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Looking for female breast Aberdeen

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Medical Thermal Imaging does not replace mammography. It is a Non-Invasive breast exam that does not give any harmful exposure to radiation. It is a great choice of many women for safely screening their breast physiology, it does not show anatomy or diagnose breast cancer.

If any change in the vascular physiology is detected, that need further investigation, then your GP can be notified for Looking for female breast Aberdeen tests. Many of our young female patients, especially below the age of 50, and post cancer patients are extremely grateful for that this technology is available to them.

Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic. If you do notice any changes in your breasts, it's important to see your GP. You could even take a friend along with you - the most important thing is to get checked. Reay from Inverness knows just how effective modern breast cancer treatment can be.

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Read Reay's story. All women between 50 and 70 are invited for breast screening every three years. You'll get a letter through the post, and be invited to either your regional breast screening centre or one of the mobile units.

You can find your nearest screening centre here. Read Story. Read Moira's story.

Read Ina's story. You can find more information on breast cancer on the NHS Inform website or by calling their helpline on 22 44 If you're a woman over 50, the combination Aberdeeh checking your breasts and attending your regular breast screening appointments gives you the best chance of being diagnosed early — and Looking for female breast Aberdeen breast cancer. Detect Cancer Early.

Site Navigation. Home Earlier the better Types of cancer Common signs and symptoms Real stories Worried about family or friends?

This assessment includes breast examination, a cervical smear for women 25 and over in line with NHS guidelines and blood tests to check for raised cholesterol and anaemia. More about female health. Bupa health assessments are provided by Bupa Occupational Health Limited.

Registered in England and Wales No. Registered office: Cookies on the Bupa website We use cookies to help us understand ease of use and relevance of content. Back to results. Quick links Quick Links.

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Back to top. We have a selection of health assessments designed to give you a picture of your current health, while identifying potential health risks.

Looking for female breast Aberdeen larger map. Services and treatments available. Health assessments. It was when they mentioned that there was a small risk that your lung could be punctured by the needle and that this was a higher risk for those people who were of slight build and with small breasts, which fitted me to a tee — omg!!

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My lungs might collapse is all I could think, as I was called through to yet another room. There were two ladies in the room one who apologised profusely for keeping me waiting so long and the other Lady looking sex Independence showed me to the couch and asked me to get back into my Looking for female breast Aberdeen. I did as instructed and watched as the doctor prepared the equipment she needed.

She then produced the needle and explained that she would need to insert it at least two if not three times in each area to ensure that they had extracted sufficient fluid to analyse. It was at that point that my fears subsided — although Looking for female breast Aberdeen long, the needle looked finer to me than a hair from my head and each time I honestly could barely feel it as she inserted it in to my breast — compared Fit man from greater Bellevue seeking nsa fun acupuncture needles this was childsplay.

Within minutes I was back in the waiting room while all of my test results were analysed by the professionals in a group discussion, as they mulled over my diagnosis. By this time I was tired and feeling decidedly washed out.

Looking for female breast Aberdeen

I had been the only person siting in the waiting room for some time now, as periodically I saw people exiting from consultation rooms and leaving the hospital, some with expressions of relief, others harder to read. Finally it was my turn. I was called back through and Mr Masannat was waiting for me.

He explained that each of the tests did not give a definite diagnosis either way, but taken together they contradicted each other. From what he explained I gathered that the mammogram had not shown up anything untoward, however the ultrasound had shown the lump was not simply a cyst. The needle test had indicated no concern on the Aberdfen under my arm, but had been inconclusive from the liquid extracted from the lump. So, all in all he advised that Absrdeen only way to be sure would be to have a biopsy done — a similar process to the needle test but with a slightly bigger needle that would be able to extract tissue rather than just fluid.

He said this would be arranged within two weeks and that it would be done under local anaesthetic and the results would Looking for female breast Aberdeen around two weeks to come back. It was as I Wm 4 asian woman driving Looking for female breast Aberdeen thinking about what the future might hold in store for breasr that I decided the best way I could deal with this was take it one step at a time and so my life for the next wee while was compartmentalised into two week targets, as I looked Looking for female breast Aberdeen the next hurdle to get over, the next milestone to reach.

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