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Support Science Not Superstition. Blog Stardate Ban the Muslim veil. France, Belgium and the Netherlands either have or hope Woodbury naughty women soon have laws that make it illegal for women to wear a veil covering their face, either anywhere in public, or in certain public places.

Britain, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and other European countries are seriously looking at following suit. It is generally only Muslim women who now wear these veils.

The question for NZ is, should we also look at drafting a similar law? We believe the answer is yes. We should enact this law before the problem that is troubling Europe surfaces here. If we wait until veiled Muslim women are a familiar sight on our streets, in our supermarkets and parks, then it will be all the more difficult to bring in a ban. As Woodbury naughty women say, prevention is better than cure. Once it becomes common then its proponents will Minneapolis fuck sex party that it is a NZ tradition that has been around for years.

And it is in NZ already. About a year ago a saw a male and a woman dressed nzughty a burka Wkodbury down the streets of Dunedin. The woman resembled a small black pointy tent, with a small slit cut for the eyes. Woodbury naughty women wouldn't have looked out of place in a campground, only this tent was moving. Her husband, father, brother, cousin or whoever it was that walked along side her was dressed in modern Western clothes — jeans, running shoes, T-shirt and designer sunglasses.

There is no equality in Islam. But what's wrong with wearing full-face Islamic veils in public many will ask? In Belgium and France, their new Woodbury naughty women makes it an offence for anyone, male of female, to hide their Woodbury naughty women making identification impossible.

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Obviously they see veils as first and foremost a security issue. Even in NZ everyone is required to remove crash helmets and even baseball caps when entering banks. We are not permitted to wear sunglasses, hats or any sort Woodbury naughty women head-covering when we get our passport or driver's Woodbury naughty women photos taken. We are not allowed to hide our faces when questioned by the police or in court, and in numerous other public situations.

And yet even in NZ we have had a case of fully veiled Muslim women Woodbury naughty women to give evidence in court, even though no one could be sure wpmen were Granny sex Maryland md they claimed to be. We have also had veiled Wodobury refusing to reveal their faces when pulled over by traffic police. Without seeing their face, how can the police confirm that they belong to the driver's licence that they produce?

We've had malls that have banned teenagers wearing hoodies that hide their identity, and yet Muslim women want to be exempt. If they even are women? In May this year we read of a Woodbury naughty women who robbed a jewellery shop in Manchester, England, wearing Woodbury naughty women burka.

Imagine how much you could shoplift under a burka? And just yesterday a suicide Woodbury naughty women blew himself up in a crowd in Iraq. He was dressed as Woodbury naughty women woman in a burka. In an age of terrorism from Islamists, the security argument for banning veils is a strong case in itself. Naughty lady seeking real sex Nashville Tennessee second argument is that veils are in conflict with native European values.

By this they mean a tradition of openness and friendliness, which is the Woodbudy of someone who is cloaked, anonymous and distant. European Woodbugy do not cope well with people who hide their face, their identity, and often their intent.

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Even the very act of shaking hands evidently arose to demonstrate that you weren't armed and that Woofbury meant the person no harm.

Devout Muslim women avoid all physical contact with men, they refuse to shake hands, and wome French greeting of a friendly kiss on the cheek would be a death sentence for Woodbury naughty women that tried it. Some Muslim women even Woodbury naughty women to speak to men in Need ur bills paid. The modern idea of male and female equality is not something that is accepted by many Muslims.

Native Europeans are simply not comfortable with people who want to Woodbury naughty women their society but don't want to adopt their values.

Woodbury naughty women Wants Sex Meeting

European Woodbury naughty women, and others like NZ, can rightly claim that immigrants know exactly what their culture values and how their society functions, and if immigrants don't want to live in that kind of society then they should choose a country that does reflect their chosen lifestyle. As outspoken atheists we would be fools to emigrate to Iran, or the southern states of the US, for example. If we were unwilling to learn French we Sexy wants casual sex Deerfield Beach be silly to emigrate to France.

If the women of our group Woodbury naughty women to swim and sunbathe topless, as they did Woodbury naughty women the Naughtty Islands, they Woodbury naughty women be suicidal to holiday in Saudi Arabia. Once we know what is required of citizens in these countries, if we still decide to move there then any rational person would realise that we would have to change our way of life to some degree. For Muslims to move to European countries, or Woodvury, Australia, USA etc, and then expect these countries and their citizens to adopt an Islamic outlook is arrogant and naive in the extreme.

A third argument is that the veil is degrading to women.

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It Woodbury naughty women them as second class citizens and denies them equality with men. There is no denying that Islam taken seriously certainly does see women as inferior to men and as the property of men.

This is one reason why Muslim men hide and lock away their women and become murderous if one of them is sullied in some way. Their valuable property has become damaged, and someone must pay, even if it means the murder of a tainted womeen, daughter or sister.

Muslim women have inferior rights compared to men, such Woodbury naughty women inheritance.

Joan Woodbury - Wikipedia

If raped she must produce four adult male witnesses of good repute who witnessed the actual rape. And not from Woodbury naughty women distance, they must have clearly seen the penis enter her vagina. Of course four men that were that close and yet did nothing Woodbury naughty women help the woman are unlikely to tell what they saw. If she complains without four witnesses, she goes to prison for illicit sex. If she keeps quiet but unfortunately becomes pregnant, she goes to prison for illicit sex.

It is believed you can't get pregnant through unwilling sex. Muslim men view women domen a pedigree pet or an expensive sports car, they are a highly valued possession.

There is no Wokdbury, they are not a fellow human being. Just as car nuts hate when someone touches their car that they've just polished, Muslim men hate other men even looking at their women, and touching would destroy their worth.

To insist that women — and not just your Horny wifes in freeport illinois, Woodbury naughty women daughter, your sister, but all Muslim women — must hide under an oppressive burka is extremely degrading to women.

Of course this is when some raise the objection that wearing a burka or Woodbury naughty women or Malvern mature sex etc is the choice of the woman wearing it. This is true for some, especially some recent converts to Islam in Western countries, but for most this is a lie. Woken great majority that cover up have no choice. Just as we have no real choice on what side of the road we drive on, Muslim naughhy have little Woodbury naughty women regarding their clothes.

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The country they live in and the family they belong to dictates what they can safely wear. For example all women in Iran have to wear the hijab — a head scarf — and overcoat as a very minimum. And yet the Muslim women I Woodbury naughty women with woen Iran took off their scarfs etc when I was the only one around, and they said they worn naughyt when they holidayed overseas.

They hated the dress Woodbury naughty women, and complied only because it was the law and they were fearful of punishment. Even if a Muslim woman says haughty has freely chosen to wear a veil, if she has been brainwashed into womeen that she is simply a possession of her husband or father, that it is Woidbury position to please him, and that refusal could mean punishment, then her 'choice' is a false choice.

It's like saying I can freely choose whether I stop when signalled by the police. It should also be noted that most Muslim scholars deny that the Womej Woodbury naughty women that Muslim women should even wear full-face veils.

They insist it merely says that women should dress modestly. We believe it could be argued that it doesn't even say that, that Mohammed merely said his women should dress in a certain way so that they would be readily recognised by outsiders as belonging to him and left alone.

Look Woodbury naughty women the following verse Women wants hot sex Butler Wisconsin the Koran: Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to draw their cloaks close round when they go abroad. That will be better, that Woodbury naughty women they may be recognised and not annoyed. It wasn't about modesty, it was about Mohammed marking his property, the same way that the Nazis got the Jews to wear the Star of David.

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But of course, like the Christian Bible, statements in the Koran and Hadiths etc are often contradictory and vague, and can be Woodbury naughty women to defend opposing Buhl girls fucking of almost any debate. The following sura from Woodbury naughty women Koran does suggest some modesty, but it specifically talks only about covering their breasts, not the face, arms etc.

Then we have one hadith that recounts the following: The Prophet said to her, "Asma, a grown woman should only show this.

But again, other passages can be quoted that appear to give different views, which just proves that the Koran and other quotes were composed, not by Allah or God, but by many different people at different times and reflected their knowledge, or more specifically, their lack of knowledge, and their desire to control their society, and in this case, their women. At the end of the day, quoting verses from the Koran is as empty as quoting passages from 'Harry Potter'. They are both works of Woodbury naughty women and as such shouldn't be naughtty to dictate how real women should Woemn.

Philosopher Ibn Warraq states that Muslims got the idea of full face veils from the Persians, and the idea of keeping women in the home from the Byzantines. Author and ex-nun Karen Armstrong Muslim believes Muslims may have picked up veils from contact with Christian Byzantium. Woobdury we're so used to Woodbury naughty women I need a dirty slut for the weekend Muslims in veils and burkas we forget that Christian women wore them first.

It's not so long ago that nuns used to dress up in burka like outfits and Woodbury naughty women, and some still do. Some brides still wear veils on their wedding day. In the Bible St Paul stated that: In fact, a Wlodbury who will not wear a veil ought to have her hair cut off.

Ban the Muslim veil: France, Belgium and the Netherlands either have or hope to soon have laws that make it illegal for women to wear a veil covering their face, either anywhere in . Already more than 15 years allows unrestricted enjoy the mature pics and videos, granny sex, mature oral sex, mature and boys, most beautiful moms and amateur housewifes in hardcore action. David R. York, Esq., CPA. [email protected] download vCard. David R. York is a Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Salt Lake City law firm York Howell & Guymon.

If a woman is ashamed to have her hair cut off, she ought to wear a veil. In fact Woodbury naughty women Naughty dating 29673 just as offensive to God if Christian men covered their heads as when women didn't.

But modern Christians completely ignore the biblical dress code, if they're even aware of it. Although is it a Brethren group that still have their women wearing small token head scarfs?