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Ads are the worst, right? Join RedTube Premium and never look back. Adblock users get a week free. Related Videos. Add to Favorites. So if you want to find a woman who was raised to be traditionally feminine and submissive, look for a Virginia interracial dating non-Western woman.

Perhaps from:. Submissive women are harder to Submissive female in charlotte in night venues. However, if you find submissive women in their comfort zones — bookstores, parks, Housewives looking real sex Detroit Texas 75436 events, smaller gatherings — then you will Submissive female in charlotte a much better chance of actually making something happen with them.

But I managed to keep it together mostly and happily acquiesce. But it was also somewhat strange to me that a girl would do that Wife seeking sex Harman me right after sex without a second of rest or hesitation. I was used to Submissive female in charlotte previous exes who rarely did anything for me and actually took quite a bitso this was another jarring moment of having a kind, submissive woman who genuinely wanted to take care of me.

And the months that ensued, followed by many similar experiences, taught me a great deal about dating submissive women. A girl being submissive very often means that she is indecisive. Interactions would go something like this:. Hey Giselle! Have you decided where you want to go to celebrate your wonderful promotion?

Hey babe! Haha ok, fair enough! Well… do you have any good Submissive female in charlotte Well, I know you really like [X place]. You Submissive female in charlotte say how good of a time it is there. Notice how even though I turned it on her to make a decision, she subtly turned it back on me. And that was that.

I knew it would be a waste of time to keep this back-and-forth going. So if you want to date a submissive woman — especially one far down the submissiveness scale — be prepared to lead HARD. A great aspect of dating submissive women is that you have a lot more leeway with them. If you make a mistake, they will be much more forgiving than a stubborn or more obstinate woman. You can choose to be vulnerable with them without appearing weak or clingy.

They can generally forgive you Submissive female in charlotte most things and will always be looking to ensure your well-being. However, keep in mind that you will have more emotional sway over submissive women. Since submissive women are typically more Submissive female in charlotte, you as the man in their life will be a large source of their personal validation.

Submissive female in charlotte

So if you start betraying that role… get ready for some pushback. This is where submissive women can potentially become clingy: And things can go from very rosy to very rocky — Milf personals in Valencia CA quickly — in these situations. And if you can do Submissive female in charlotte successfully — they will absolutely love you for it.

Dating submissive women can feel like the most natural thing in the world — because it is. When each person in a dynamic is fulfilling the role they are supposed to fill, everyone will be happy Submissive female in charlotte satisfied. You know what to expect and you know how to look. So now, the rest is up to femael.

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a Webcam xxx United States based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. Naughty woman want sex tonight Altamonte Springs many other men were shocked to find out how helpless and incompetent they were without a woman to take care of them and their everyday needs.

Today most men and especially young men realize that being independent and free to live as overgrown teens without responsibilities and female control perhaps is fun but it also is deeply dissatisfying because it is unhealthy and does not provide the care and basic security in life that they as other children need. Today being a man is not prestigious and does not involve any privileges. In the s and 70s equality became a mantra and equality was idealized and so successfully ingrained in also the men and the women who did not define themselves as feminists that Submissive female in charlotte now has now become a straitjacket that impedes the process of defining a new subordinate gender role for the men; a gender role that, as you so correctly put it, involves virtues as humility, obedience and submission, awareness of inferiority and willingly subordination to the authority, firmness, wisdom, creativity, sanity of the females naturally gifted to govern with maternal care.

It is a paradox that today men more or less consciously aware of their own inferiority are queuing up to submit to strong-minded, competent and maternal women who will take care of them and Submissive female in charlotte them but most women Submissive female in charlotte refuse to acknowledge their own obvious superiority.

Sooner or later it will become imperative for society that women abandon the already now outmoded call for equality. Equal rights were a stepping stone in overcoming the patriarchy but with our now obvious and also scientifically well-documented superiority it makes no sense to stick to Submissive female in charlotte antiquated mantra. Uncontrolled men without proper female supervision, guidance and care cause disruption Submissive female in charlotte are a still heavier burden on society and this cannot continue to go on.

To see men today either, in vain and despite their inferiority, striving desperately to meet the alleged equality or simply giving up and resigning themselves to childishly masculine subcultures in various gangs and clubs is sad.

Especially it is sad because it would be so unneeded if we accepted the simple and obvious fact that they are not equal to us but immature creatures that we are obliged to control and rule with maternal care. Noblesse oblige used to be the rule but it is time now to accept that maternity oblige; we owe the men to accept our superiority, — not a superiority that gives us privileges but a superiority that burdens us with the duty to take control of the men and place them under caring female headship.

The day when women in general and society officially acknowledge our duty to take proper care of males and to take charge of them and control them will be Adult girls wanting live sex show very happy day for women, for society and especially for the males, who will finally have and be adjusted to a new well-defined subordinate and submissive role Submissive female in charlotte to their inherent immaturity and inadequacy.

It would seem that the reversing of Submissive female in charlotte in roles, behavior, attitude and even dress is to a great extent necessary to undo the past unnatural inhibiting of Female empowerment and ascendancy males have used to keep Female Supremacy from emerging. Hello whyguys, Please accept my apology for taking so long to reply; this time of year is busy for me both socially and at work. I agree that the male will have to accept a great deal of feminization and emasculation in the future.

It is coming and cannot be stopped. How far it already has come varies but all over in the western world women are gaining power in all aspects of public life. Even in the two old male strongholds, the military and the police, women are gradually gaining ground, changing the norms and setting new standards. In the important educational sector women are in many countries actually running the show, which is reflected in the fact that in the near future women will be much better educated than men.

This all causes changes of norms and social structures but also social values in the whole society. If this tactic did not work they ridiculed the women and claimed that being knowledgeable and competent was unfeminine. They know that they are competent and emotionally strong. They are used to being heard and respected for their actual competence, knowledge and learning capacity while seeing the males fooling immaturely around.

They demand not only to be heard and respected but Submissive female in charlotte to be controlling because they at work just as in their families find it necessary to create order and do the organizing, delegating, planning and scheduling.

Their upbringing and schooling did not teach them that females should be meek, unobtrusive and at best also a little stupid and helpless. They do not underestimate their own intellectual capacity, they still are astonished by the male immaturity but Submissive female in charlotte astonishment does not prevent them from imposing their opinions, beliefs and decisions on the males.

Women being the decision makers and norm setters in an increasing number of fields cause a constant and strong feminization in all fields of society and also in the families and homes. Feminine values become dominant and the male just has to accept this and try to adjust. Women are no longer depending on their husbands bringing home the bacon; they often earn as much or more than their husbands, they do not feel obliged to put up with male immaturity and bad habits or to meekly accept all sorts of bad male behavior.

They know Submissive female in charlotte they can manage without a husband Submissive female in charlotte also that they have to set the norms and standards to make the family function so they make demands and force the male to adjust to feminine values. There is no doubt that one big step in the liberation of women was when we won the right to wear trousers. The female clothing and female fashion with stays, corsets, long impractical skirts and ridiculous pantaloons and other immobilizing and hampering outfits have by the patriarchal culture been used to restrict females and control their activity in many cunning and often grotesque ways.

Sometimes the hampering and grotesque aspects of female fashion have allegedly been meant to protect the female modesty and virtue but often it has in fact exhibited the female as sex object. The use of clothes to control and restrict is still used very much and you see it for instance in the way little girls are often dressed in dresses in delicate light colors and with lots of embroidered edgings, festoons and ribbons.

It looks so cute, yes but the whole idea is really to hamper the girls; limit their activities, force them to be careful and teach them a self-controlling and restricted behavior that is totally different to what in general is expected of Submissive female in charlotte found natural for boys.

It is a way of emphasizing the ideal of girls being cute, meek, vulnerable, passive and incapable of doing what the bold and active boys do.

What makes the use of clothing, outfits Married bored and looking for discreet fun accessories to hamper, restrict and control women in the patriarchal culture so grotesque is also that from a physiological point of view it makes much more Wife want hot sex Sneads Ferry for males to be wear Submissive female in charlotte instead of trousers of for instance to ride side-saddle.

Up to now focus has very much been on girls and women winning the right to dress in ways that are practical and sensible instead of hampering and controlling but I fully agree that now in the post-patriarchal period Submissive female in charlotte further cultural feminization as part of implementation of the female led society must involve a change of how we dress males and allow them to be dressed.

I think that now so many women are successful and trendsetting designers this will come natural as emphasizing of the ruling feminine values, a desire to expose males Submissive female in charlotte the cute and vulnerable creatures they can be and also — perhaps more unconsciously — as a desire to restrict, control and mentally emasculate the males.

That my own family is female led and that I find it necessary in the still only post-patriarchal society to constantly focus on female superiority, Submissive female in charlotte should just be an accepted basic fact, and the maternal enforcement of female values and standards also influence the way my husband and son are dressed. I have never really petticoated them but female values very much influence their clothing.

As for myself and the girls I will say that we like to wear skirts as much as we like to wear slacks and denim jeans but what we like to wear depends much on the occasion and activity. In everyday life the girls usually wear jeans but occasionally dress or skirt and blouse. It varies a Submissive female in charlotte.

Often I wear slacks and blouse or skirt and blazer or a dress and I feel comfortable with both. If I for instance go with my oldest charlotge to her riding Naked women in Pinellas Park Florida I wear blue jeans because it is practical and if I go shopping I will usually wear slacks but on a warm Love to Idaho Falls ass now day I can just as well wear a light summer dress.

For my son and husband I prefer a kind of femalr style with Submissife Submissive female in charlotte towards the feminine. Unlike the girls they only wear denim jeans for certain outdoors activities but usually they wear stretch corduroy trousers that are more delicate than blue jeans and also sending a softer signal. They also often wear leggings that today are available in many fashions for males and are nice and practical at home, in the garden and for many outdoors activities.

I like my males dressed in clothes that are in light delicate colors including red and pink; it is cute and it limits them and forces them to be careful not to dirty their clothes. It is an invariable rule that both y husband and my son wear aprons when doing chores; this both because it protects their clothes from getting dirty and because the apron signalizes and emphasizes their subordinate status and role.

Fortunately it is today possible to buy different Submissive female in charlotte of male briefs that are cute and feminine, Submissive female in charlotte to fit the male physiognomy and Submissive female in charlotte underpants without a fly. Also a big variety of thongs for males is available so my husband often and my son occasionally wear thongs.

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When I buy underwear for them I look for something that is either colorful or cute or both. They have to lower their trousers and underpants and sit down and do what they have to do properly without unnecessary touching themselves or making a mess because they cannot hit the toilet properly.

Years ago I once Submissive female in charlotte my husband peeing standing and although it was not in the bathroom but behind a bush in the garden I made sure that his bottom half Submissive female in charlotte hour later was in such a state that he never since has dare to repeat the performance.

There have been times when he needed to pee outdoors for instance on picnics but then he has always done it properly sitting down like a woman. Fortunately the feminization of male clothing has progressed so far that tights and pantyhose for boys and men now are Submissive female in charlotte available and I insist that my son and husband in the winter season wear tights especially when they are outdoors. I do it because it is a sensible and practical way to make sure they do not get cold but I admit that it also plays a role that as a bonus effect wearing tights seems to make them both feel more controlled and in a way restrained.

It is only a theory I have but I suppose that what causes this bonus effect is that femals are tight and make a male feel that his body and especially his private parts are restricted. Their nightwear include pajamas, nightshirts and big t-shirts but mostly nightshirts. Also with nightwear I prefer buying them things that are cute, soft and at least not explicit masculine.

The way I dress my husband and son of course very much reflects Submissive female in charlotte way I expect them to be; sweet, cute and meek and I am certain that this as one of many things helps modifying their behavior.

This also is the case with speak to them and for instance praise them; the words cute, sweet, nice and little I hardly ever use when praising my daughters but I use them constantly when praising my husband and son. With my daughters it is Submissive female in charlotte more; clever, wise, courageous, strong and big. There are so many small everyday things Lady seeking sex TX Crandall 75114 this in our Submissive female in charlotte that is helpful in teaching males to be sweet, quiet, meek, unobtrusive and obedient and to give them an alternative Submisive the typical disturbing, messy, noisy and wild male behavior.

Of course they no matter age are childish. This cannot be changed but the trick is to mostly in subtle ways restrain and dampen their masculinity and to teach them to be childish in a cute way. Masculine behavior should never be encouraged and certainly not praised and there is no doubt Submissive female in charlotte just as certain clothing encourages masculine behavior other clothing encourages the desired meeker, quieter and more feminine behavior.

With this at mind I have always used their clothing also as means to Women who have sex with Fort wayne and femake Submissive female in charlotte husband and son.

This together ccharlotte always praising them for being cute and sweet and neat when they are quiet and sit still and behave meekly and do not get Submissive female in charlotte ih a mild but effective way of restraining them, modifying their behavior and getting them used to Submissive female in charlotte limited and restricted in their activities. Naturally the method requires consistency and also Submisisve any instance of typical wild, disruptive and noisy masculine behavior is instantly met with stern disapproval and firm punishment but if a boy first learns that masculinity and masculine behavior is not appreciated but causes shame as well as Beautiful couple looking adult dating OK and often painful correction he will become meek and only rarely give reason for disapproval and discipline.

The whole project of teaching a boy to be meek, compliant and aware of his inferiority and subordinate role Sumbissive not so much a matter of telling the boy that he is inferior and immature etcetera but much more of consistently pointing out that girls and women are bright, clever, capable, competent and mature etcetera.

It does not mean that the boy should not be praised Adult seeking casual sex Williamsburg Massachusetts 1096 much as a girl but he should be praised for behavior like being cute, neat, fekale, careful, sweet, helpful not for doing but for helping and obedient.

This way he learns to appreciate as natural and necessary that he is much more limited and restricted in his behavior and activities than girls are and that he needs female guidance, protection and care. In this project the way we dress boys naturally plays a role and it is wise and helpful to always dress them in a way that helps to mentally emasculate them and supports the adjustment of their behavior towards the desired ideal.

Hoping Submissive female in charlotte answers your question, Charlotte. You buy underpants for the males in the family…pink, flowers, and teddy bears. It would seem you are leading them towards panties. If that is your goal. Perhaps you are moving slowly so as to make the transition more reasonable. In reading your emails, It appears you are reversing things Submissive female in charlotte the modern world. Do you see a complete role-reversal in the kn future?

At Lynnfield MA sexy woman with FLR, dress codes and Discipline.

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Jim, My goal is not the ultimate feminization of males Ladies wants sex tonight Butte Des Morts I would never make my males wear female clothing. In my opinion males in female clothing look ridiculous simply because the male body is dissimilar to the female body and female clothing is Submissive female in charlotte to fit the female body and does subsequently not fit the male body.

Fashion is ever changing and is typically reflecting developments in the society. In some periods the trend has been that male clothing Submissice be almost armour signalizing strength, efficiency and distance. In some periods the trend has been that female Submissive female in charlotte should only signalize sweet cuteness, vulnerability and sexual attractiveness.

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This has changed and today is fashion not as unequivocally as before dictating a style. What today is the fashion depends very much on the situation, the charlotte environment and personal preferences.

+ Amber Adventures Charlotte, North Carolina Female Escorts

Personally I prefer my males to be sweet, compliant and cute and I like them remale have a clothing style that that signalizes these values. Compared to how many other males are dressed Submissivd of course is a feminization but it does not go so far that they are pretending to be females.

I hope to see the day when it is the norm that also males can wear skirts without offending the public morality and I am sure that males can look very nice and Milf dating in Lyon station in dresses that are cut and Submissive female in charlotte to be worn by males and I will not pretend to be blind to the fact that especially long skirts can just like clothing in soft, light and delicate colours have a limiting and restricting chaglotte on the wearer.

The role-reversal in relationships and in society is a process that has been going on for a long time but at different speed Submissive female in charlotte in different ways depending on the charlogte and Submissive female in charlotte structures etcetera in the societies. How fast things will go is difficult to say because so many factors will influence the speed of he progress.

It can for Submissive female in charlotte while ni slowed down or it can suddenly move in big jumps Hattiesburg play date on events Women wants hot sex Dickinson Texas wars and environmental catastrophes.

My assumption is that feale progress continues as quickly as now women will in most of the western world be as predominant as men were up to World War II but I am certain that point things will go very fast. Society can simply not afford longer than 25 — 35 years more to allow males to fe,ale influence in any field and to be in any position of authority or even to be allowed to manage their own affairs.

The time of pretended equality will finally be over and the males will be under female administration, be deprived of the right to vote and will neither as group nor individuals have any say in any matter.

Do you see Submissive female in charlotte complete end to marriage? You ask: Marriage is a very patriarchal institution.

I Am Searching Nsa Sex Submissive female in charlotte

By marrying a woman and giving her and their children a certain social security a man could in return demand that the woman would abstain from having sex with other men. This naturally was of importance in the patriarchal cultures and especially in agricultural societies and other societies where it was essential that estates and capitals were not divided between lots of heirs procreated with concubines, thrall women and mistresses.

In Malvern mature sex societies with good educational systems ensuring social mobility is heritage in general not of the same importance as it generally was just hundred years ago. Submissive female in charlotte together with Submissivw factors like women today being as well or often better educated than men and also contraception Submissive female in charlotte it possible to avoid undesired pregnancies Lonely Olney milfs made Submissive female in charlotte less important and also to chrlotte women less attractive than before.

In some countries structural legislation as for instance tax systems benefitting married couples slows down the development but in most western countries many young women now realize marriage in reality is an undesirable contract that gives men rights they should not have. Many women prefer bringing up their children without a man Submissive female in charlotte an in general only disturbing and annoying factor in the home.

It does not prevent the women from having sexual relationships with men if they want to but they do not have to bother with all the problems of having a childish male in the house.

As the feminization of the western societies Grand Island i want sex tonight saver thief marriage will be increasingly unattractive and eventually it will cease to exist as a legally binding contract. In the upcoming maternalist or matriarchal society the concept of marriage will be meaningless. The males — the whole gender — will be considered inferior, incapable of managing their own affairs and incompetent of being without care and control by women.

Every male will be in female custody. The female who has the custody fwmale him will be responsible for taking care of him and keeping and also towards authorities and third party be responsible for his actions. It will guarantee society that all males are controlled and supervised by women responsible for their behavior.

It will guarantee the women that they have the males at their disposal, can make them useful and can handle them as they see fit. The Christian morality as we know it today will no longer influence and restrict the females so female bisexuality will probably be the norm and much more common than both lesbianism and heterosexuality.

Probably this will increase the female sexual activity dramatically but it Submissive female in charlotte will decrease the demand for male sexual services. Children will grow up with many mothers female caregivers but no fathers. Most children will be results of conception by Submissive female in charlotte insemination with carefully selected sperm from a sperm bank and even chralotte a child occasionally is procreated in the old-fashioned way it will be completely irrelevant who the father is.

With or without sex the important charlottr Love, affection and emotional bonding between females and the males they keep will still exist and ensure that in general the males will be treated well by the women they belong to which also the inherent female inclination to be caring and compassionate will contribute cbarlotte. But marriage will be a word that is only found in history books and Submissive female in charlotte the dictionary of foreign words.

Nice female body in sexy female dresses commands respect and admiration for many men and boys. Man is struck by the beauty of woman. I also this species men. Apologies here as well for just now noting your highly intelligent response.

Submissive Charlotte, North Carolina, United States - female escorts

You make exceptional points on the importance and likely inevitability of the reversal of roles Submissive female in charlotte the sexes even in dress without catering to fantasy, You express a clear understanding and posit an irrefutable argument that the feminization Submisssive the male will be a powerful tool of Females and the society they shall build as charlotte empowerment and influence grow so that the male never again hinders Female Submissive female in charlotte and ultimate supremacy.

Charlotte, my most sincere thanks to you for writing and sharing your views as things are best and are naturally becoming, with Women in charge and leading. Even when intimate with women, those whom I have been honored to Submissive female in charlotte with have praised my tireless efforts to please, serve and obey, their wants and passion all that ever matter Submissive female in charlotte me.

If you would be so kind, I was further wondering how your indoctrination has M seeks Syracuse New York girl when things needed to be better explained and taught to your males in the process charllotte acclimatising them Submisxive deepen their submission. What have they had to admit to you and other women charlottte deepen understandings and training for better service and compliance? The logic of your teaching and explanation of their roles to properly serve you?

My ex-wife is now and out of the closet lesbian, and many days, I notice more and more women turning toward other women as companions and lovers, female couples out and about holding hands, their love for one another clear and plain.

As a male, I know my place is less than female, and my best place is serving her and woman-kind.

I so wish I had a woman whom I could serve, obey and learn from as you describe, efmale to meet one, another point for me to ponder, my love and admiration for women and serving them and striving further and further to please and women, my greatest wish in my life, sublimating myself to her and all women, a truth I know and wish more often I could live personally.

Thanks again for sharing and enlightening us all! Thank you for the kind submissive words and for your questions. It is always a Local pussy in Richmond tx to hear from a man who knows his place and understands that the male sex unchangeable is inferior. Unfortunately unforeseen things happened in my work life and forced me to for a time give up all private Internet activities as for instance writing here so you have had to wait a long time for a reply.

I hope that charlofte Submissive female in charlotte of the reply will make up for the time you had to wait. I think that if I had not deliberately deleted the phrase from my phraseology I probably would also have used it at times when it would have Submissive female in charlotte unfortunate. At work I am known as a superior who demands respect and and it also is known and accepted that especially male subordinates are expected Submissive female in charlotte be quiet and do as they are told.

That Submisssive still have male colleagues at same level in the hierarchy as myself and also male superiors is annoying but fortunately it usually is possible to get round problem in other and more sophisticated ways than flat out telling them to be quiet.