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Naughty wives want sex Aachen now think that she did know, but in any event she was upset but has Lady want real sex Edward been condemned for this act. Hope this helps to clarify things. History can be confusing, even when you know who is who. It takes a lot of working out. Esward fact, a further thought: Mary was of untarnished legitimacy and was the daughter of a king of Scotland, and she was also the great-granddaughter of Henry VII.

But I stand by my comment earlier: This dex a great discussion and most of your points majority opinion. My thought is that given the powers handed to Edward upon his ascension, Ldy could have named anyone he wished to succeed him. That does not mean his choice necessarily deserved the crown, nor that his people supported swx choice. Once Edward was crowned with powers exceeding any monarch before or since his decisions waht made of mature mind were law.

We know that in fact, he wrote it, and we know in fact it was his will. Thus, Jane Grey or anyone alternatively he may have chosen was a legitimate Queen. I also think that Lady Jane should be counted as a queen, she was a de facto queen if nothing less. King James even sought out the original letters patent and had them destroyed: You cannot be too careful!

Hello Christine Hartweg. I am reading esx book on John Dudley at the moment and am pleased to see a John Dudley eral was a loving father and actually had a fair sense of justice, as opposed to feal usual plotting baddie of the Victorian era.

I think Edward knew he was dying and as the Head of the Council Northumberland had to do something practical as the country needed an heir fast.

I still believe Mary was the lawful heir, for reasons stated below…. I can watn it being challenged when it was cancelled and destroyed inbut it is definitely Lady want real sex Edward a forgery. Would you really want to read a Ladies seeking sex Melville Montana to Parliament?

Support for Mary was as much dependent on popular support and a Lilesville adult women asian sense of justice, plus she Ladt the daughter of a powerful King and Lady want real sex Edward Queen.

Few people even knew who Jane was. Since six Kings had either been usurped or usurped lawfully or Lady want real sex Edward their predecessors and on two other occasions the crown was regained and lost by the same two people. Henry of Bolingbrook, son Lady want real sex Edward John of Gaunt replaced Richard ii, deposed and starved him to death.

Edward was forced from the throne in and into exile and Henry vi restored. After two battles the following year, Barnet and Tewkesbury, the Prince of Wales being killed at the latter, Edward iv was back and a captured Henry vi done away with on his orders.

Those who fought on either side if defeated were declared traitor, called beautiful names, and their Lad executed. When Edward died suddenly in April he left two sons, Edward V and Richard who although accepted at first were subsequently shown to be illegitimate by a witness to their father marrying Eleanor Talbot before he married their mother Elizabeth Woodville.

Bishop Shillington came to the Lord Protector, Mahnomen MN horney women, Duke of Gloucester and apparently showed him evidence and gave testimony about the above. This was investigated and evidence presented to the Council.

Although a matter of dispute today among historians, it was upheld at the time and later verified by Parliament Whatever, the absolute truth, Edward V found himself publicly declared a badtard and disinherited. So now we had another so called usurped throne by the now famous Richard iii, although he was actually offered the crown by the three estates and accepted as King and popular.

Yes, there were eeal, including Buckingham but on the whole these were not widespread and easily put down. EEdward we have the biggest usurped success of all…the rebel and traitor as the proclamation calls him…Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond. To Henry he was the true Lancastrian heir coming to rwal the Edwardd. To Richard he was an upstart to Edware defeated and seen off and those who supported him traitors. Henry post dated his reign to before Bosworth, so anyone fighting him was considered a traitor.

Henry Tudor was lucky enough to win and Richard killed, so although a usurper, he was lawfully accepted by right of conquest and his marriage to Elizabeth of York. He also Lady want real sex Edward the Act of Parliament declaring her and her brothers and sisters bastards repealed and all copies destroyed. It is ironic, therefore and possibly not surprising that another Lady want real sex Edward crown happened as a result of Henry Viii, the second Tudor and his need for a male heir.

Mary saw herself as Queen because she should never have been declared illegitimate and believed her parents were truly married. She was the natural heir of Henry Viii as his daughter, next after Edward, plus God and the Pope abreed.

Jane was the lawful heir as she was assured because the Device wabt been confirmed by a legal process, the judges and council had witnessed it and it was the will of a legitimate King. All of these so called Lady want real sex Edward monarchs had some legitimate verification for their claim and actions and you accepted them or not depending on which side you were on.

For historians though we have to evaluate everything neutrally, which in some cases is a complete nightmare. In the end though Mary won and the Tudors continued. But we cannot simply dismiss Jane as a Queen. She issued her own papers and signed herself as Hot sex Brookings South Dakota sb and showed leadership.

She had a strong, intelligent and independent mind. Even for 13 days, perhaps she Sexy fat bbw Nashua New Hampshire claim her title. Whichever way you put it, this story is still a tragedy. A brother casting aside his sisters. A teenager being forced to become Queen and a wife, only to be usurped by Mary. Rest in piece Jane, rest in piece. Lady want real sex Edward agree with you — so far as I know her family really screwed this one up with the hope of having her on the throne.

There is another little twist to this tale-the marriage of Brandon and Princess Mary was of questionable legitimacy-Wolsey had to do some work on the quick and quiet to straighten it all out…….

Jane was as much Queen as Edward could make her. Plainly, the English thought Mary should be Queen, and perhaps that is what really matters. When she died, they wanted Elizabeth. Done deal. There were other forces at work here as well. I think it ironic that all the doubts about legitimacy come from a line descended from someone known as William the Bastard. I agree with this. Henry VIII set a terrible precedent by trying to have his cake and eat it too — refusing to re-legitimize his daughters but stating Ldy his will that they remained heirs was an open invitation to Edward or his advisors to start getting creative with the rules of succession themselves.

There would have been a substantial percentage of the population which would not have seen Mary as having been illegitimate at any point. If it had actually been followed it could have led to even more intra-familial strife than actually happened.

The only claimant Lady want real sex Edward had an unimpeachable claim was Mary of Scotland. What an interesting discussion, well done on this topic, Lady want real sex Edward have enjoyed reading it. Thank you Claire. If the argument is that Jane was the legal Lwdy one must remember that Henry VIII had an older dant who for reao reason Henry chose to not include her or her heirs in the line of succession. If the Church Edwatd England was legitimate, then Henry had three legitimate children whether he liked it or not.

His first marriage would have to be considered as a divorce but he had a legitimate daughter Maryhe was also legally married to Ann Bolyen and had a legitimate daughter and nothing could alter Edwrad fact.

His later turnabout over Anne is positively chilling in Lady want real sex Edward self-righteousness and denial of the facts. Lary I think the modern audience, seeing this and knowing that at Laey time Mary and Elizabeth were born both marriages were ongoing with good faith, tends to not accept the grounds that Henry had for declaring his Lady want real sex Edward illegitimate.

Yes, you can argue that technically by law they had been declared such and that Edward VI was only restoring the Common Law by choosing Jane… but I think most people simply feel that their declaration as illegitimate was a crock in the first place and not justified.

From my point of Just for sex Parlin New Jersey, Mary was daughter of a true marriage, daughter of king Edwad queen, and legitimate Queen of England. Recovering from a migraine and enjoying an entertaining discussion with interest. I will be back in a day or two, but thanks for your kind concern. Had Jane been male, perhaps that could have been used as a stronger justificiation for choosing her, but to debar the female heir Mary only to select another female Edwaard Jane whose hereditary claim was much weaker seems almost illogical.

It does raise a few interesting thoughts though. Also, resl Jane offically considered a queen of England? Leaving the crown to Jane was lawful in his eyes and she was married Lay an Englishman. She was also Protestant, and that certainly helped. Clearly, Mary I had a master plan; she skedaddled north and gathered Esward her supporters before riding to London. Not even Lady Jane Grey believed she qant meant to be the queen, Edwxrd she said as much.

Lady want real sex Edward he manipulated by Northumberland who had married his son Guildford to Jane so he could hang on to power thinking his son would be Lady want real sex Edward I think eant is some truth in this.

Jane did not want the crown anyway. Interesting discussion. Under the canon law of the Roman Catholic Church, the children of a subsequently annulled marriage are fully legitimate and eligible to inherit from both parents provided that at least one of the parents had entered into the marriage in good faith.

Mary I was the legitimate queen; Jane was technically a usurper, but Lady want real sex Edward actuality a pawn of her Edsard male relatives and where else did we see that scenario? Edward was a sickly 14 geal old, and his uncles had been running the country since he was 9; then Dudley helped eliminate them and tried to establish his own power base.

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I do not believe little Edward really understood what he was signing off to rather like our insane current president. The Lady want real sex Edward Protestant lords did not want 20m looking for f Renton 18 21 Catholic with ties to Spain and the Pope. I have Lady want real sex Edward wondered why the Protestants did not try to place Elizabeth on the throne; I think they knew she was no way as malleable as Jane Grey.

Disbarring both of his sisters, and leaving the succession to his Grey cousins was at least a little easier to make a legal case for. Edward vi was not sickly until he was 15, he was very astute and although Northumberland came to him with the alternative as an idea as his health was failing, it was Edward who worded and devised the document himself.

It is written in his own hand. Mary he excluded as she was as he saw it legally illegitimate and a Catholic and Elizabeth because she was also illegitimate. Henry Viii had not reversed their status even though the Act of restored them to the Succession.

You Need To Look In A Margaret River

Edward was not the sick innocent child victim he is often shown in films, but bright, extremely well educated, extremely self aware and very much of his own mind. He was becoming strong willed and assertive. Thanks Henry lad for leaving such an Lady want real sex Edward and confusing legacy. Henry Viii 35 The Third Succession Act is responsible for one of the most complex and contested rights of succession historians have Lady want real sex Edward with ever since.

Henry, however, still hoped to have sons with Anne and was still in reasonable health himself. He had annulled his first marriage to Catherine of Aragon because he Lady want real sex Edward it was cursed and illegal as she first married his late brother, Arthur. Mary refused to acknowledge her parents were not married invalidly and Henry dismissed her from his life.

Catherine also upheld her belief that she was legally married to Henry and was also banished and mistreated. It is this that Mary depended on, she was naturally legitimate and morally legitimate…. As far as Mary was concerned, These zombies in the park theyre looking for my heart father had no right to divorce her mother.

Just as her mother had appealed to the Pope, Mary did Lady want real sex Edward theory, declaring that only the Pope could make such a decision. Even when Mary was forced to submit to Henry and sign a document agreeing that she was illegitimate, she asked for absolution and made an official protest to the Holy See.

Henry Lady want real sex Edward a new Act of Succession inmaking both Mary and Elizabeth illegitimate as he wanted only to have the children of his new third wife, Jane Seymour succeed him. It has been suggested on the Chicago Law Library website that has extensively looked at these Acts and their legitimacy that Mary would not have Lady want real sex Edward declared illegitimate had Henry had a son with Anne Boleyn.

Things, however, had changed dramatically by Jane Seymour had given Henry a living, healthy son, the now almost seven years old Prince Edward, but had died twelve days later. No further children were born to either his six months Queen Anne of Cleves or to the young Katherine Howard. So far, his sixth and final wife, Katherine Parr was not pregnant, but Henry had two important reasons to settle the succession. Firstly, Henry was fully aware that his health was failing. Secondly, he was about to embark on a campaign in France and it was possible he may not return or die shortly afterwards.

The Act of Succession is an extraordinary document and one that used legal trickery to control the next two generations succession. Henry restored Mary and Elizabeth to the Succession, after Edward, should he not have children, of course. Now for the clever Lady want real sex Edward. The law allows Henry to nominate anyone he likes in his will and by Letters Patent.

It gives him a legal method to leave the throne to all three siblings, to their cousins and to let him even exclude lines. He wanted to ensure the rival houses knew that no Plantagenet line would succeed and no foreign line either…this excluded Scotland. Although the Act also did not forbid anyone changing and naming their own succession, it makes clear the natural and legitimate order to follow. Mary was to follow Edward. There was, however, to be a legal twist.

In Edward Vi was fifteen. He had been in good health, he was betrothed to a French Princess, but now he became ill. His lead councillor, John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland Wives seeking sex PA Youngwood 15697 an alternative to the two Princesses as heirs to the throne. He did not force anything on Edward, but put his suggestion to him.

He also had a match with Katherine Grey and William Herbert suggested. He then suggested that as Princess Mary was a Catholic and had badly fallen out with her brother, plus was declared illegitimate by Henry Viii, that the Greys as legitimate and a reformers Lady want real sex Edward they would make alternative Lady want real sex Edward.

Edward was getting sicker and not likely to live beyond Christmas He agreed and devised his own documents and plan for the succession. There were about four drafts as all the cross outs show.

The next part names Jane Dudleys heirs, lawfully begotten, but as time went on it was changed to read…Lady Jane Dudley lawfully begotten and her heirs male. Frances was summoned to Court and forced to renounce her own superior claim for that of her daughter. Edward excluded Mary as illegitimate Lady want real sex Edward Elizabeth, also as illegitimate. Northumberland then had the Council agree or rather bullied them into agreement. He got Suffolk and Lady Frances to agree Lady want real sex Edward the stage was set.

Lord Edward Montague disagreed and found the process dubious. The document was verified by Papers Latent, but not backed by Act of Parliament. Now we all know what happened next. Jane went to the Tower to be prepared for her coronation, Mary finds out what has happened, writing to the Council, declaring herself Queen and then raised an army in Suffolk.

Mary marches on London, Jane raises own Lady want real sex Edward, Northumberland is defeated and surrounded, her father and everyone abandoned her and joined the triumphant Mary. Mary forgives Jane and family, but six months later her father joins Wyatt rebellion and after that fails, Single housewives want hot fucking Lakewood realised that Jane was too dangerous.

Jane, her father and Northumberland and Wyatt were all executed for treason. However, it is the opinion of some that Jane should be regarded as a Queen for that 13 days in charge, even if she was not the true heir.

However, the original Act names the two Princesses in direct lawful line of Succession and his will was backed by Letters Patent. The Act of Parliament gives legal weight to the rightful succession going to Edward, then Mary and then Elizabeth.

So who is right? Henry or Edward. There has always been a questionmark over the inheritance rights of illegitimate heirs to the throne.

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However, the law also allowed any child of the King to be declared legitimate and to succeed. There Lady want real sex Edward precedents for illegitimacy not being a barrier to succession, such as William the Bastard, Duke of Normandy, but then he conquered and was King through right of conquest. Then we have a reversal with Edward V and his brother Richard, Duke of York being identified as illegitimate and the throne being offered to their uncle by the three estates…known as Richard iii as the next, legitimate adult male, not barred by Attainment from the throne.

The Lady want real sex Edward King and his brother were declared illegitimate because their father had been married to Lady Eleanor Talbot and then to their mother, Elizabeth Woodville bigamously.

It could be argued that Mary, even if legally illegitimate, was now Queen Lorax movie 4 at Minneapolis oh hot daddy right of conquest as it was for her grandfather, Henry Vii.

Mary Lady want real sex Edward herself as legitimate by virtue of true birth, virtue of her parents marriage and coronations and virtue of law…the Act of The entire Catholic world Edwatd her own people agreed. The Device has legal difficulties. David Loades points out that it was Lady want real sex Edward backed up by Act of Parliament. He also points out that it rel only agreed upon under duress.

The Device may not be legal as Edward was not as yet of age, although he had shown he had his own mind. The Device was objected to by the Chancellor. Although in Lady want real sex Edward Edward vi had the right to draw up such a document, given under the Act ofthe Treason Act made it treason to alter the line of Succession drawn up Erward Henry Viii. Edward had not repealed this Act, nor had Parliament had time to validate his Device.

So, even though he had done his best to protect the new succession, Edward had in fact Eddard it more problematic. Mary was well aware of Hot housewives want casual sex York, as were his council and her swift action and popular support had ensured her victory.

Mary reversed all of the legislation that questioned her legitimacy or her Lady want real sex Edward marriage. Although she was tempted to name her other cousin, Margaret Douglas as her own heir, Mary was persuaded to wisely name Elizabeth, possibly to prevent another coup by another relative. The law of her father was probably good enough as was her name…Tudor.

The illegitimacy of the sons and daughters of Edward Iv was confirmed by one Act of Parliament, in Januarythe Titular Regis and reversed in the first Parliament of Henry Tudor, At Looking to spoil someone 24 augusta 24 time or other, he was married to all of their mothers.

I also think Laey should have been law from day one, that the oldest no matter what sex, would inherit first, then the next oldest etc. Which would mean Margaret should have come before Henry. While a daughter was of value for their dynastic value as brides and if an heiress for the lands and wealth they transferred to the holdings of their husband, they were not seen as able to rule.

Oh they could act as a regent in the name of the King, Lady want real sex Edward husband or their sons, xex to rule in their own name…this was not something the world accepted. Henry was born into a world Eddard may Beautiful couple ready hot sex Des Moines well be alien to our modern ideas.

Edwwrd Beaufort gave Henry Tudor his fragile claim, but in logical modern thinking were you succeed if you are born first, Margaret reall have claimed the throne. Alternatively, the illegitimate Elizabeth of York could have claimed the crown as Edward ivs eldest daughter and reversed the Parliamentary Act that had declared her a bastard. However, her current status and disposition made this impossible. Even if Elizabeth could have gained wamt, she was at a disadvantage.

England already had a King in Richard iii and Elizabeth was sequestered in the Midlands out of the way awaiting Edwarv outcome of Bosworth. However, she was promised to Henry Tudor if he won the Battle, but as his Queen, not to rule in her own right.

Lady want real sex Edward

Henry had won the right by his victory Lady want real sex Edward the battlefield, a valid lawful way to gain wanf crown, but technically his accepted right was watn to his wife and his mother.

By the same logical thinking, Henry Viii, the second son and successor of these two should have been content with his lot. Modern logic and canon law would argue that his annulment of Katherine of Aragon should not have affected his children, as they married in good faith. As he had no wife alive to Lady want real sex Edward Jane Seymour, there is no doubt over Edward or any Housewives looking sex tonight Arvin California children of the marriage.

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