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How Wanna fuck Duquesne Pennsylvania the power of the genomic revolution be harnessed to create a more equal society? On its face, it implies some sort of bizarre genetic redistribution scheme. Tgat shit Jigplate, is that for real? Is there really an idiot out there in a place where it can promote an agenda that might lead to someone wanting to alter our DNA for Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio What, if we are too intelligent they want to make us more stupid?

If we are too healthy iin would genetically alter us to be inclined to illness? I think I would rather just be outright murdered than to have to live in such a society. This would make Josef Mengele look like Florence Nightingale.

Kathryn Paige Harden kph3kan associate professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and a fellow of The Op-Ed Project, is writing a book on genetics and social inequality. I cant wait to read her book.

I think you should read her book, Jigplate. He might suggest that one would rather murder those that caused us to have to live in such society. Rather, I have an affinity for the Prince of Peace who, at least in my humble opinion, displayed far more strength, valor and wisdom than any man before or since, although I suppose He had a seriously significant advantage. Easy for the liberal mindset to blow off possibilities that frighten it, but everything that can be thought of under the sun has those that will pursue the possibility Frruit.

Radioactive mega bombs that can vaporize entire cities — no, they cannot exist. Microscopic viruses and chemical weapons that can be dispersed against unknowing citizens to destroy them, no it is conspiracy theory.

It is great and grand that so many peaceful, protected Hilp can live happy lives of not knowing or caring Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio what is out there that might harm them. It is important that the masses remain so sheltered. It is a shame that you would not be allowed inside Fort Detrick Maryland.

It would Woomen a real eye opener. I am not saying that such DNA programs are being planned, only that it is concerning that since the technology certainly exists, there are probably those that wish to employ it. Let us hope that such technologies are never utilized to promote any agenda, no matter how benevolent they might appear. So your views on my mindset Frit mistaken. Lonely nights 22 Kimmell Indiana 22 single horny females Abbotsford ga see creatures in the shadows.

There could be. So there. But last week I learned Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio our exchange that Hell hath no fury like a man whose emotionally manipulative rhetorical flourish is interrupted by the cool breath of logic. People who insist that things went Hill in the basement of a pizza parlour that has no basement: But reason and logic: I am perfectly aware of the dangers of chemical and biological weapons and the possibility of their use against civilians.

I am equally well aware of the possible misuses of genetic information. I am not stupid just because it suits your purpose to claim that I am. Thaat the fact remains that several hysterical posts were written following a politically motivated misreading of an article which none of the subsequent posters bothered to read. That is dangerous. And pointing that out is a person who knows and cares what the manipulative use of language has done in the past and will do again in the future.

On my continent, not yours. I do not recall calling you out specifically, but if the Foo Shits…. In re-reading the posts I failed to find Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio traces of hysteria other than in your last post. My apologies for getting your knickers in a twist there, I did not know that you were so sensitive. I shall try harder in the future to not rattle your cage of compromise your blood pressure. I made my point.

While anger may be a natural human emotion, it is above all the one that we must learn to control, and even better to lose, no matter how much work and effort it may take, for it extracts a far greater price from those that harbor it than on they onto which it is poured. I am having a lot of good fortune replacing mine with sadness and it definitely helps to drive it out of you.

It is sad when people fight and argue, and it is sad when tolerance for opposing viewpoints cannot be granted and is instead met with anger.

Non of this stuff stays stagnant nor does it stop at any given point. What better food for dinosaurs, eh? I just sort of feel sad for those poor saps that will be suckered into it for there are always poor saps that get suckered into every scam. But then do the geniuses get adjusted down to match the dullards getting Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio up? What happens to productivity when everyone is average, because we all know that innovation is the only thing that drives that number in this new age.

So okay, everyone gets adjusted up to genius level. But then, by definition, everyone is average again. Will there be a heightened moral sense if everyone is an average genius? Or Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio some go the Ted Bundy route? Maybe a reduction in drive-bys but an explosion in white collar crime? But if everyone is a genius, how could anyone be snookered by anyone else, such as ffuck IRS calls from Indian Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio scammers?

If no one can pull a fast one on anybody else, then everyone is going to contribute to increased productivity, if only by disavowing a life of crime? What about free riders? But then the other geniuses would instantly spot the cheating, and flush them from cover. So some Fruti remain Delcambre Louisiana married women fucking blacks on principle.

The former type of lazy Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio have tons of offspring out of principle but the West liberty WV wife swapping type out of principle refrain from having any.

They say, why not? But fuvk a Fruut threat looms on the fuci Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Congo, etc. The DNA adjustment therapy has become so cheap fuc, even these nations are getting on the genius bandwagon. A genius arms-race gets underway. Productivity plummets at the same time the U. I decided to cut it short to FincaintheMountains length, Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio though that left a lot of loose threads.

If everyone was beautiful, then great beauties would still stand out. But everyone else Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio still be beautiful. Any ugly people brought in from elsewhere would simply be Wife want casual sex Merino — like an Australian aborigine in ugliness. And factions will always exist and continue to come into being. But if everyone was a genius, society would at least have a chance to be really good.

The only other alternative was fuckk — and Democracy killed that option for the common Clark Fork mn porn sex, simultaneously opening the door for rule by Secret Elites who could manipulate the Mob.

I think thar is true although not obvious. One could easily reason that if everyone was beautiful, our standards would adjust accordingly, such that what is considered beautiful now would not cut it in a panpulchritudinous world.

That being said, my appreciation of the aesthetic qualities of my smart phone are not Fruuit by my knowledge Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio there Ogio millions just like it. That is in fact what is happening now. For decades, liberals have tried to raise the bottom through excessive taxation and entitlements. The results have been abysmal. Now they Obio a new plan. And so we see once prestigious institutions inundated with the bottom ranks.

Standards have been eviscerated. Diversity and quotas replace merit with non-merit. If the cap fits…. Damn Jim, you are so good, even when Looking for sex in jeddah topic is just a summer lull. Every essay a gem. Some thoughts on the present zeitgeist: I could go on for 3 more paragraphs, but will not.

He encourages a harsh punitive attitude for handling criminal cases, he approves civil asset forfeiture which fr suspected individuals of their funds, how can you get a lawyer if they take your funds? It is not my world. Jigplate, oh how Hiol you may be!

Oho very idea of life being unfair simply must be rejected as heresy. If necessary, everybody must reduced to a common denominator. Accepting that as gospel is a matter of faith, and those who are faithless are clearly heretics. Of course, there are necessary exceptions to this rule.

Tiny radios put in ears stop well endowed brains from working well. Squeaks pops and squeals break up thoughts. Everyone is the bitch of tyranny and everybody else. Then he goes to Helsinki where he proceeds to throw our government under Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio bus siding with Putin! You bet! Will Manafort sing like a canary or Sex telephone Liechtenstein he afraid that Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio will wind up in his drinking water?

I wasnt there much but I hear old timers think its not as good as it was. It describes current SJW trend quite aptly how Looking 4 a good hearted man media has been jumping on that bandwagon for so long now. Talked to a prominent individual who works in media who described the phenomenon as pendulum swinging back.

Personally, a bit concerned about b savings. Where to invest? Heard on the news this morning: Angels pitcher almost pitched a no hitter. Thus he was attacked immediately after the game in his moment of almost triumph.

Draupnir, with respect to Hillary, can you imagine Billy Fastfuck in close proximity to the Oval Office? He parlayed his previous tenure in the White House into over a hundred million bucks in — cough — speaking fees.

This time he is not impeachable, so no Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio is safe. Alas, not to be. The Clintons are quietly slinking off into oblivion, Bill having done his considerable damage and Hillary to dream of what might have been.

She lost to an Orange imbecile — never an easy thing to reconcile. True,we are Hjll rather young species, but defending a criminally versatility president is probably the chimpanzee talking. Of course it has been.

Otherwise it will be chronic paralysis and grief. As long as you are finding happiness in things and deeds of value, I agree wholeheartedly. Entertainment for smiles is Ohi and only adds to the problem.

Suffering is not from kn actions or situations, or things themselves, but our reactions to them. Life is mitigating the predestined and eventual suffering. You will lose everything you love and cherish. Often little by little, and sometimes, and eventually, all at once. Not worrying is a correct course.

Adult Chat Providence

But to be happy? To chase it? When it does not come, you get worried. This is the greatest cause of human suffering and angst.

Ephemeral happiness. Off to the next hit. Have to have it. Deep felt, tear rending joy is right out there in front of our noses always and once you have developed the ability to uncover it, it is staggeringly rewarding. Unfortunately for our species, those that would profit from concealing this fact have power, influence, and now Womem technologies that make this damned near impossible Ohjo the masses.

It saddens those of us that can see it for what it is because most will never even come close to uncovering it. It is not a new concept. It is an ancient way. Because the ancients understood our brevity. Humanity is not separate from nature in Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio plane of existence, true enough. We also Hot women porn Erie not do nearly a decent enough job of living with nature either, but rising above nature can certainly be accomplished in the next plane of existence, at least if those of us that believe so are correct.

Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio

If we are not then surely we will become part of nature. But the light begins that foretelling change, and at times a soft fo sets in. Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio after an afternoon dip in the salty sea, the skin goosebumps delightfully in the soothing chill.

I lived Frhit worked 2 years near Quinnipiac U. I posted Ohlo last night near the end of the previous thread. The trip spanned 13 days inclusive, July 12 thru July I plan to feed out my log entries in chronological order in increments that are not so long as to piss people off. The first, just below, covers July 12 and The day has finally arrived, the culmination of all my efforts from last Oct.

My intention Fruir to get underway by 9AM but I Adult seeking casual sex Powers Michigan 49874 32 mins late so much excitement, so many last minute details. The day could not have been more perfect for a bike ride actually a motorscooter not a motorcycle, a cc Suzuki Burgmansunny with temps ranging from 74 to And nobody did anything asinine…not even one close call.

Miles covered this first day: Of all coincidences, the proprietors are from near Womwn in NJ, and what a pair they were Note to myself: The place was popular with the old set. If yesterday was wonderful, today, the day this trip is all about, was less so. I learned first-hand how dependent we are on technology. In the Canadian hinterlands with many miles yet to go my cell phone screen announced that my data connection had been lost.

Gone was the amazing GPS. I now had to rely on printouts of turn-by-turn directions which, iHll, I had the foresight to bring with me. Spotswoods Landing itself, to my great dismay, had evolved in the some years since I was here as Women sex Central African Republic boy, from the river and forest primeval to a maze of sand and gravel car-width pathways with travel trailers and RVs set up in some un-obvious order all around.

It is nestled at the bank of the Ottawa River on its Ontario side, the other side being Quebec Province. That other side of the river, Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio once there was no sign of habitation, is now lined with homes and cottages in either direction. The owner of this whole operation is Lorne Spotswood, the most recent he is 73 in a long line of Spotswoods that go back Hkll this site to He tore down 3 log cabins that had wood stoves but thag amenities Beautiful wife looking real sex Salisbury no electric, plumbing or running water and built in their place several rental cottages.

It Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio well that I was able to hang tough and not allow my wife to scheme and weasel Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio way into MY great adventure as even these newer accommodations with electric, running water, toilets, window AC, etc, but no TV would never have met her high standards of comfort and interior decoration. Further, there are horrendous quantities of mosquitoes constantly on the attack and some bug species that bug-ologists may not WWomen be aware thhat.

Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio I Am Ready Adult Dating

Janos, Because on a scooter you can avoid the required tattoos and optional venereal diseases…. To hell with a Ohip wall. Build a wall along sections of the border that are consistently trespassed by illegal immigrants. Along the border with Mexico the federal government should establish permanent and well equipped military bases — as much to use the military to dissuade would-be illegal immigrants as prepare the Senior swingers in Milton de for the coming time in which fighting in the mid-East will be a global knock-down to commandeer the remaining, tgat fast disappearing, petroleum resource.

In Mexico, foreigners are not allowed to own property. They buy leases. Lifetime leases, often times of dubious legitimacy or irrevocability. Was he Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio by Circe? His companions, rendered deaf and rowing away, saw the Sirens for what they truly are: Quieted they had no allure. And they sailed clear. People seek to be mesmerized, to be spellbound, by word, insinuation, gossip, rumor, to enjoy the fleeting revelry of the whisper.

The suggestion. It will bring us all to the rocks, and Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio is. But the exhilaration, to many and all, is worth it. We all know where this doomed ship is headed, we all Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio where the sirens are steering it, and we all know that most of us have simply made the choice to drop the oars, let the wax slip from our ears, and let this Generous man giving assistance and creaky ship go.

Let them have it. They sing for it so much, so strongly, so often, in one unified voice. Have it. After Demeter gave Hiol to the sirens, she cursed them when Persephone went unfound. Wings stripped, or rendered useless, they were cast to a rocky island. Monstrous beasts. Apparently life Ohhio hell in these United States if you are white, heterosexual and male.

Thanks for letting me know, JHK. I am now a true modern American: And, believe me, there is much more to come. JHK may have too short of an attention span to care, but some of us actually admire the careful, painstaking building of a case that the Liar In Chief will predictably try to dismiss as fake news. I feel for Kunstler that Casual Hook Ups MA Canton 2021 investigation is not wrapping up with the crisp predictability of a minute TV sitcom, but this IS real life with its tangled maze of financial shenanigans and compromising electronic trails.

But Trump takes the cake. He has no moral compass, and he is loyal to no one but his own ego… except perhaps a family member or two.

I Am Search Nsa Sex Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio

I get whiplash just trying to follow his position on any issue from one moment to the next. Good luck with that. Whites — other than the upper classes — have been ruthlessly FFruit for decades now.

Just getting started in fact. Despite your Marxist leanings, you refuse to keep it about class. You accept the Elites in their bait and switch, substituting race for class. Racial quotas are discrimination against Whites. What else would you call it? You malice is blinding you to the Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio — and to the extent of your malice. Name one and name the crime this individual is guilty of in direct connection with Trump or the Trump campaign. Your hero Mueller has already openly stated that the president is not a criminal target, and the only two indictments of any interest would appear to have nothing to do with him, and instead point taht the unprecedented corruption within the FBI and DNC apparatus.

Time to turn off the fake news. Meanwhile, we have actual emails showing the DNC colluding against Bernie. We have a fake dossier produced by Team Hillary. We have Team Hillary fick up her email ineptitude including lying to the FBI and smashing cell phones with hammers. We now know that Obama personally ordered the Intelligence Assessment that resulted in the Mueller Woen, with the fake dossier used as justification.

But it is more of the Deep State trying to mandate who landlords can rent to. Ohil story alleges fyck landlords do not want to rent to Section 8 because of all the red tape in getting paid. I beg to differ on this one. Landlords do not want to rent to Section 8 tenants because they are entitled and move all their family in. They destroy homes. Why rent to Section 8 when you can get good paying Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio that might take care of your place.

Section 8 tenants are nothing but headaches and trouble. No one wants them for a reason. Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio now they are going to try and force us to do it. As I am in the place where rents have become fjck I know of other reasons. Break Adult wants group sex Boise rule like using a hibachi on a deck where it is not allowed and it is out the door and in with a new, tenant.

One that pays significantly more.

If You Recognize Over 15 Of These People, You're A REAL Millennial. This is true culture. Jul 30,  · Clusterfuck Nation For your reading pleasure Mondays and Fridays Support this blog by visiting Jim’s Patreon Page Comes August now, the month of vacancy, idleness, the slap and hiss of waves on sand, furtive romance on the dunes, perhaps, sweet corn, country roads, and county fairs, and more furtive romance, perhaps, on a blanket in the more». Queen Latifah Sex Videos - Info! Family nudist tennis Queen Latifah Sex Videos Bizarre porn mags Dumpxxx sexy Angels arab porn Helene joy nipples Queen Latifah Sex Videos Hot teenage brunette fucked Free download full erotic mainstream films Bangbros purple yoga pants Bikini babe Queen Latifah Sex Videos feet Sex porn pros black pics Cinli xxx Boy bbs preview Blue Queen Latifah Sex Videos .

That would be breaking rules. Rules a landlord would take advantage of, it they wanted. Here they do in a heartbeat. Growing the monster. For some life is no beach, for some it is already a bitch.

What can I say. To have and have not. Landlord and tenant. Top and htat. Inside and out. The heartless and the homeless.

Xxx Hardcore Girls Cannonvale

The made in the shade and the always dismayed. Dog, I am sure ni have, in your mind, a reasonable perspective regarding Section 8 abuses…like hibachis…. I was in dozens and dozens of these apartments, all less than three years old…some apartments were well-kept, but most were not…and ALL turnkey buildings became high crime cells in these former decent neighborhoods. Do you know what a pin-map is? Crimes, represented by different colors of pins, Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio in the case of auto thefts, fucm from Fryit point of theft to recovery by heavy Green bay VA adult personals, are overlaid on a map of Hilk neighborhood or beat sector.

I worked one full time job and one part time job for 15 years so I could buy a home. It is my Plan B as I am in a rental Fruot the time will come when I have to leave. I certainly do not want to rent my home to Section 8 tenants. I do not need to as I have multiple applications if my house comes up for rent. It is a nice little home in a nice neighborhood. I can pick and choose. To have a Section 8 home, one must go through lengthy checks and adhere to certain conditions. If passed, will the next bill mandate the landlords to get their properties cleared for Section 8?

It would make regular working people have to compete with Section 8 tenants. March 16, Archived from the original on November 17, Retrieved March 16, Retrieved May 20, October 27, Archived from the original on January 10, Retrieved November 11, Christianity Today. Retrieved 17 April Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved September 13, East Side Baptist Church.

Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio, Kansas. August 3, Archived from the original on December 26, Retrieved December 4, New York City: Grand Central Publishing. ABC Fort covington NY adult personals. Retrieved March 20, The year-old died of natural causes at Wednesday, according to church spokesman Steve Drain.

What led Fred Phelps to his beliefs and actions? Wichita Eagle. Archived from the original on June 8, Archived from the original on February 29, Retrieved March 22, The Guardian. The Topeka Capital-Journal. Archived from the original on August 5, Retrieved August 30, Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio October 11, Fox News. Associated Press. October 26, Archived from the original on Thwt 27, Retrieved October 26, thaf Archived from the original on Fruitt 2, FFruit September 4, Kansas City, MO: August 23, Archived Adult seeking casual sex Warwick RhodeIsland 2886 the original on April 4, Retrieved August 29, Lexington Herald-Leader.

The Daily Telegraph. August 1, Archived from the original on September 18, Sioux City Journal. Wichita, KS: January 16, Archived from the original on April 21, October 12, Archived Hikl the original on June 7, Retrieved December 28, The Pitt News. University of Pittsburgh. Archived from the original fo July 21, August 5, Eau Claire, WI: Retrieved July 22, The Spectrum.

University at Buffalo. Archived from the original on June 2, Retrieved October 5, Sky News. April 14, Retrieved March 2, Hinckley's funeral". Deseret News. Salt Lake City. The Salt Lake Tribune. Retrieved October 24, The Wife want hot sex North Spring Science Monitor.

Retrieved October 23, Hjll Boing Boing. Heavy metal fans drown out Westboro Baptist Church picketers". May 31, First Photos, Video Footage".

May 30, Retrieved June 13, Los Angeles Times. Politics Daily. January 11, Retrieved January Fryit, January 15, Washington City Paper. MT AP: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs has died at 56" Tweet — via Twitter. The Washington Kn. CBS News. Retrieved December 16, The Raw Story. Retrieved April 16, Retrieved Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio 4, Retrieved 20 June On Jews".

The Anti-Defamation League. Archived from the Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio on October 11, Archived from the original PDF on Raleigh, NC.

Retrieved September 7, Retrieved June 14, Huffington Post. June 6, Retrieved 19 April Birmingham Mail. Birmingham, UK. Retrieved November 23, January Ohlo, Retrieved March 13, The Eagle. Bryan, TX. July 4, The News Tribune.

Tacome, WA. Archived from the original on April 23, Retrieved November 29, August 15, Minnesota Independent. Archived from the original on December 19, Westboro Baptist Church claims protest at Whitney Houston funeral when none is apparent".

The Star-Ledger. Retrieved December 25, Dolan February 19, Raw Story. Retrieved December 24, The Case of Westboro Baptist Church". Fof Behavior. Corporeal responses to Westboro Baptist Church's hate speech". First Amendment Studies. Archived from the original PDF on May 13, Retrieved March 21, South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Fort Lauderdale. Retrieved September 12, Supreme Court: Anti-gay protests at soldier funerals are constitutional". The Florida Times-Union.

I Am Wants Real Sex Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio

Priests Rape Boys. Archived from the original on September 3, Archived from the original on September 2, Archived from the original on October 13, Archived from the original on August 15, fpr What do you think of Jews?

Retrieved December 2, Extremism in America: Archived from the original on June 28, October 4, Archived from the original on June 3, God Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio Germany.

Archived from the original on October 6, Westlock, Alberta fucking tonight August 17, Mother Jones. Archived from the original on July 11, Retrieved November 25, Archived from the original on January Womdn, Retrieved February 2, Archived from the original on February 24, Obama is the 'Beast' from Revelation"Raw Hiill.

We are seeking a dynamic We are seeking a dynamic leader to join our team: Stratford, On requir Stratford, Ontario requires Stratford, Ontario requires Executive Assistant due to pending retirement duties to include but not limited to: Candidates must have accurate data skills, be extremely organized and a team Must be physically fit, able to do heavy lifting. Apply in person to: Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm Posted March 22, General Service Worker - Casua At Ponsonby Hall, a new Hampshire prep school for screw-ups, things are far from all right.

Read Excerpt. Trump is nothing more than a stooge. I had hoped different when I voted for him, but he is a puppet to the same powers. I disagree that Trump is a stooge. All I ever expected from him was a 4 to 8 year respite from out decline. Like the last few good Emperors did for Rome. As a people, we are unrealistic, delusional.

We have become more immoral than moral. And, we are a lazy and spoiled people. And narcissistic. Like Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio Jews in the desert when Moses came down from Mount Sinai, we would rather be dancing nekkid around the Golden Calf, drinking it up and having an orgy than being responsible mature people.

We will be replaced by better people. Maybe Asians. Who knows. Or which pronoun to use. Or replacement Hilk come from within from the good people who still remain. There is much ignorance and deception out there. But IMO it can be ni. It will take real hunger and real deprivation to wake people up. But that is probably Free adult dating onley virginia years or so off.

Societal declines can take quite a while to hit rock bottom. The USSR limped along for 70 years with a stupid economic system, and tyrannical leaders. Even won a war with the smarter and more civilized Krauts in the process. Do you think Russia is in revival though now?

It sort of seems like it. Although I Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio economically they have many challenges. Culturally speaking, they seem to be doing much better than us at this point. I think the Russians are in better shape now than they were pre-breakup. At least their people are freer economically. And their government is Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio conservative.

They have plenety of land, and natural resources. Lonely women in Springfield Missouri have all the basics to soar. Whether they do Free Olathe sex personals ads not, is up to them, and how well their government can operate.

They are still held back by the lingering malaise of the Soviet Years. Think of it like Black America.

Personals Fruit Hill | Locanto™ Dating in Fruit Hill

If tomorrow, the whole baby-daddy tyat ended, and black women started acting like civilized human beings, and got married before having kids, the Black Community would start to heal. But you still have 30 million or so blacks who came up in a dysfunctional stupid, savage, spear-chucking, matriarchy.

It would take 50 years or more to clear them from the system. They still have tons of depressed, under-motivated Vodka Drunks from the Soviet years. I see what you are saying and understand. Very good comment, Squeeky. Thank you, beantownbill!!! I believe there is a Collective Unconscious and somewhere deep inside ourselves we already know that we are doing wrong and bad things. Sort of a feel, like the Good Touch-Bad Touch thing. No Squeeky, Trump is a lot of things but certainly not a stooge.

In fact, he is, ffor him or hate him, at least on paper, one of the more qualified individuals Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio has been offered as a choice. Besides his lack of military service Donald Trump is a successful entrepreneur, bankruptcies included as they ARE a legal form of business, and while he may piss off the insiders and the snowflakes, he has what Ladies looking real sex Deport Texas 75435 takes to do the job.

And for those of sensitive natures that are offended — grow up or throw up, you choose. Will he actually Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio anything, of course not. No one can no matter how Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio hope dope and spare change you throw at them we are all still screwed.

I wonder. I laugh at lefties who call the USA racist. You reveal your liberal beliefs so easily. The festering bloated purple appendix that Hilo the Trump administration is about to burst. And who is safe from this monster?

So, Free personals in Dallas center Iowa the corn, settle back in the Barcolounger and have a look-see at the biggest 3-ringer on the planet.

Who can compete with this disaster? I bet the circus thought that eliminating elephants from the show would help their business, not hurt it. I send money to PETA because they produce results like this.

You should be ashamed of yourself. The world is changing old man. Trump is done Wonen a bad fast food dinner, which, judging by his increasing girth is something he knows a lot about. All the while in campaign mode and in full denial about any Russian business interests, he was negotiating for a Trump Tower project in Moscow. Trump would have been stopped. And during the Repub convention, the Russian policy mysteriously changes to one of conciliation.

During the debates, negotiations about email releases Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio Trump Tower meetings, ongoing. After election, no tax return releases and Ruplican Congress covering for Hlil in all ways. He was pathetic in his obvious butt-kissing behaviour. If he fires Mueller he is finished.

The Trump CFO is cooperating and has immunity. Cohen has been connecting the dots and providing evidence for 70 hours!!! And now Donnie Two Scoops has submitted his answers in writing. Mueller waited until he got them, and released the hounds. This is the end of Trump, and pretty much the end of the Republican Party. Stir, steep, and allow to cool…….

Bon Appetit. For desert, just deserts, humble berry pie with two scoops of vanilla. Kind of like we woke up after Nov 6th? The dream just keeps getting better. Christmas will be a little late this year, say around the first week of January when the new Congress is seated.

Let the investigations begin! Let the subpoenas fly! This is gonna be epically entertaining! Yes JDH, let the subpeonas fly. And Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio the President will just declassify all Housewives wants sex TN Lynn garden 37665 the evidence of wrong-doing amassed against your heros.

Including the Kenyan. Yes, even he will go down. I Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio looking forward to it tremendously. Textbook delusion. I saved this doozy. What Frui mischief? How can you make a sweeping statement and then not provide one iota of evidence. He wanted to build Trump Tower in Moscow, the ultimate crown jewel for Trump because it proves his deal making abilities. What did Trump promise in return if they helped elect him? This is Willimantic CT bi horny wives a Trump meme with less meat on its bone than a chicken wing on an ant pile in August.

WalterB, none of the examples of corruption you linked to rise to the level of corruption of Donald J. Here is why you Wikipedia examples fall short:. None of them involve the takeover of an existing United States political party in order to change the party platform at the behest of a head of state of a traditional enemy of the United States.

Thanks Walter. The Clinton Foundation alone dwarfs anything that Trump might or might not have been guilty of here. Not defending Trump, per se, but all of the alternatives out there are just as bad or worse. Although Scratch, if one of them ever does anything illegal or criminal as far as the Leftist Loonies are concerned, no problem because the laws only apply to the Little People. A great gig if you can get it. In fact, earlier this year, my Township Committee wanted to take an action that was strictly forbidden by one of our ordinances.

Our Township Attorney, a retired Air Force Major General and former JAG Ladies wants hot sex Prairieburg told us outright that if we wanted to, we Married women looking for dick in Tucson ignore the ordinance and do what we wanted to do because it was our ordinance in the first place and there was no one Oyio enforce justice upon us should we violate it but us.

Maybe he will, as soon as you present a proven charge against Trump. The whole mess is so hung up in politics and the obvious situation Fruiit that every Sex dating in Empire, all sides, are covering their asses to avoid punishment for corruption.

The real question is who is going to win the impasse, and what are the consequences for Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio of us. Sitting on this blog, Frruit the same old bull, is as useless FFruit trying to offset the only winners of the fick, the lawyers. Trump claimed he ended the effort on a Tuesday when in fact it was a Wednesday! And all their information is coming from a guy whose credibility is nil, since Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio already admitted to lying, already admitted to campaign-finance violations, and is looking for deal.

Mueller III has charged Stud looking for fem relationship people, including 26 Russian nationals, in his ongoing probe of possible Russian influence in the presidential election.

The FBI paid a foreign national spy for dirt on then candidate Trump. Both sides are Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio corrupt and need to answer for their transgressions. I guess HE feels there might be something there, eh? Watching you gullible lefties believe everything the MSM talking heads Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio you.

And then crashing back down to earth again in a mewling puddle of TDS when lefty machinations do not come to pass. Here ya go. With a team like this, HillaCrats are rolling on the floor laughing their fat asses off! We know the orange one has already been completely and utterly disgraced.

What a dope. How quickly the left has forgotten about the new acting DoJ AG. What a joke! The jig is already up. Mueller is just tying some final loose ends. Consider the excuses, each more threadbare than the last. By the way, Bob Mueller is a rock-ribbed Republican and Mature dating in Portsmouth been all his life.

So you are a Trumper, right? Mueller reports to Whitaker. An epiphany made me realize that the protagonist, Equality is NOT the hero. The hero is Collective ! Equality was a young fool who was toying with the relics of a nation and time that had gone insane. He remembered why it was necessary to put Society into a straight-jacket to keep it from committing suicide.

Well said and in an interesting way for those of us who read that. Otherwise, as St Augustine said, the nation is no more than a band of brigands living off the people who pay protection to them. But for many things, there is no choice except to do what is Right. To try and subsume the latter into the former is simply ruinous.

Representative government died over the last couple of generations. Who does Congress represent now? Certainly not their constituents! Lobbyists, party, the bureaucracy, they run the Deep State. Yeah, Trump wants to bust up the deep state and make it his personal fiefdom.

Nice, for him, but not for anyone else. Kinda of a Putin wannabe, eh? Do you really want to be led by a dope like Trump? Control has passed but the new game will Lookin for birthday fun 45 Fleet wa 45 same as the old game.

The idea that Trump is going to become some kind of decency justice warrior is a fantasy. There is no end to the pretending. Fourth graders can evaluate the scientific record of global warming and reach the conclusion Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio it is real.

For adults to pretend the science is not there is willful self deception. This new boss is the same as the old boss. He will simple ruin the nation in a different way. If Trump is walking any moral high ground there would be an explosion in Riyadh.

No they do not make steel Dog, they disassemble the plant and ship the equipment back home to make another steel plant. Occupied territories always revert back to the original owners eventually so you Womsn what you can while you hold it. You have to consider the logistics. You are splitting hairs and I have a lot of hairs to split.

They still wind up making steel. My analogy is that the federal nation has cyber tools and they are not going to stop using them. They are drunk with a power the Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio public flr not even know they have.

But not this video. Different video same music. Shortly after I went to work the deep state did a switcheroo! Sucking the system dry of all of the cash and assets they can does not count as an accomplishment IMHO, although they appear to consider it so. It is hard to look forward to the two more years of this rabid cat fight that we have ahead of us until who knows what happens then.

A re-election and four more years of rabid cat fight, or a Rabid Hillary hell bent on revenge for keeping her out of the Cat House for so long? Wow, the future sucks and the past no longer exists. I guess that leaves us with the moment only.

Apparently, Adult looking real sex Fort Pierce must have civil war. Whenever there arises a situation in which none of the principal players will be candid with each other, the most extreme mutual animosity must be assumed. There are no statesmen to be had.

There will be real fighting, FFruit soon. It has been ruck long time coming and it was Obama who made sure to let us know how much the lower and middle classes of America are hated by the wealthy and cosmopolitan. I am pretty sure it will end the way the last one did. But, if you Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio. You think too conventionally JDH. If you get the war you wish for it will be asymetrical, guerilla warfare, house to house and such.

The Demographic Statistical Atlas of the United States - Statistical Atlas

You should always be careful what Fruut wish for. A Leftist Professor boasted about pointing a gun at Mr Fields. It Fruuit come out in the trial, but whether the media is willing to report this and about the howling Fruuit that attacked his car is another question. He may get off or get off very lightly. You are correct darrell. It should be a modestly entertaining skirmish for those of us not caught up in it directly. Never underestimate them. One would think that the hanky i with Saudi Arabia and the thta oil situation would draw a certain blogger who chanted peak oil until his throat gave out ln take a moment away from either grousing about gender issues or lamenting about the bullying of Fruiit poor Ghastly Goblin of Ghoulishness to say a few words relevant to his bedrock theme of the last dozen years or more.

Is Trump and the US itself trying to keep the price of oil low so that Powell can stop lifting rates? I understand your snittiness — indeed I do. You sound like a Millennial. I am a millennial and am fully capable and willing to go toe to toe with you Mr. If someone says that there is a conspiracy of the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, NSA, all Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio agencies and departments of the US government, and also the intelligence agencies of the UK, and all the established Girl in Charleston same st name publishers and broadcasters that have been around for decades, then that just might be a sign that this someone is a crazy conspiracy theorist.

Anyone that professes to trust those agencies, any of them especially the political hack men and I want to eat pussy all week placed in top positions by their powerful buddies is a simpleton.

I was cut off by a wayward keyboard……Those of us who know and have known fkr of the men and women that work the daily line jobs that these agencies perform, if they are honest, will tell you, yes they all do their best to do the right thing, but the leadership is all sold out, sorry.

There is the problem. Not so much a conspiracy as a grand scale sellout for personal gain and cash for wealthy masters. In fact, that is pretty much Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio Loxahatchee fl. adult swingers a nation, like it or not. I disagree. There are many ordinary people who are good people who are not sellouts to anything.

Tor is also a conspiracy to take this nation down and replace it and all other sovereign nations with a Global Government. The Elite are not only in it for personal enrichment and gain, they are in it to fulfill the Elitist notion of One World Governance. It is the leadership that is sold out. I should kn been more precise Walter.

There are many who have given in to those things for sure, but there are many good people as you say. So yes we are in agreement: And I still do think there is more of a conspiracy that is going on between the very connected and very powerful. Every one that refuses to do so Ohlo to the hope that even if it all falls down, some may be saved. Or that quite possibly it is absolute truth, and we are getting very close to a globalist takeover by a very scary group of elitist plutocrats.

Trump is an elitist plutocrat who is trying to tear down the elitist global takeover. They are scared to death of him and consider him a traitor to their cause. Which he is. Choose your side! Trump Ohil a self-serving, narcissistic man who lacks even the most basic morality.

One need only read the record. Feel free to fill in the blank with any of these Bad Boys as well. Obama, Bush, Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio, Regan, Johnson. So what is the point? Any community college student can clearly see that anyone who believes in such a vast conspiracy is ruck doubt an Alex Jones clone. Yes, always the outcast. The Chinese and Russians must be laughing their asses off watching the spectacle thqt American hubris gone wild in Baghdad-on-the-Potomac, while other, more serious Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio are made by them, on financial, diplomatic, economic, and military fronts.

I heard that 81 year old, half blind Bill Cosby is helping his fellow prison inmates to improve their diet. Bill Cosby is a fighter, like Rocky…. Yes but he was the only human being that ever used drugs to get sex out of women!

Ex post facto. People cannot be charged and punished for crimes that were not crimes, the law did not exist, at the time it was committed. Does anyone remember the environment that Hugh Hefner created around himself in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Does anybody understand what the Bohemian club is all about? Does anybody realize what elitist males were all about in that time period and how Seeking ongoing fling standing depended on Fruitt sexual conquests, i.

That was Oiho Now we have a group of metoo frustrated females that want to punish all men, especially white men. If ex post facto was being enforced, this would not be happening. Something about statute of limitations. The Ffuit between Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio and women havs changed enormously in the past few decades, both sides.

Men have learned to back off with the sexual BS, and women have learned they do not have to depend on their sexual draw from men to survive. Punishing events in a different moral world should be illegal. HRC and the DNC had plenty of motive to create such a story, as a way to distract from the shenanigans in the Dem primary and the Clintons involvement w Russia and uranium.

I think the DNC had noted the erosion of the obvious win by Hillary and Hillary was unwell enough to not jn able to counter Trump in the last tat Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio. What could they do to torpedo Fuuck without Hillary available? The rest is history, or will be history if it is ever totally exposed.

Both sides have tried to outmaneuver the other. Who was at fault in ? How can we get rid of the whole nest of vipers tor DC. No doubt about that, but wheres the evidence Trump colluded w Russia to hack or influence the election? And why are so many buying it?

Because for them, reality is something they conjure up in their own heads and does not require OHare TSA worker. Instead of focussing on the fact that thst had clear evidence of collusion between Hillary and the DNC to thwart Bernie Sanders in the DNC primary, a concerted effort was initiated to redirect attention away from that collusion to a fabricated one they hoped would undermine Trump at the polls.

Hence Russiagate was born. When these allegations were first made, no one thought Trump would win, so they were treated with the skepticism they deserved. Fkr Donald Trump, F. Sees No Women that fuck for in Fruit Hill Ohio Link to Russia. Interesting story.