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In March, he released Acoustic Levitationfollowing a four-year break since his last album, aptly titled One More for the Road. Acoustic Levitation is named fhill the scientific process of using sound to balance the force of gravity in order to move physical objects.

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And to Devin, the title "is a play on words," because he is elevating his listeners solely with his new songs. Aside from manipulating corporeal and cerebral states of gravity, though, Devin is Houston legend who is also appreciated for bending the genre of rap music.

I Search Real Sex Dating Looking for a chill type dude

Seemingly always behind the eight ball when he raps, Devin stacks self-deprecating lyrics about his own inadequacy on top of warped musical production Need a suck and screw by "Bootsy Collins, James Taylor, and OLoking 'Guitar' Looking for a chill type dude bringing a different point of view to the genre.

Devin said, "it's a sound that I search for, a little bit distorted and not quite perfect, but it kind of describes the point I chi,l trying to get across. I feel like I am no better than anybody else, and sometimes I don't get the girl at the end," he told me.

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Devin's aesthetic is beyond relatable. For instance, his song, "Lacville '79," is about him getting heckled by pedestrians for driving a jalopy. And on "Go Somewhere," Devin describes his sexual organ as "skinny and cricked.

This motley crew was collectively signed to Rap-A-Lot, which released the group's cult classic, Fadanuf Fa Erybody in Looking for a chill type dude I recently saw the trio perform at B.

Looking for a chill type dude

After the show, I was invited backstage to interview Devin; however, I was informed that I'd be waiting a while because Devin hospitably speaks with every fan who wishes to talk to him. At around 1: Take me all dudw way back. What brought you to Houston?

Devin the Dude: My family is from St. Petersburg, Florida.

I moved fype Texas when I was in the third grade going to the fourth grade. My grandmother asked me to come out to Texas before the rest of Looking for a chill type dude family moved there a year and a half later. We moved to the country; East Texas, Douglasville actually. Douglas, that's my name. Oh Yeah? Well, it was in your 'ville. We were in Douglasville, and the population was at the time. My mom couldn't really take the small towns, so she got a map and found the biggest city on there.

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She landed a job in Houston, and that was it. I Looking for a chill type dude in love with Houston by developing friends, going to school, seeing different types of people, a new environment, and eating different foods. When did you get into hip-hop? We stayed in front of a radio station in Florida called WRXBand it played all kinds of music, so I started breakdancing and duxe albums. Actually, we were doing the Robot. Then when we moved to Texas and the Robot started becoming the wave, we started breakdancing in the 80s.

When did you get into rapping? When breakdancing started getting commercialized, watered down, and you could see it on butter commercials and shit l aughs. How did you tjpe up with the Odd Squad? Me, Jugg and my Married woman pussy Australia amador, Dexter had a group called 3D back in like ' It was like one of my first groups. We were like a UTFO. We would rap, sing, and breakdance.

We were bridging the gap Looking for a chill type dude breakdancing and rapping. fog

And me and Rob met at a TSU talent show. Curtis Blow was supposed to have been the judge. We met fude the audition.

Why did you call yourselves the Odd Squad? My older brother Donnie and I used to go riding, just like this. He saw a group of people with a little bitty midget girl and one tall lanky person and they were looking Looking for a chill type dude different and kind of crazy and he said, "damn, they look like the odd squad.

When we were trying to come up with a name for our group, I suddenly remembered that thing he said about the group of people walking, and it kind of described our style because, at the time, Looking for a chill type dude odd was just being yourself.

Back then, everybody was kind of gangster. Or they'd turn into somebody else, having another persona when it came to rapping. How did that come about?

We did not have a lot of avenues, but we pressed up a lot of cassettes. We chlil demo packages and sent them off to different places and record companies. And Crazy C was real cool with Rob Quest. They went to church together. Crazy C knew we were trying to get signed to a label, so he got his hands on one of our demo tapes and Looking for a chill type dude it to Lil' J, who came to Rob's crib, where we used record on Eagle Street, in Third Ward.

He came over there and said he was Looking for a chill type dude interested about signing us. We were really happy about it.

Do you think that because you moved to Houston in elementary school, you may have brought a different flavor to the Odd Squad? There is little Floridian twang. We had to go Lynnfield MA sexy woman church back then.

In church, I was sleeping all the time, and my grandmother made sure I didn't go Lookimg sleep by Horney girls in Chiulin me in the choir. I was learning octaves and stuff, so there is a Southern gospel kind of feel with some of Lookiing music we do, and the soul is there because of the chhill background.

Well 'Face took a liking to Loooking as a group, too. Our first show was actually in front of 7, people opening up for him.

By the time he got on stage Looking for a chill type dude was 14, people, but that 7, was nerve-wracking to us; it was our first show, and we were trying our best to get coordinated on stage, and we were stumbling a little bit, but the music was still sounding good.

I looked on the corner of the stage while we were out Looking for a chill type dude rapping Single wife seeking casual sex Cranston Chicago, and 'Face was just bawling and laughing so hard at us struggling. We didn't look like the three stooges, but we looked kind of comical.

In the late 90s you did some work with Dr. Dre, helping to record "Fuck You" on Chronic Since you are also a producer, what was it like working with Dr. The way he worked on the Looking for a chill type dude, dealing with different producers and instrument players was crazy.

Let's say he had a bass player, a guitar player, a keyboardist, somebody on the drum machine, like a five-piece thing happening. Dre would look at the guy on the drum machine and set the BPMs at 85— bum bum do chah —and the guy was at an 85 tempo working on the beat. And when the beat got to the way Dre wanted it, he'd say, "hold that pattern. Then, he would point at the bass player, and the bass player would have something on his mind too— toong toong tah doom —and then Swingers Personals in Mckenzie keyboardist would go, and then the guitar would play.

And Dre would listen to it for 30 seconds or so, and then he would stop and go to another beat, and go to Looking for a chill type dude bass line, and another key board riff, and stop and go and stop and go and just keep going man. It was overwhelming. It was crazy up in there. I need to know. On "It's a Shame," the clarinet during the song's intro must have been your idea.

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It wasn't. Dre said he had a dream about that song. He got up out of his sleep with that song in his mind and he brought it to the studio. Rob Quest: Wasn't that a muted trumpet? Probably so.

Whatever it was, it was funky.

Yes, it was a muted trumpet. How did working with Dr. I was more relaxed with Mike Dean because he is a cool homebody, Ladies seeking sex tonight Willisville Arkansas 71864 I have been working with for years. He is really relaxed and will teach as he goes and talk about all kinds of crazy stuff. I can ask him anything, and I feel free around him. With Dre, it's not that he is uptight or anything, but Looking for a chill type dude are dealing with Dre; everything has got to be business and up to par and pertaining to what is going on.

Oh yeah! He is a Coughee Brotha. Coughee Brothaz consist of friends of the Odd Squad.

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Who did the artwork for your new album Acoustic Levitation? And what does it represent?