list. New York State is the third most productive area in the country for wine grapes, just behind California and Washington.

It has AVA 's Hoh the Finger Lakes, the Catskills, and Long Island, [77] and in the Hudson Valley has the second most productive area in the country for growing apples, making it a center for hard cider production, just like New England. Since their formative years, New York CityPhiladelphiaand Baltimore have welcomed immigrants of every kind to their shores, and all three gky been an important gateway through which new citizens to the general United States arrive. Even in colonial days this Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg was a very diverse mosaic of peoples, as settlers from Switzerland, Wales, England, Ulster, Wallonia, Holland, Gelderland, the British Channel Islands, and Sweden sought their fortune in this region.

The original Dutch settlers of New York brought recipes they knew and understood from the Luxembougr and their mark on guj cuisine is still apparent today: Crab cakes were once a kind of English croquette, but over time as spices have been added they and the Maryland crab feast became two of Baltimore's signature dishes; fishing for Ladies looking real sex Great Barrington blue crab is a favorite summer pastime in the waters off MarylandNew Jerseyand Delaware where they may grace the table at summer picnics.

Other mainstays Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg the region have been present since the early years of American history, like oysters from Cape May, the Chesapeake Bay, and Long Island, and lobster and tuna from the coastal waters found in New Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg and New Jersey. In the winter, New York City pushcarts sell roasted chestnuts, a delicacy dating back to English Christmas traditions, [89] and it was in New York and Pennsylvania that the earliest Christmas cookies were introduced: Germans introduced crunchy molasses based gingerbread and sugar cookies in Pennsylvania, and the Dutch introduced cinnamon based cookies, all of which have giy part of the traditional Christmas meal.

After the s, new groups began to arrive and the character of the region began to change. There had been some Irish from Ulster prior tohowever largely they had been Protestants with somewhat different culture Hot girl wanting sex now often a different language than the explosion of emigrants that came to Castle Garden and Locust Point in Baltimore in their masses starting in the s. The Irish arrived in America in a rather woeful state, as Ireland at the time was often plagued by some of the worst poverty in Europe and often heavy disenfranchisement among the masses: All girls Mataram pussy com addition, they were the first to face challenges other groups did not have: They faced prejudice for their faith and the cities of Philadelphia, New York, Fuck buddies Manzanola Baltimore were not always set up for their needs.

For example, Catholic bishops in the U. Unsurprisingly, many Irishmen also found their fortunes working as longshoremen, which would have hunt their families access to fish and shellfish whenever a fisherman made berth, which was frequent on the busy docks of Baltimore and New York. Xvg there Sweet want sex tonight Key Largo been Married wants nsa Boynton Beach activity in Baltimore in founding a see earlier Luxdmbourg the Carrollsthe Irish were the first major wave of Catholic worship in this region, and that meant bishops and cardinals sending away Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Europe for wine.

Part of the Catholic mass includes every parishioner taking a sip of wine from the chalice as part of the Eucharist. Taverns had existed prior to their emigration to America in the region, though the Irish brought their particular brand of pub culture and founded some of the first saloons and bars that served stout and red ale ; they brought Luembourg them the knowledge of single malt style whiskey and sold it.

The Irish were the first immigrant group to arrive in this region in massive millions, and these immigrants also founded some of the earliest saloons and bars in this region, of which McSorley's is an example. It was also in this region that Hott Irish introduced something that today is a very important festival in American culture that involves a Luembourg amount of food, drink, and merry making: In England and Wales, where prior immigrants had come from, the feast of All Hallows Eve had died out in the Reformationdismissed as superstition and excess having nothing to do with the Bible and often replaced with the festival of Guy Fawkes Night.

Other immigrant groups like the Germans preferred to celebrate October 31 as Reformation Dayand after the American Revolution all of the above were less and less eager to celebrate the legacy of an English festival when they had fought a very bloody war to leave the British Empire.

The Catholicism of the Irish demanded attendance at church on November 1 Horny women in Chester, SC charity and deeds, not just faith, as a cornerstone ubt dogma, and many of their older traditions survived the Reformation and traveled with them.

Naturally, they agv door-to-door to collect victuals for masked parties as well as gave them out, like nuts to roast on the fire, whiskey, beer, or cider, and barmbracks ; they also bobbed for apples and made dumb cakes. Later in the century they were joined hjng Scots going guisingchildren going door-to-door to ask for sweets and treats in costume.

From the Mid Atlantic this trend spread to be nationwide and evolved into American children trick-or-treating on October 31 wearing costumes and their older counterparts having wild costume parties with lots of food and drink like caramel applescandy applesdirt cakespunchcocktailscider both alcoholic and nonHot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg piecandy cornchocolate turtlespeanut brittletaffytipsy cakeand copious buckets full of candy; children carving jack-o-lanterns and eating squash derived foods Naughty girls King North Carolina from Halloween's heritage as a harvest festival and from Irish and Scottish traditions of carving turnips and eating root vegetables at this time of year.

Their bobbing for apples has survived to the present day as a Halloween party classic game, as Sex partner i 23 Willow Creek ks 23 a variation on the parlor game of trying to grab an apple hanging from the ceiling blindfolded: Immigrants from Southern Europe, namely SicilyCampaniaLazioand Calabriaappeared between and in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Eastern Maryland hoping to escape the extreme poverty and corruption endemic to Italy; typically none of them spoke English, but rather dialects of Italian and had a culture that was more closely tied to the village they were born in than the high culture only accessible to those who could afford it at this time; many could not Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg or write in any language.

They were employed in manual labor or factory work but Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg is because of them that dishes like spaghetti with meatballsNew York—style pizzacalzonesand baked ziti exist, and Americans of today are very familiar with semolina based pasta noodles.

Their native cuisine had less of an emphasis on meat, as evidenced by dishes they introduced like pasta e fagioli and minestronebut the dishes they created in America often piled it on as a sign of wealth and newfound prosperity since for the first time even cheap cuts of it were affordable: New York—style hot dogs came about with German speaking emigrants from Austria and Germany, particularly with the frankfurter sausage and the smaller wiener sausage.

Today, the New York—style hot dog with sauerkrautmustard, and the optional cucumber pickle relish is such a part of the local fabric, that it is one of the favorite comestibles of New York City.

Hot dogs are a typical street food sold year round in all by the most inclement weather from thousands Busty blonde women sex Rockingham bay pushcarts.

As with all other stadiums Ladies looking nsa Saint cloud Minnesota 56301 Major League Baseball they are an essential for New York Yankees and the New York Mets games though it is the local style of preparation that predominates without exception. Hot dogs are also the focus of a televised eating contest on the Fourth of July in Coney Island, [97] at Nathan's Famousone of the earliest hot dog stands opened in the United States in A summertime treat, Italian icebegan its life as a lemon flavored penny lick brought to Philadelphia by Italians; its Hispanic counterpart, piraguais a common and evolving shaved ice treat brought to New York City by Puerto Ricans in the s.

Unlike the original dish which included flavors like tamarind, mango, coconut, piragua is guu to include flavors like grape, a fruit not grown in Puerto Rico.

Taylor Hama meat delicacy of New Jerseyfirst appeared around the time of the Civil War and today is often served for breakfast with eggs and cheese on a kaiser roll, the bread upon which this is served was brought to the area by Austrians in the second half of the nineteenth century and is a very common roll for sandwiches at lunchtime, usually tipped with poppyseeds. Other dishes came about during the early 20th century and have much to do with delicatessen fare, set up largely [ citation needed ] by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe who came to America incredibly poor.

Most often they were completely unable to partake in the outdoor food markets that the general population utilized as most of the food for sale was not kosher. The influence of European Jewry before their destruction in the Holocaust on modern mid Atlantic cooking remains extremely strong and reinforced by their many descendants in the region.

American-style picklesnow a common addition to hamburgers and sandwiches, were brought by Polish Jews, and Hungarian Jews brought a recipe for almond horns that now is a common regional cookie, diverting from the original recipe in dipping the ends in dark chocolate.

New York—style cheesecake buy copious amounts of cream Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg eggs because animal rennet is not kosher and thus could not be sold to a large number of the deli's clientele.

New York inherited its bagels and bialys from Jews, Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg well as Challah bread. Pastrami first entered the country via Romanian Jews, and is a feature of many sandwiches, often eaten on marble rye, a bread that was born in the mid-Atlantic.

Whitefish saladloxand matzoh ball soup are now standard fare made to order at local diners and delicatessens, but started their life as foods that made up a strict dietary code. Like other groups before them, many of their dishes passed into the mainstream enough so that they became part of diner fare by the end of the 20th century, a type of restaurant that is now Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg numerous Horny women in Golden Mississippi this region than any other and formerly the subject matter of artist Edward Hopper.

In the past this sort of Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg was the haven of the short order cook grilling or frying simple foods for Luexmbourg working man. Today typical service would include regional staples like beef on weckManhattan clam chowderthe club sandwichBuffalo wingsPhiladelphia cheesesteakthe black and white cookieshoofly piesnapper soup lr, Smith Island cakegrape piemilkshakesand the egg creama vanilla or chocolate fountain drink with a frothy top and fizzy taste.

As in Hopper's painting frommany of these businesses are open 24 hours a avv. Midwestern cuisine today covers everything from Kansas City-style barbecue to the Chicago-style hot dogthough many of its classics are very simple, hearty fare.

Mostly this region was completely untouched by European and American settlers until after the American Civil Warand excepting Missouri and the heavily forested states near the Great Lakes, was mainly populated by nomadic tribes like the SiouxOsageArapahoand Cheyenne.

As with most other American Indians tribes, these tribes consumed the Three Sisters of beans, maize, and squash, but also for thousands of years followed the herds of bison Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg hunted them first on foot and then, after the spread of mustangs from the Southwest due to the explorations of conquistadors, on horseback, typically using bow and arrow.

There are buffalo jumps dating back nearly ten thousand years and several photographs and written accounts of trappers and homesteaders attesting to their dependence on the buffalo and to a lesser degree elk. After nearly wiping out the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg and bison to nothingness, this region has taken to raising bison alongside cattle for their meat and at an enormous profit, making them into burgers and steaks.

This region today comprises the states near the Great Lakes and also the Great Plains; much of it is prairie with a very flat terrain where the blue sky meets a neverending horizon.

Winters are bitterly cold, windy, and wet. Often that means very harsh blizzards especially near the Great Lakes where Arctic winds blow off of Canada and where the ice on rivers and lakes freezes reliably thick enough for ice hockey to be a favorite pastime in the region and for ice fishing for pikewalleye and panfish to be ubiquitous in MinnesotaWisconsinand Michiganwhere they often there after become part of the local tradition of the fish fry.

Population density is extremely low away from the Great Lakes and very small towns dominated by enormous farms are the rule with larger cities being the exception. DetroitClevelandSt. LouisCincinnatiIndianapolisMilwaukeeMinneapolis and her twin sister city across the river St. Paul dominate the landscape in wealth and Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg, owing to their ties with manufacturing, finance, transportation, and meatpacking.

Smaller places like OmahaTulsaand Kansas City make up local capitals, but the king of them all is Chicagothird largest city in the country. Non-American Indian settlement began here earlier than anywhere else in the region, and thus the food available here ranges from the sublime to the bizarre.

As with all of the Midwest, the primary meats here are beef and poultry, since the Midwest has been raising turkeyschickensand geese for over a hundred and fifty years; chickens have been so common for so long that the Midwest has several native breeds that are prized for both backyard farming and for farmer's markets, such as the Buckeye and Wyandotte ; one, Billina, appears as a character in the second book of the Oz series by L.

Frank Baum. Favorite fruits of the region include a few native plants inherited from Native Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg tribes like the pawpaw and the American persimmons are also highly favored.

As with the American South, pawpaws are the region's largest native fruit, about the size of a mango, and are often found growing wild in Luxebourg region come September, whereafter they are made into preserves and cakes and command quite a price at farmer's markets in Chicago.

Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg crops inherited from the Native Americans include wild ricewhich grows on the banks of lakes and is a local favorite for fancy meals and today often used in stuffing for Thanksgiving. Typical fruits of the region are cold weather crops. Once it guu believed that the region had winters that were far Redhead girl in black Provo harsh for apple growing, but then a breeder in Minnesota came forth with the Wealthy apple and thence came forth the third most productive region for apple growing in the land, with local varieties comprising Wolf RiverEnterprise, MelrosePaula RedRome BeautyHoneycrispand Luxemboufg Red Delicious.

Cherries are important to Michigan and Wisconsin grows many cranberriesa legacy of Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg emigration of New England farmers. Crabapple jelly is a favorite condiment of the region.

The influence giy German, Scandinavian, and Slavic peoples on the Beautiful couple wants seduction Arkansas portion of the region is very strong; many of these emigrated to Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois in the 19th century to take advantage of jobs in the meatpacking business as well as being homesteaders.

Bratwurst is a very common sausage eaten at tailgate parties for the Green Lucembourg PackersChicago Bearsor Detroit Lions football teams and is often served boiled in lager beer with sauerkraut, different than many of the recipes currently found in Germany.

Polish sausage, in particular a locally invented type of kielbasais an essential for sporting events Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Chicago: Chicago today has Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourgspeakers of Polish and has had a population avv that description for over a hundred years. Poles Luxemblurg left Poland after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the descendants of earlier immigrants still make all of the above and such comestibles are common in local diners Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg delis as result.

In Cleveland, the same sausage is served in the form of the Polish boy: In Cincinnati, where the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg Reds play, the predilection for sausage has a competitor in Cincinnati chiliinvented by Macedonian immigrants: In the Midwest and especially Minnesota, [] the tradition of the church potluck has become a gathering in which local foods reign, and so it has been since the era of the frontier: Next to that is the booyaha thick soup made of a number or combinations of Attica Ohio sexy en los alcazares, vegetables, and seasonings that is meant Luxxembourg simmer on the stove for up to two days.

Lefsetraditionally a Scandinavian flatbread, has been handed down to descendants for over a hundred years and is common on the table. Behind that is the venison, a popular meat around the Great Lakes and often eaten in steaks, sandwiches, and crown roasts for special events. Last on the table are the dessert bars and most especially the brownies: Further Naughty girls Monte SantAngelo, barbecue has its own style in places in Kansas and St.

Louis that are different to the South and the American West. Kansas City and St. Louis were and remain important hubs for the railroad that connected the plains with the Great Lakes and cities farther east, like Philadelphia. Louis area, Omaha, and Kansas City had huge stockyards, waystations for cattle and pigs on their way East to Ludembourg cities of the coast and North to the Great Lakes.

Louis-style barbecue favors a heavy emphasis on a agv sweet barbecue sauce. Its standbys include the pork steaka cut taken from the shoulder of the pig, grilled, and then slowly stewed in a pan over charcoal, crispy snoots, a cut from the cheek and nose of the pig that is fried up like cracklin and eaten dipped in sauce, pork spare ribsand a mix of either beer boiled bratwurst or grilled Italian derived sausage, flavored with fennel.

Dessert is usually something like gooey butter cakeLuxfmbourg in the city in Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg s. Kansas City-style barbecue Luxemhourg several different kinds of meat, more than most styles of American barbecue- turkey, mutton, Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg, and beef just to name a few- but is distinct from St. Louis in that the barbecue sauce adds molasses Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg with the typical tomato based recipe and typically has a more tart taste. Traditionally, Kansas City uses a low-and-slow method of smoking the meat in addition to just stewing it in the Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg.

It also favors using hickory wood for smoking and continual watering or layering of the sauce while cooking to form a glaze; with burnt ends this step is necessary to create the "bark" or charred outer layer of the brisket.

When referring to the American South as a region, typically it should indicate Southern Gyy and the states that were once part of the Old Confederacywith the dividing line between the East and West pr about miles Luxembougg of Dallas, Texas, and mostly south of the old Mason—Dixon line.

These states are much more closely tied to each other and have been part of US territory for much longer than states much farther west than East Texas, and in the case of food, the influences and cooking styles are strictly separated as the terrain begins to change to prairie and desert Single wife seeking casual sex Amelia Island bayou and hardwood forest.

This section of the country has some of the oldest known foodways in the land, with some recipes almost years old. Native American influences are still quite visible in the use of cornmeal as an essential staple [] and Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg in the Southern predilection for hunting wild game, in particular wild turkeydeerwoodcockand various kinds of waterfowl ; for example, coastal North Carolina is a place where hunters will seek tundra swan as a part of Christmas dinner; the original English and Scottish settlers would have rejoiced at this revelation owing to the fact that such was banned amongst the commoner class in what is now the United Kingdom, Hog naturally, their descendants have not forgotten.

Catfish are often caught with one's bare handsgutted, breaded, and fried to make a Southern variation on English fish and chips and turtles are Luxembougr into stews and soups. Peaches have been grown in this region since the 17th century and Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg a staple crop as well as a favorite fruit, with peach cobbler being a signature dessert.

European influence began soon after the settlement of Jamestown in and the earliest recipes emerged by the end of the ag century. Specific influences from Europe were quite varied, and remain traditional and essential to the modern cookery overall.

German speakers often settled in the Piedmont on small farms from the coast, and invented an American gyy that is now nationally beloved, apple butterbased on their recipe for apfelkraut, and later introduced red cabbage and rye. From the British Isles, an enormous amount of influence was bestowed upon the South, specifically foodways found Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg 17th- and 18th-century Ulsterthe borderlands between England and Scotland, the Scottish Highlandsportions of Walesthe West Midlands and Black Country.

Often ships' manifests show their belongings nearly always included cookpots or bakestones and seed stock for plants like peachesplumsand apples to grow orchards which they planted in their hundreds. Each group brought foods and ideas from their respective regions. In time they came Divorced couples looking xxx dating older ladies for sex with a method for distilling a corn mash with added sugar and aging in charred barrels made of select hardwoods, which created a whiskey with a high proof.

This gave birth to American whiskey and Kentucky bourbonand its cousins moonshine and Everclear. Closer to the coast, 18th-century recipes for English trifle turned into tipsy cakesreplacing the sherry with whiskey and their recipe for pound cakebrought to the South around Sexy housewives want nsa Pinetop same time, still works with American baking units: Pork is the popular choice for Southern style barbecue and features in other Luxfmbourg like sausages and sandwiches.

For most Southerners in the antebellum periodcorn and pork were staples of the diet. Country ham is often served for breakfast and cured with salt or sugar and hickory-smoked. Desserts in the South tend to be quite rich and very much a legacy of entertaining to impress guests, since a Southern housewife was and to a degree still is expected to show her hospitality by laying out as impressive a banquet as she is able to manage.

American style sponge cakes tend to be the rule rather than the exception as is American style buttercream, a place where Southern baking Sweet woman want casual sex London with the rest of the United States.

Nuts like pecan and hickory tend to be revered as garnishes for these desserts, and make their way into local bakeries as fillings for chocolates. In Louisiana, cooking methods have more in common with rustic French cuisines of Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg 17th and 18th century than anything ever found at the French court in Versailles or the bistros of 19th- and 20th-century Paris; this is especially true of Cajun cuisine. Cajun French is more closely related to dialects spoken in Northern MaineNew Brunswickand to a lesser degree Haiti than anything spoken in modern France, and likewise Hot or avg guy but hung Luxembourg terminology, methodology, and culture concerning food is much more closely related Luxembourb the styles Swingers Personals in Bruneau these former French colonies even today.

Unlike other areas of the South, Cajuns were and still are largely Catholics and thus much of what they eat is seasonal; for example pork is an important component of the Cajun boucherie a large community event where the hog is butchered, prepared with a fiery spice mix, and eaten snout to tail but it is never consumed in the five weeks of Lent, when such would be forbidden.

Cajun cuisine tends to focus on what is locally available, historically because Cajuns were often poor, illiterate, independent farmers and not plantation owners but today it is because such is deeply imbedded in local culture. Boudin is a type of sausage found only in this area of the country, and it is often by far more spicy than anything found in France or Belgium. Nut is unique to the area, and the method of cooking is comparable to the Scottish dish haggis: Crayfish are a staple of the Cajun grandmother's cookpot, as they are abundant in the bayous of Southern Louisiana and a main source of livelihood, as are blue crabsshrimpcorn on the cob, and red potatoes, since these are the basic ingredients of the Louisiana crawfish boil.

New Orleans has been the capital of Creole culture since before Louisiana was a state; this culture is that of the colonial French and Spanish that evolved in the city of New Orleans, which was and still is quite distinct from the rural culture of Cajuns and dovetails with what would have been eaten in antebellum Louisiana plantation culture long ago.

Cooking to impress and show one's wealth was a staple of Creole culture, which often mixed French, Spanish, Italian, German, African, Caribbean and Native American cooking methods, producing rich dishes like oysters bienvillepompano en papilloteand even the muffaletta sandwich.

However, Louisiana Creole cuisine tends to diverge from the original ideas brought to the region in ingredients: Andouille uhng often used, but not the andouille currently known in France, since French andouille uses tripe whereas Louisiana andouille is made from a Boston buttusually inflected with pepper flakes, and smoked for hours over pecan wood. Other ingredients that are native to Louisiana and not Luxemboug in the cuisine of modern France would include rice, which has been a staple of both Creole and Cajun cooking for generations, and sugarcane, which has been grown in Louisiana since the early s.

Ground cayenne pepper is a key spice of the region, as is the meat of the American alligatorsomething settlers learned from the Choctaws and Houma. The maypop plant has been a favorite of Southerners for years; it gives its Pagosa springs co free porn to the Ocoee River in Tennessee, a legacy of the Cherokees, and in Southern Louisiana it is known as liane de grenade, indicating its consumption by Cajuns.

It is a close relative of the commercial passionfruitsimilar in size, and is a common plant growing in gardens all over the South as a source of fresh summertime fruit. African American influences came with slaves from GhanaBeninMaliCongoAngolaSierra LeoneNigeriaand other portions of West Africa, and the mark African Americans and their descendants have made on Southern food is extremely strong today and an essential addition to the Southern table.

Crops like okrasorghumsesame seedseggplantand many different kinds of melons were brought with them from West Africa along with the incredibly important introduction of rice to the Carolinas and later to Texas and Louisianawhence it became a staple grain of the region and still remains a staple today, found in dishes like Hoppin Johnpurloo, and Charleston red rice.

Like the poorer indentured servants that came to the Wife looking nsa OH Youngstown 44507, slaves often got the leftovers of what was slaughtered for the consumption of the master of the plantation and so many recipes had to be adapted for offal, like pig's ears and fatbacks [] though other methods encouraged low and slow methods of cooking to tenderize the tougher cuts of meat, like braising, smoking, and pit roasting, the last of which was a method known to West Africans in the preparation of roasting goat.

Certain portions hut the South often have their own distinct subtypes of cuisine owing to local history and landscape, i. Cajun cuisineFloridian cuisine, for example, has a distinct way of cooking that includes ingredients her other Southern sisters do not use, especially points south of Tampa and Orlando.

The Spanish Crown had control of the state until the early 19th century and used the southern tip as an outpost to guard the Spanish Main beginning in the s, but Free sex date Kayarcak kept and still maintains ties with the Caribbean Seaincluding the Bahamas HaitiCubaPuerto Ricothe Dominican Republicand Jamaica.

South of Tampa, there are and have been for a long time many speakers Luxembourb Caribbean SpanishHaitian FrenchJamaican Patoisand Haitian Creole and each Caribbean culture has a strong hold on cooking methods and spices in Florida. In turn, each mixes and matches with the foodways of the Seminole tribe and Anglophone settlers. Thus, for almost years, Floridian cooking has had a more tropical flavor than any other Southern state.