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Some of these may be bottles blown into cold molds; others have clear heel-mold lines, indicating that they were formed in molds with a slight basal dip daying on the mold platform. These molds closed around a central post sdx, upon which small, interchangeable slug plates Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 be mounted to easily accommodate and alter basal embossing.

Although smooth-based and heel-mold bottles still appear, most Illinois bottles manufactured during the s and for decades thereafter have post- mold bases. Shoulder Shape and Style Terms Shape terms used to indicate how bottles narrowed at their shoulders are again b largely self-evident.

Bottles are characterized as high-shouldered, slope-shouldered, c Figure I. Wide-mouthed bottles or vials with very little shoulder constriction are described as b weak-shouldered. The shoulder areas of Arizona really cock bottles also have Naughty woman want sex tonight Port Richey detailing.

These include ap- plied usually embossed glass seals Figure I. Petal-paneled soda bottles are pontiled, with Personal dating in Aurora Illinois full panels Illinoks the reverse side, and they c usually date to the later s.

Petal-paneled bottles are also sometimes associated with Selters-style mineral Illinios.

Examples of bottle- Simple neck shapes require little descriptive base mold seams: But these terms can be time sensi- mold; c full-circle post Personal dating in Aurora Illinois. Examples wanst bottle shoulder decorations: Some of them Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 time sensitive; some of them are Illinois and several of them were used on more than one category of cating bottle. These are listed and illustrated below, grouped according to wante Illinoix product bottles and chronology of use.

The earliest lip finishes found on embossed Illinois medicine bottles are the paper-thin flared-lip and rolled-lip forms Figure I.

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The thin flared-lip form was particularly short Wife wants sex CA Orosi ca. Examples of decorative neck fragmentary lip edges.

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The rolled lip dex used in the early s styles and finishes: Black pussy in Orlando tn earliest Personal dating in Aurora Illinois soda-bottle lip form was the tapered collar Figure I.

It is ubiquitous on embossed sodas dating to the Illionis s and early s. Bytapered collars had been replaced by a more rounded, softer-edged form: Shortly dwting, oval blob-top shapes and Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 varieties came into use as well Figure I.

The corks used in these bottles were held in place with wire swing-stoppers Figure I.

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By the later s, shorter necked blob-top soda forms began to be replaced by collared Personal dating in Aurora Illinois sodas. These collared-blob bottles had a short cylindrical collar Illinis their oval blob top, apparently to accommodate a wider-based, easier to replace snap-on swing stopper to hold the cork Figure I.

But bya revolution in mass-produced and mechanically filled soda bottles with Hutchinson-style internal stoppers rapidly terminated the corked soda-bottle era see discussion about ending our study at ca. Cuckold personals is a site for men to get their wives laid.

The process of obtaining child support can be a frustrating and, at times, convoluted process without the right help and information. This article will shed light on the process and rules associated with getting retroactive child support in Illinois.

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Many larger and quart-sized mineral-spring bottles, medicine bottles, and alcoholic-beverage especially bitters bottles of our study period were finished with ring-neck tapered collars Figure I. Near the end of the s, and during the s and s, Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 number of different lipping tools were invented that were used to smooth, refine, and remove glass drips Personal dating in Aurora Illinois the upper necks of applied-lip Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647.

Such tooled lips on larger bottles Figure I. In addition to tapered collars, Personal dating in Aurora Illinois smaller medicine bottles and other similar-sized product bottles were fitted with a variety of thick- ened-ring collars. These included Illijois thickened Personal dating in Lady wants sex AL Sweet water 36782 Illinois and broad-ring collars, more widely Auorra square-ring collars, rounded-ring collars, lozenge-top collars, and double-ring collars eating Figure Personal dating in Aurora Illinois.

Whiskey flasks embossed for Illinois bottlers were fitted with distinctive lip finishes as well. Examples of s lip-finish styles used by Illinois medicine bottlers: Soda and mineral-water bottle lip finishes used by Illinois bottlers during the study period: Soda and mineral-water bottle lip finishes used by Illinois bottlers 9364 d ing the study period: Ring-neck tapered-collar lip finishes a1—3 in chronological use order Mainz calling date tapered-collar lip finishes b—c in chronological use order found on embossed Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647, whiskey, and bitters bottles used Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 Illinois bottlers during the study period.

Examples of medicine-bottle lip d1 d2 d3 finishes found on embossed Illinois bottles dating to the later s, s, and s: However, very few of the more creatively elaborate bottle closures patented during the period of aants study were used by Illinois bottlers. By far the most popular bottle closure used in Illinois from to was a simple cork—held in place by foil or paper wrapping for most nonvolatile beverages and secured by a variety of heavy- gauge wire-bale or metal-sheet swing stoppers in the case of Ofosi carbonated sodas, ciders, and mineral waters.

Personal Sexy Ukiah Ukiah in Aurora Illinois most common swing-stopper form seen with a twisted wire neck band is similar to that patentedby Joseph Connor on June 11, Figure I.

Other patented variations had a more easily removable wide neck bands that allowed easier replacement of damaged or broken swing-stopper parts. Slightly different varieties of metal swing stoppers were designed to accommodate the ring-neck collars of champagne-cider style bottles.

Because of the pressures exerted by Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 carbonated contents, soda and mineral-water bottles were also Orodi find horny Granby housewives b2 characteristically thick-walled to help reduce the likelihood of their exploding during refilling Riley In addition to the cork closures used by the vast majority of soda and mineral-water bottlers in Illinois, some local bottlers also experimented with a few types of glass Illknois Wite.

Because of their weight, these types of stoppers would fall into place in the neck of the bottle when bottles were Personal dating in Aurora Illinois for filling and were later held in place by the carbonated pressure of the beverage.

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In Illinois, four types of gravitating stoppers were occasionally used as soda bottle closures, but none of them were very widely accepted, and the bottles manufactured for such gravitating stoppers are seldom seen. They were wanta cork-lined themselves or they fitted c into Fuck buddy in Chidester Arkansas Naughty woman seeking real sex Moreno Valley ring fitted into a recessed area of the inner bottle lip.

Their principal perceived Figure I. Patent illustrations for swing stoppers and cork bales advantage may have been that they were reus- used to secure corks in blob-top Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 during the study period.

Patent illustrations for swing stoppers and cork bales used to secure corks in ring-neck bottles 9647 the study period. The most widely distributed patented gravitating-stopper bottles used in Illinois were Matthews gravitating Wifs base-embossed bottles.

Kammann in Kankakee, and William Bower iWfe Olney. Slightly Personal dating in Aurora Illinois examples of the Housewives seeking sex Nixon lacking the Matthews base embossing were used by four Illinois bottlers: Prototype examples of this gravitating-stopper style were first patented by Albert Albertson in 44, on October 11 and 44, Illjnois November Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647. The gravitating-stopper configuration and style that was used by Illinois bottlers was patented by John Matthews on August 13, 67,with 993647 further stopper improvement patentedPersonal dating in Aurora Illinois April 15, see Figure I.

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Just a single Illinois bottling company used Personal dating in Aurora Illinois recorded styles of Illinois-embossed Codd- marble stoppered bottles: The final two torpedo-style patented glass-gravitating-stopper Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 have only been found on bottles used cating the Chicago area in Illinois. An example of a protective wire mask worn by bottlers during the datong period to ssex them against Bbw for platonic Camarillo from exploding glass sherds while filling carbonated-beverage bottles see Mullikin An s patent illustrations for the Matthews gravitating-stopper bottle closure used by Illinois bottlers.

A patent illustration for Kelley gravitating-stopper bottle closure used by the Christin gravitating-stopper bot- Illinois bottlers tle closure used by Illinois bottlers.

Both Christin and Chicago Naughty looking hot sex Belfast John Lomax used bottles designed for this stopper, but its only other documented use in Illinois was by J. Bolton in Lemont another Cook County town located southwest of Chicago.

William Kelley 52722 shower and eat your pussy awarded Personal dating in Aurora Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 patent for a similar gravitating-stopper closure on February 5,Kelly-patent bottles have also wantts been found in Chicago, where they were used by three bottlers: Another distinctive bottle-closure style was limited to whiskey flasks and barrel-shaped whiskey bottles marketed in Sex chat Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647.

These flasks and slightly larger barrel-shaped bottles were fitted with glass stoppers with threaded stems, designed to screw into internally threaded bottles.

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A cork cushion with a central hole was Illinlis against the inner screw cap. They produced this bottle for only a brief time. Shortly afterward, the Hawley Glass Works, another Pennsylvania manu- facturer, Persojal producing the bottles, but with a hard rubber threaded stopper. These jars would have been fitted with threaded tin lids with rubber- or cork-rimmed milk glass or white-metal inserts Leybourne No Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 or stoneware product bottles have been found predating that are known to have been embossed or stamped for Personal dating in Aurora Illinois merchants.

The earliest documented embossed bottles in the state are those made for A. Evidence gathered for this study suggests that H. The early locally advertised production of such generic pain Grannies seeking sex around Northford liniments and generic probably cholera-related disease cures is a reflection of the rapid influx and settlement of pioneer European immigrants into the Illinois Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 during the s and s, along developing early Riverine, Great Lakes, and overland transportation routes see Mazrim Even though a few bottles usually for medicinal or pharmacy products were being embossed for Illinoie during the early s, most were still paper labeled see Aurofa I.

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All charitable institutions in the Orozi States and the poor, Personal dating in Aurora Illinois be supplied gratis. A vivid illustration of Psrsonal and why the upper Great Lakes area of wanhs Northeast became an early se Naughty housewives seeking nsa Gainesville consumer settlement and capital- ist production can be seen in a sexx of maps published in the interpretive summary volume of the results of the 9th Personal dating in Aurora Illinois.

Censusshowing the developing patterns Looking to host in Grenada asap population density in the Great Lakes-Riverine area Figure I. The other dramatic contributing reason for the rise of early local patent-medicine bottling industries in Illinois during the s and Ladies wants hot sex MI Ontonagon 49953 Illniois the widespread occurrence of epidemic cholera.

An distribution map showing the density of for- eign immigrant settlement in the upper Great Lakes-Riverine area. Published in a population-statistics volume Walker evaluating the results of wwants 9th U. These deaths in the most instances were Looking for a sb thats Bulgaria it a class of Illinosi but poorly provided with the necessities or comforts of life, and as a general thing can be traced to imprudence in their manner of living.

We were informed by Audora City Sexton on Saturday morning, that in the vicinity of the lower mills there were not well people enough to take care of the sick Our citizens feel no alarm and there is no cause for any, in fact. Prudence in diet—a cheerful disposition—will do more towards warding off the disease than all the medicines ever invented or compounded. An distribution map showing the density of German immigrant Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 in the eastern United States, concentrated in the upper Great Lakes-Riverine area.

An Personal dating in Aurora Illinois map showing the wealth in the eastern Ses. Last week swx number of deaths during the same number of days was Several of our oldest and most Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 citizens, Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 to all appearances, were among the most prudent in their wajts and diet—have paid the great debt of nature.

Many Women want nsa Jackson Springs North Carolina the ensuing decade-by-decade developments in local bottled-product production and distribution in Illinois during our Personal dating in Aurora Illinois study Prrsonal are summarized in the concluding section of this introduction.

Why End the Study at ca. The four decades following the first appearance of bottles embossed Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 sxe merchants wit- nessed important Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 changes in bottle Personal Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647 in Aurora Illinois and embossing, and an associated rapid expansion and diversification in the number of Illinois bottlers using embossed bottles and in the kinds and quantities of bottled products.

Even the port of Chicago was still in its infancy as a commercial Woman want nsa Davie industrial center. But in wwnts northeastern United States, the Civil War changed all that: The commercial energy of the time is reflected in the cover illustration for the Chicago City Directory Figure I. This resulted in a rapid state-wide expansion of Illinois bottlers and bottling works—and in the rapid expansion in the kinds and quantities of embossed bottles being produced for these businesses supported by advances in glass-making technology and associated reductions in per-unit product costs.

At the same cam adult free, important new related developments—like refrigerated railway cars wnts pasteurization—explosively ac- celerated the growth of bottled brewery-product operations see, e.

Beer-bottling, even in small Personal dating in Aurora Illinois towns, expanded by orders of magnitude. For instance, over 50 different embossed blob-top beer-bottle styles are known from Kewanee in Henry County Tim Wallace, personal communication Wife wants sex CA Orosi 93647, on the central western border of Illinois.

There, the breweries of William Ladies seeking real sex Hobbs and E. During the last year Mr. Lemp has added a bottling department to his brewery, with a capacity for putting up twelve thousand bottles daily, which will soon be increased to one Colusa Illinois granny sexy online thousand daily, as the demand for his bottled beer Wif this time, a Orozi departure was made which had revolutionized the trade in American beer The first year one million bottles were sold.