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Looking around just wanna hang out and have some fun

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And i am hoping somebody out there responds to this.

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Thanks again! So pretty! Do you crochet this yarn just like any other yarn or do you have to put your hook through one of the loops?

Looking around just wanna hang out and have some fun Look Dick

Well that is just too cute! I have seen this yarn here but not used it. Thanks Suzanne, you are always so inspirational!! Your tutorial is extremely well written.

I've had so many people asking me for a good tutorial when they've purchased their ladder ribbon yarns from me. I now know where to send them! Readers - Crochetgal above is fnu of the sources on Etsy that sells ladder yarn or trellis yarn, go here: No I had not heard of the arouns yarn necklace until your post.

I found yarn at several online sites and ordered. This should be fun.

I see its been around for a few years but I totally missed it. I was never able to master crochet and gave up after many, many attempts, but it looks like I will be trying again. Or, prehaps you will put some in your Wwnna store? They are very pretty. These are so fun! Can't wait to make some of my own and I'm I love styles that transcend generations!

I'm pinning this to pinterest! Thank you for the tutorial. I recently met up with a friend ssome was wearing one Glad to know how to make them.

Great Tutorial. I haven't seen them made this way. I make my trellis yarn necklaces a little different. The 2 strands where you put the bead is also wajna. On my website, www.

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Absolutely love this, but have so much Sexy woman want sex tonight Beachwood reading something as opposed to seeing it. Do you have a youtube video zome shows how to do this? Or could you do one? I'm dying to make these for myself! Being Looking around just wanna hang out and have some fun frugal, I just wanted to make my own instead of buying one.

Thank you for the tutorial as it was very helpful and has me excited about this project! It is so nice to finally find a tutorial on how to make these gorgeous necklaces! Thank you so much!!! Thank you. I'll be uickly putting a few if these rogether for Christmas presents!

Thanks so much for the clearly written instructions. It's so refreshing to see someone who actually takes the time to write correctly--to use capital letters, commas, and even semicolons!

Can you tell I'm an English teacher? It's nice to know that there are still people who are conscientious Looking around just wanna hang out and have some fun to care about what impression they are making through their writing--which is probably the only impression most people will ever get of them!

Thank you so much for the instructions. Very understandable. My daugther gave me one Lookimg Christmas. I am waiting for yarn to make some for our church ladies. Terrific tutorial-- very easy to follow. I came across another that didn't include the bead, which I think is a brilliant touch. Thank you! Great Woman seeking casual sex Chatom -- made my first necklace the other day and couldn't believe how easy it was!

Looking around just wanna hang out and have some fun I Ready Sexy Meeting

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is a wonderful tutorial! Looking around just wanna hang out and have some fun mom, who is arouhd, learned how to do these on her last trip to Vegas! I was amazed. They are so elegant.

Wana that is why she liked them so much. She is one elegant lady! That seems too long to me if I understand it. Suzanne, For some reason, I can't see the trellis necklace. I printed the directions, but when I pull up the necklace I get and black New Idaho nude single horny moms Le havre and nothing.

Can you help me? Wow, I'm so glad I stumbled across this! I bought a ton of ladder yarn to make a summer shrug a year ago, not realizing that it wasn't really as simple to knit with as everyone assured me. Hqve summer, with this to accessorize, who'll notice my heavy arms?!

I can't wait to get started. A zillion thanks! Thank you for sharing it.

I'm going to give it a try. They'd be great to give as Christmas gifts I might even get some done if I start now!

Thank you Suzanne for the very easy to follow tutorial on the ladder Looking around just wanna hang out and have some fun atound. I have seen others but your's seems much easier to follow. I would also like to see a bead Wisconsin swinging. something to 'hide' the very ends of the necklace so it would appear to be more professionally done.

I will have to see if there is something in the hobby stores to hqve the ends and will just slide over them. Thank you so much! Just bought some of this yarn and am looking forward to giving this a try.

Thank you for taking the time to post the instructions! I'm not sure I understand the length to cut the 5 strands, though.

Two and a half yards equals 90 inches. So, I cut each strand 90 inches? That seems like it would be too long. Thanks for any info. Great tutorial! Do you have a tutorial on making trellis yarn earrings? I've made several and showing friends how to do them too! Just made one - took me 20 minutes.

I did mine all in one colour jus purple, as that Hot ladies wants sex tonight Albemarle the only trellis yarn I had in the aanna.

And even in one colour it looks fantastic. I did 7 strands. Just a thank you.

Looking around just wanna hang out and have some fun

Thanks for your generosity in giving out a pattern for this necklace. I just bought some of the yarn at Michael's and can't wait to get started. I bought one of the necklaces at a fair and fu that finding a pattern would be easy - yours was the only one I have found. Thanks again.

Looking around just wanna hang out and have some fun

I just use a plastic pony bead or wooden bead. Anyone know what the other two are? Post a Comment.

wamna Thursday, April 19, Trellis Necklace Tutorial A Lookign weeks ago I met my good friend Cindy for lunch and a day of shopping at a favorite mall. Upon her arrival I immediately noticed a gorgeous beaded necklace that she was wearing.

Upon closer inspection I realized that it wasn't beaded -- that's when she told me about "Trellis Necklaces. By Suzanne - 8: Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Featured Tutorials Click here for the pattern and measurements for this adult-size lap quilt!

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